New Concepts in Hair Extension Boxes

By: hayden Posted On: Apr-27-2023 

Hair extensions are the latest trend revolution in the market world. They offer something in the hair extension boxes that is unique and diverse. As a consequence, they are the new market sensation. People are ravaging to acquire new and improved styles and types of hair extensions for themselves. This ever-increasing rage has encouraged manufacturers to experiment more and more in this field of expertise. It is helping them bring out new and improved designs and styles of hair extensions into the market. With the increase in the product’s consumption and variations, there is also a massive demand for unique and distinctive packaging. This has led printing vendors to experiment with new and inexperienced concepts in the respective packaging of the products. Let’s know all about these new and creative concepts being introduced in these boxes.

Hair Extension Boxes with Built in Mirror

The latest concept that some creative hair extension brands and packaging firms have introduced is using hair extension boxes with a built-in mirror. Wearing and adjusting a hair extension was a lot of hassle earlier. People carry a mirror all along the way during traveling. Protecting the mirror was another challenge that consumers were facing. Now firms are considering the use of boxes that come with a built-in mirror.

This mirror is usually attached to the inside of the box lid. So, people can easily use it to see them and adjust and comb the hair extension as desired. On the other hand, rigid hinged lids could also stand firm and hence free up the hand of a person to make a better hairstyle. Moreover, the rigid box protects that mirror as well from losing or brokering.

Usage Ease to Put the Extensions back at night

Experts always recommend removing the hair extensions at night before going to bed. There are a few reasons why removing hair extensions at night is necessary. One reason is that it can help to prevent tangles and matting. Another reason is that it can help to keep your scalp healthy by allowing it to breathe. However, leaving it open can ruin the elegance. Therefore, firms are now thinking of facilitating their customers in this regard by providing the boxes that they can use for this purpose.

Since they have to do it every night so the firms are introducing concepts that could make the usage of these boxes simpler and easier. It would not make the people frustrated, and they would easily put the hair extensions back in the boxes for safety overnight. Easier unboxing styles like sleeve boxes are getting more popular in this concept due to their usage ease.

Securing Different Hair Accessories with Dividers

There are several hair accessories and cosmetic boxes to keep the hair arranged and beautifully styled. It could include the use of barrette, hair bands, combs, and other hair care products. People usually prefer keeping all such accessories along them during travel or going to the office. Arranging all these accessories is a difficult challenge and often goes missing. Therefore, innovative firms are introducing the idea of keeping all the related accessories in the same boxes for hair extensions.

It is becoming possible with the help of dividers installed in the boxes. These dividers create several different compartments to set all the accessories in a properly arranged pattern. Firms can customize these divides to adjust the compartment measurements for each product. On the other hand, these dividers also help to offer multiple hair extensions in the same box, which helps save space. It helps buyers with easy handling and firms with the decreased need for packaging.

Hair Extension Boxes Designed as Vintage Hatboxes

The classic hatboxes have remained a popular option to carry the headgear, especially along with other products. The looks of these boxes still mesmerize people and remember them of the old times, especially the people of Generation Z, that are a significant ratio of hair extension buyers. Introducing the hair extension boxes again in the form of those hatboxes is a brilliant concept. This vintage concept is quite effective in recalling the memories of the people and inspiring them to make a purchase. There is a high probability of winning sales by creating such a vintage design for the packaging.

Usually, these boxes were manufactured earlier using leather or tin. However, technological advancements allow manufacturing them using thick cardboard sheets. There are many benefits to designing these boxes in the form of vintage hat boxes. The hatboxes are a classic and elegant way to store and display hair extensions. Moreover, they are also quite functional and can keep your extensions organized and tangle-free. Also, this vintage design makes excellent gifts for friends or family members who may be considering getting their hair extensions.

Customization to Use as Jewelry Box or Makeup Organizer

Many studies have shown that increasing packaging reusability has become a key success factor. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their choices and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints. In addition, local governments are now requiring businesses to recycle or reuse their packaging, which has also spurred brands to increase the reusability of their packaging. Therefore, firms are nowadays trying to promote the reuse of these boxes as jewelry boxes or organizers for makeup products. This technique is also working, and several people have taken it to their social media walls showing they are reusing these boxes for this purpose. Customization is especially helping them in this regard. A brand can add hidden scoring to turn the simple boxes into an elegant solution for promoting reusability in this way.

Boxes with Clear Lids That Could Be Hanged

Earlier, only the traditional boxes were used with a less attractive design to present the hair extensions in the market. The use of hair extensions has become a fashion now and is no more just a need to cover the scalp. Therefore, firms are now producing them in several lengths, styles, and colors. However, facilitating buyers with ease of decision-making was essential. These boxes in the clear lids help people make this decision quickly and easily. On the other hand, both the stores and people using them can hang the extensions along with their boxes with a hole at their top.

Usually, there is a clear window inside the lids of these boxes, and they have become the best way to display these products. The clear lids allow customers to see the extensions and the different colors that they come in. Moreover, they can also see the different styles of hair extensions to choose the one as desire. It will allow them to choose the right hair extension for your hair type. On the other hand, the clear lids also allow seeing the different lengths of the hair extensions. Hence, a buyer can make a purchase right according to the needs custom packaging.

Introducing these concepts in the design and production of hair extension boxes can serve all brands. Moreover, all these concepts are brilliant and could turn a small hair extension business into a successful form. These ideas are helping firms introduce the protocols that they can employ to get success in the market.

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