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Material / Paper Stock We Use

When packaging is meant for protecting and prompting products, the material/paper stock ensures integrity and safety. Well-known cardboard packaging material is synonymous with durability and resilience. Kraft is delicate to take care of your fragile items. Corrugated boxes are tough to bear the tear and shear of external stresses. We have arranged the world’s finesse stock of papers full of qualities; sustainability, affordability, and elegance.

Duplex Chipboard

Duplex Chipboard

Grey chipboard cardboard

Grey Chipboard Cardboard

black kraft




metallic paper

Metallic Paper

natural brown kraft

Natural Brown Kraft





white kraft

White Kraft

type of Printing Methods We Use

We all have stepped into the world of digitalization. The packaging and printing have also been digitalized. Digital printing on blank eco-friendly surfaces of boxes delivers a sense of creativity. The offset printing method, though traditional yet classic, ensures consistent image resolution. The screen printing allows textured prints inside and out of the boxes. We offer all the latest types of printing methods to imprint all your thoughts on custom boxes.

digital print

Digital Print

offset print

Offset Print

scodix digital enhancement

Scodix Digital Enhancement

uv print

UV Print

type of inks We Use

Joyful prints and consistent brand images all are blessings of the vibrancy of printing inks. We have a wide variety of in-stock inks including funky Pantone, shiny Pantone Metallic, smooth oil-based inks, and sparkling fluorescent color ink. For bold and bright options, explore soy vegetable inks and water-based inks. Ignite your creativity- brush your ideas Now!

fluorescent color inks

Fluorescent Color Inks

oil based inks

Oil Based Inks



pantone metallic

Pantone Metallic

soy vegetable based inks

Soy Vegetable Based Inks

water based inks

Water Based Inks

Our finishing

Finishing is considered to have a crucial impact on overall aesthetics. At The Custom Boxes, we view it as more than just an eye-appealing factor; it's a statement. Customized packaging simply radiates brilliance. Based on your preferences, we can add a touch of glamour with glitter on a metallic finish. We infuse a sense of exclusivity through silver and gold foiling or coating on custom packaging. Explore the myriad of options available – discover more now.

anti scratch lamination

Anti Scratch Lamination

aqueous coating

Aqueous Coating



soft touch coating

Soft Touch Coating

soft touch silk lamination cards

Soft Touch/Silk Lamination Cards

spot gloss uv

Spot Gloss UV

Add- ons

We assist you in elevating beyond ordinary packaging. Add-ons are artistic touches that captivate customers' attention. These extras work wonders in enhancing the perceived value of boxes. By adding glamour to your custom packages, they also enhance functionality. Embossing, debossing, foiling, screening, PVC windows, and inserts not only ensure the safety of products but also ignite excitement in every unboxing adventure.

cold foil printing

Cold Foil Printing





full embossing

Full Embossing

hot foil stamping

Hot Foil Stamping

proper embossing

Proper Embossing

pvc patching cards

PVC Patching Cards

ribbon handles

Ribbon Handles

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Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes and Packaging

Welcome to the mesmerizing treasure of custom cosmetic boxes- Attract, Appeal, and Astonish the Flock. Beauty needs no ornaments- but packaging needs embellishments, sleek designs, and functionality. Inspiring Packaging for cosmetics assists brands to be the center of attention amidst a myriad of other options. Custom boxes.com has exciting cosmetic packaging for small businesses to large customizations. From cosmetic boxes wholesale to retail boxes, display to gift boxes, and luxurious to eco-friendly packaging, everything is now available under one roof. Each box designed for skincare to hair products can be customized in pillow shape, square or rectangular boxes, hinged boxes, magnetic closures boxes, sleeve boxes, folding cartons, and all other luxury cosmetic packaging shapes.  We strive hard to provide our clients with:

Premium Printing Options

Elegant Printed cosmetic boxes add grace to your products so take advantage of grabbing customers over traditional printing. Great prints with soft, sober colors put sole in your cosmetic boxes packaging often used for lipsticks, mascara, Liquid or stick foundations, and perfumes. Premium custom cosmetic box printing options provide a wide array of designs and styles, freshly made to your demands. We believe prints whisper the story, summarize the essence of your hard work, and relax the nerve of its visitor. High-quality printing and praiseworthy coloring themes guided our journey with compassion and integrity. 

Sustainable Practices

Growing your brand at the risk of the future is not at all acceptable. Researchers under our roof unveil the natural green packaging boxes. Green packaging is derived from natural sources-plant based material- offering 100% recyclable material to embrace your journey guilt-free. Don’t stress out about what your brand and environment demand from you, we provide packaging made of user-friendly and eco-friendly material. Water-based ink, FSC-pre-board beauty product packaging, bio-degradable cushioning material, and reusable or compostable packaging are some sustainable initiatives taken by us.

Multi-packaging Cosmetic Box Packaging

Looking for a creative cosmetic packaging box that complements your product line? TheCustomBoxes.com has a plethora of incredible options for you. We have unrivaled designs, whether you want makeup, hair, or skincare boxes. Our skilled graphics team can provide various artwork options. You can brief the specifications to our experts, and they'll get the boxes' template crafted according to your provisions. Our free design services allow you to have various design choices without additional die-cutting and setup charges. Besides, bundle deals offer customers a pack full of goodness at their doorstep, we have designs to create ample space for as many products as seem feasible to you, in one single box. We value our customers, so will never let you down at any step. Fastest delivery (as short as 24 hours turnaround time, with exclusive (ground) shipping fee waiver, ensures the safest and on-time arrival of your dream custom cosmetic boxes at your doorstep­ (across the US and Canada). 

Customize by Category

Custom cosmetic boxes provide a wide variety of customization options for your entire product line when it comes to cosmetic packaging. Design it in different shapes, sizes, and styles according to the product specifications. For example, if you want to create custom decorative boxes for an eye shadow palette, a rectangular box with a sleeve is a good option. In the case of mascara packaging, long cylindrical boxes with tuck flaps are an ideal choice. Thus, the possibilities for design vary according to the dimensions and specifications of the product and we are experts in making the fine line of differences between do’s and don’ts for your custom cosmetic boxes visible.

Customer Care Facility

TheCustomBoxes.com has a 24/7 hours customer care center to facilitate its venerated clients. Our well-trained call sales representatives are available around the clock to entertain your queries and concerns regarding custom cosmetic boxes.

What Makes Us Proud As Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturers?

Print in a unique way with TheCustomBoxes.com. Simply, our team of professionals with years of experience dealing with packaging for almost every beauty product cut us above all. 100% customer retention and satisfaction rate, inspiring customer packaging stories, exceptional quality, and state-of-the- art printing technologies enlist the enigmatic secrets of our astonishing success.

box style left
box style right
box style bottom
Build Your Brand with Customized Packing Styles That Grab the Spotlight

We fully comprehend that packaging boxes not only present but also promote products effectively. Crafting a unique brand voice requires a fresh and innovative appearance. 'Box by Style' stands out as a distinctive feature on our official website, guiding you in selecting the perfect style for your delicate, high-selling items. Assemble various pieces of cardboard or other packaging materials to experience the final result. We infuse delight into every unboxing through exceptional interlocking. Explore creative concepts and captivate your customers with playful shapes without compromising functionality.

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box background left
Optimize a Mile a Minute momentum with our Resourceful production units

Do you want custom boxes in bulk? Our buzzing wholesale packaging boxes are produced in high-volume quantities. Hit the jackpot now!