Why Corrugated Boxes Are Best Choice for Heavy and Fragile Items?

By: donaldlucas Posted On: Apr-12-2023 
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Many businesses have to transport their delicate items from one place to another. They need the best packaging that can protect the packaged items from all kinds of risks during shipping. From product packaging to custom shipping boxes for products, corrugated cardboard is one of the favorite packaging materials for manufacturers. The material is highly sturdy and provides several benefits that other sorts of packaging can’t. These boxes can be printed, die-cut, and customized in any desired format. They are protective enough to resist different pressures during shipping. Following is a detailed discussion to understand how they are the best choice for heavyweight and fragile items.

Benefits the corrugated cardboard material

The packaging helps the manufacturers in keeping all their products safe and sound during the storage and shipping process; in addition to the great promotional potential, it provides to the manufacturers to make their products prominent in the market. Corrugated cardboard is now a staple in the custom printed & packaging world as the material is highly effective in functionality and provides the manufacturers with several benefits. Cardboard packaging boxes wholesale supplies are highly effective in the protective nature as these boxes can be customized by keeping the basic needs in mind. The internal structure of the material is highly sturdy and distributes the exerted weight evenly on the sides. These qualities of the corrugated shipping boxes wholesale supplies make them perfect for the packaging of heavy and fragile items.

Protective and safeguarding nature

The protection of the products always matters as no consumer in the market will ever desire to receive a damaged product at any cost. Customized shipping boxes manufactured of corrugated cardboard are always effective in their protective nature due to their sturdy and strong structure. The basic reason behind the strength and rigidity of material is its internal structure. The corrugated sheets consist of three packaging layers that form a sandwich-like construction. The upper and lower layers are flat along with the internal fluted part, resulting in hollow and strong nature. Such packaging cardboard boxes are highly effective in stacking capacity and can help to resist all sorts of physical knocking. Moreover, manufacturers can also make shipping boxes sturdier by introducing special inserts and paddings.

Easy to customize

Another important fact about these boxes is their customization according to needs. Following are some points to see how you can customize them.


The shape of the box holds great importance when it comes to customization. Haven’t you ever thought about why different brands devise different shapes for their boxes? This is not a big deal when you want to understand it. Keep in mind that the shape of the box is the first thing that can catch the eyes of people. Therefore, all the brands need innovative shapes of boxes so that their products can stand out in stores.

Moreover, they need the shape and size of the box according to their product. Thus, custom corrugated cardboard boxes are the best choice as you can get them in any shape.

  • Printing

You can see that all kinds of boxes come with printed content that demonstrates the packaged products. Don’t you know the importance of this content for your business? Never forget that product visibility is the major factor that drives your sales. Thus, your printed boxes will let the buyers know what you have packaged inside the boxes. This is an important benefit of using these boxes as they can come with the desired printed content. Their product-related graphics, textual details, and logo of the brand can help in convincing people to buy your products. Hence, they are the best choice as you can print them according to your choice.

  • Add-ons

There are various special add-ons, such as custom inserts and placeholders. In the case of delicate objects, these add-ons will hold the products carefully and prevent them from slipping out of the box. Thus, they can ensure their safety. Moreover, they help in presenting them nicely and win the hearts of the buyers. Multiple compartments inside these boxes can allow brands to arrange multiple products inside them easily. These boxes can also come with die-cut boxes fronts to allow people to see the products inside. Hence, they are the best choice because you can get them with various add-ons to meet your needs.

  • Finishing

Many small brands look for corrugated cardboard packaging with free shipping to save money. But, if they want to get their boxes with enticing finishing, they may not be able to save money. There are many options to increase the visual catchiness of corrugated boxes. Brands can have various types of coatings such as matte or gloss to increase the charm of these boxes. Similarly, they can take advantage of silver, gold, or copper foiling to give a metallic appearance to these boxes. Thus, it is another great thing about these boxes, as you can inspire your buyers by using these boxes with enticing surface finishing.

Corrugated cardboard is lightweight and cost-effective

The shipping box manufactured with corrugated cardboard is also considered highly effective due to its lightweight nature, as this feature can be highly effective for keeping the shipping cost low. The structure of the material comprises three basic layers that, combined with the hollow internals, result in air pockets in between the material, keeping the weight low without compromising on the sturdiness. The internal air pockets work effectively as the protective barrier for the products from any sort of physical knocking. These lightweight corrugated carton boxes keep the manufacturing cost to the minimum, helping the manufacturers to keep their expenses low. The lightweight nature also helps in minimizing the shipping cost as it is charged based on the space and weight of the shipping package.

When it comes to the shipping and storage of delicate or heavyweight objects, businesses prefer corrugated cardboard material for manufacturing their boxes. This material is thicker enough to cope with extreme pressures during shipping. Moreover, it can endure bumps and jerks so that the encased objects can remain safe. You can read this article to understand why corrugated boxes are the best choice for heavyweight and fragile items.

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