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If you are selling candies, you cannot afford to compromise on their quality at any cost. The candy display boxes are the unique selling points of your business. You must ensure that they are capable enough to protect the candies. Certain factors can damage the structural integrity of these packages, which can compromise the originality of edibles. Your candies might lose their freshness, taste, and effectiveness this way. If you want to know how you can make the candy packages in a way that offers absolute protection, have a look at the guide below.

Never Compromise On Quality:

The choice of material is interlinked with the safety aspect of your candy box. The lower-grade materials cannot sustain the pressure applied. They tear away easily and expose your candies to potentially damaging elements. Use only the high-standard materials while manufacturing the candy packages for your edibles. The cardboard, for instance, is a first-rate choice in this regard, or you can also opt for the corrugated cardstock. These materials can sustain abrasive forces and resist several harsh environmental factors. The boxes made from these kinds of materials do not tear apart upon the application of pressure. While choosing these materials, you need to ensure that their thickness is appropriate and according to the product type. Do not reduce the thickness of the cardboard just to save a few pennies. The chosen material must be of good thickness so that it does not get damaged.

Add A Protective Layer to The Bottom:

The flaps at the bottom of candy boxes are most vulnerable to damage. This is because the whole weight of the products inside is transferred to the downward side, thanks to gravity. You will be inviting for damage if you are not protecting the bottom flaps. When the products are being shipped the long distances, it is the bottom flaps of the packaging that has to bear the weight of these heavier items all the time. Therefore, it would be wise to secure these flaps; otherwise, your candies would be at the brink of damage. Add a protective cardboard single or double layer at the bottom flaps of your box. This ensures that they do not get opened or get damaged on placing the products. Not just that, but you can also place relatively more items that are heavier as the bottom of your box would be secure.

Double Box It:

One ways to add strength and reduce the chances of damage is to double-box your candy packaging. This might not sound good, but it is the best way to prevent maximum damage. For this, you need to manufacture another box that is of identical shape and size to the first one. Simply put your first one to the other, and this will add extra strength to it. This way, you can get practically the double protection and strength you originally had. More is the thickness of your box, less it would be prone to the external risks. It would be impossible for the air containing the bacteria, chemicals, contaminants, etc., to get inside such a box. Similarly, the ability of your packaging to withstand severe pressures and extreme forces would increase thus, minimizing the chance of damage.

Choose The Right Dimensions:

The dimensions you choose for the candy packaging are of great concern when it comes to the ultimate protection of the candies. Opting for the wrong dimensions can cause harm to the original posture of your edibles. For instance, if you are going with the boxes that are relatively smaller than the items inside, it may result in the items popping out of the box and getting destroyed. Contrary to it, in the larger boxes, there is a chance that the items will be colliding inside thus, damaging themselves. Only an apt-sized box does have the capacity to firmly hold the edibles by restricting their motion inside. So, measure the dimensions of the candies inside and, based on these dimensions, design an appropriately sized box.

Protect It from Inside:

The inside protection is equally important as there are many options that your edibles would be destroyed by internal factors. The first chance is that they might collide with one another which will distort their originality resultantly. To keep this effect at bay, it would be wise to use the filler materials in this regard. The bubble wraps, and packing peanuts provide them with an extra cushion that perfectly holds them in their original stance and place. Secondly, you can make use of custom inserts which can also be used as partitions. These partitions will help keep the products aside and allow you to utilize the inside space effectively. Apart from that, you can also go for the inside waxing in this regard which is influential in keeping the box firm and protecting the inside contents.

Use Appropriate Tape:

Most of the brands opt for the sello-tape, which is used mostly for household purposes to tape all the joints and corners of the candy packaging. This tape is not effective against the potentially damaging elements and thus, makes your packages vulnerable to external risks. It is only effective for household uses but should not be considered, especially when you have to ship your products to long distances. Use the custom or parcel tape in this regard as it is quite effective. This kind of tape sticks easily to the box and does not get tear apart thus, securing the inside contents properly.

To sum up, the display candy boxes can rip apart quite easily if not designed properly. For them to ensure proper security and safety, you should be mindful of the selection of sturdy and high-end materials. You also need to design them in an apt size which exactly matches the dimensions of the inside products. Moreover, using the filler materials and custom inserts inside them can also prove favorable.

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