Are you looking for a range of luxurious and lavish quality packaging solutions for your luxury products? Custom made metalized boxes can fulfill your needs. They come in various printable designs, sizes, and shapes and have gold and silver foiling, giving them a stylish and luxurious look. Along with their out of the ordinary printing, customization, and designs, their elegant look also plays a significant role in enticing customers and help respective brands and retailers to boost their sales and profitability. For luxurious products like jewelry, ornaments, and other such merchandise, these boxes are an excellent packaging solution.

Types and Effectiveness:

Metalized packaging boxes can play an excellent role for a business dealing in luxurious products in attracting customers and fascinating them to buy the packaged items. They come basically in two significant types as gold foil boxes and silver foil boxes. Both of them give an elegant look to packaged items and help brands and businesses maximize their brand recognition and profitability. You can use them in the desired way, from retailing to shipping and storage of delicate and luxurious products, they are an up to the mark solution to serve your purpose.

Remarkable Design and Customization Options: offers an extensive range of design and customization choices for all kinds of packaging solutions it provides, and metalized packages are no exception. Our designers and customization experts are efficient enough to make you available with the desired designs with desired features with ease and perfection. They know what it takes to design your needed, luxurious packaging outfits under your requirements and anticipations. We always make sure that our packages are user-friendly and can serve the purpose effectively. You can ask for any customization features, including perforation, gluing, die-cutting, embossing/debossing, hot-stamped gold or silver foiling, gloss and matte lamination, and a lot of others. Our experts will not be letting you down and will be provided with up to the mark boxes to help you make the maximum out of them. Our experts are equipped with cutting-edge design techniques and technologies that empower them to develop needed packaging designs and customization features with ease.

Striking Look Grabs More Attention:

Any packaging solution's attractive and striking look is the key to attracting customers and fascinating them to buy the packaged items. We always keep this important aspect in mind and strive to make our customers available with outstanding and inviting solutions that can benefit them and boost their sales and profitability. Our packaging experts know how to empower these boxes with lavish look and texture to make them marking a great first impression on customers. From color selection to design and formation, we take care of every aspect to give your needed solutions an enticing look and enable you to stand out in the market.

High-Quality Printing and Finishing:

We know it is the printing excellence and graphical presentation of the boxes that make them striking and catchy for customers to interact and purchase the respective products. Our main priority is to provide our clients with outstanding and exclusive quality solutions that can help them convey their words and entice more and more people. Our printing specialists have all the skills and state of the art technologies like offset, screen, and digital printing techniques and tools. They can fully understand your needs and incorporate catchy graphics, attractive product visuals and imageries, and all essential product details and business contact information following your commands.

Unbeatable Material Quality:

We focus on designing, customizing, and printing your needed metalized packaging solutions and making sure you are getting boxes with the best quality materials. We always try our best to purchase the best available packaging materials to manufacture your needed solutions. We always use sturdy and long-serving cardboard and Kraft paper materials when it comes to manufacturing these boxes to ensure that our clients are getting out of ordinary yet durable solutions. Not only for manufacturing, from printing to lamination and foiling all materials that we incorporate in these boxes, have we always used the best quality materials to provide our clients with unbeatable solutions.

Care for Environmental Health:

Along with the best material quality, we also make sure that our packaging solutions are eco-friendly and will not negatively impact environmental health. Cardboard and kraft paper stock that we usually use to manufacture metalized packages are eco-friendly and do not affect the environment. On top of that, we also keep our packaging products up to the green packaging standards. In other words, we help our client brands and businesses to attract eco-minded customers as well.

Fastest Turnaround: believes in facilitating in every possible way to keep clients satisfied and returning. In this regard, we provide the quickest turnaround for all kinds of products. As soon as you place an order and approve your press-ready designs, we take only 10 to 12 business days to deliver at your doorsteps. However, suppose you need to get ordered metalized boxes on an urgent basis. In that case, we also offer rush delivery service with very minimal additional service charges, and it takes 4 to 6 working days.

Free Shipping:

If you are in the United States, take advantage of our free shipping facility for standard orders for all kinds of printing and packaging products that we offer. However, if you are an outsider or want to get needed solutions on an urgent basis, we will be charging you the least possible shipping rates.

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