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We specialize in assisting businesses of various scales in crafting and acquiring remarkable, cost-effective, and memorable custom printed boxes and packaging. The outcome? Striking personalized packaging with undeniable marketing appeal, ensuring a lasting and impressive first impression on your customers.

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Top brands leverage custom boxes for impactful marketing. These personalized packages reinforce brand identity, create memorable unboxing experiences, and stand out in the market. Customization allows brands to showcase uniqueness and values. Eco-friendly options align with sustainability trends, demonstrating a commitment to the environment. In essence, custom boxes are a strategic choice for brands to make a lasting impact and connect with their audience.

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    Sherri Langburt



SeatGeek is the leader in Influencer Marketing services.

In 2018, SeatGeek was listed as one of Inc's 500 fastest-growing private companies and Sherri says they couldn't have done it without The Custom Boxes!

“This was my first experience with The Custom Boxes and with designing the type of packaging they produce. Ben worked with me throughout the project He was helpful informative, and patient I went through several revisions resulting in a simple but effective package that arrived as expected and in good time. I would definitely use The Custom Boxes again for other jobs of this type.”

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We take pride in the unparalleled success of our packaging boxes, benefiting both retailers and wholesalers. When the ultimate goal is to exclusively serve with the hallmark of quality, we make it happen for you. Our top-tier packaging standards, without compromising your environmental concerns, set us apart. We've assisted hundreds of thousands of brands in propelling their businesses to success. Premium quality, coupled with affordability, illuminates the paths to success. But you don't have to take our word for it; consider the customer feedback and satisfaction rates.

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