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Essential elements for Successful Cereal Boxes Packaging

Everyone wants to take a healthy start of the day. Cereals are the best way to replenish your body energy after the fast of the whole night. A healthy breakfast can improve the mental and physical performance in both adults and children. It should have low fat and cholesterol and must be high in vitamins and minerals. The breakfast cereals are made by processed grains. They are eaten hot or cold but usually consumed along with a combination of milk, yogurt or some fruit. In addition to these nutritional benefits, cereals are delicious in taste. They are one of the beloved breakfast items worldwide. Its consumption by different age group has increased the demand for the product. As a result, the manufacturers are making an effort to find out ways to make their cereal brand stand out. Cereal packaging plays an important role in this regard. It increases the visibility of your products and makes them highly noticeable. Working on cereal boxes designs can persuade the customers to prefer your cereal brand among others. Below are some of the essential elements to create a successful cereal boxes packaging for your brand:

Use Eco-Friendly Material:

The use of eco-friendly material is the best way to build your cereal brand. In the case of edible items, consumers are highly concerned about the purity of the substance. Using eco-friendly material for your food packaging removes all the potential hazards. As the material is made from 100% natural substances so it does not allow any toxic substance penetration into the edibles. This increases the customers' level of interest in your brand. Whether you use Kraft paper or paperboard for making cereal packaging, the material is completely recyclable. This not only benefits the environment but also prove highly cost-effective for the companies. By recycling 1 ton of cardboard or other paper products, you can save a huge amount of resources. Moreover, it consumes 25% less energy than making the material from scratch. So using sustainable packaging is one of the interesting cereal boxes ideas to create a positive brand image on the customers and ensure its success.
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Use Attractive Themes to Inspire Kids:

Kids are attracted most towards an attractive and eye-catchy packaging. Designing cereal boxes by using fascinating color schemes and graphics can raise their interest in your brand. You can design them in different themes. Print interesting cartoon characters on the boxes to grasp the kids' attention. Show your creativity by working on box shape. Introduce something new other than the traditionally shaped box. You can convert a cereal box to a dollhouse or a truck to engage the kids in your packaging.
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Introduce Windows and Die-cut Feature: 

Working on the transparency of the box is one of the important cereal boxes designs which are hard to ignore. Introducing window panes or die-cut patterns increase the visibility of your products. When the customers can view the actual product even before opening the box, this stimulates their purchase behavior. Die cut patterns give a professional and appealing look to your cereal boxes. You can make your cereals outshine through a plastic lining. Special lamination effects can add more value to your packaging by giving it a superior finish.
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Never Under-Estimate the Importance of Size:

The size of the box is another essential element for creating a successful cereal packaging. To produce right size cereal boxes, it's necessary to consider the amount and weight of cereals you want to pack in. Different sized boxes are available in the market, depending upon the requirement. The commonly used size is (18×13×3.5) ″ box for packaging 1 kg of cereals. Mostly they are designed in 1-2-3 bottom boxes with flaps to ensure maximum safety of the product.  Consumers never want to get their cereals in an extra large sized box or a too small one to destroy the quality and size of cereals. Especially if the manufacturers are going for mass production, it is important to design perfect sized cereal boxes to ensure the success of their brand.  
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Work on Resistance:

Resistance is a feature which can never be ignored especially in the case of food packaging. Cereal boxes are designed in a way to provide excellent resistance against heat, sunlight, humidity, and contamination. They retain the taste of cereals and makes them last longer. The cereals are first enclosed in an airtight plastic or aluminum packaging. The package is then placed inside the box which is sealed from top and bottom to provide a perfect closure. The boxes also save the food from pressure, external damages or mishandling by the user.
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Highlight Nutritional Information:

The cereal box which does not contain necessary details about the product lacks behind in the race. It can never occupy a special place on retail shelves. Cereals are one of the healthiest food items and this aspect should be clearly highlighted by its packaging. the cereal boxes should contain all the necessary details about the product like its nutritional value, calorie count, number of servings, expiry date and the primary and secondary ingredients from which the cereal is made like wheat, oats, rice corn or barley. The boxes should also state that whether the cereal is low in fat, high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, contain less sugar as compared to other breakfast alternates, and quick and easy to consume. Printing such information on the custom cereal boxes makes the consumer aware of various product aspects before its purchase. The packaging should also highlight the name of the brand, its logo and other details about the manufacturer to motivate the customers about their purchase.
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High-Quality Printing:

Different types of cereals need distinctive packaging. Printing is the best way to differentiate them and make them occupy a special position in the market place. High-quality printing can ensure the success of your brand. You can work on minute customization details to produce the best packaging.  Attractive patterns and fascinating color schemes add to its appeal. They make them look more professional and classified. Printing allows you to design each box in a unique and innovative manner. Glitter ink, neon print, and other finishing effects can make them stand out the retail shelves.
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Cereal boxes are designed in a way to provide excellent resistance against heat, sunlight, humidity, and contamination. They retain the taste of cereals and makes them last longer. The cereals are first enclosed in an airtight plastic or aluminum packaging.

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