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Work on the Desired Size:

When a manufacturer thinks about designing cardboard boxes, he has to keep several things in mind. The primary thing to consider is the size of your package. It plays a vital role in providing maximum protection to your products. Designing a perfectly sized custom box from a cardboard sheet can save your business from future worries. It minimizes the risk of damages and ensures the safe delivery of your products. For example, if you want to pack any retail commodity, designing a large size box proves inefficient in the terms of safety as it will make your product move all around. Similarly, a smaller sized box will make it difficult for your product to fit inside, destroying its edges and increasing the chance of product damage.

Choose a Right Box Template:

Another useful tip to be kept in mind is choosing the right box template. As every product has a unique packaging requirement, therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable box style accordingly. As a business owner, you may have plenty of options. For example, you may choose to design a mailer box, shipping box, sleeve, folding carton, two-piece rigid box, a gable box, and a lot more. The template is first made on the cardboard sheet and then cut to design the required type of packaging. Choosing the right box style at the start can prove very beneficial for your business in the future. It accommodates your product more appropriately and plays an important role in boosting your brand image.

Prepare your Artwork:

The aesthetic display of your packaging boxes matters a lot as it plays an important role in grasping the attention of customers. For this, you have to prepare the artwork with which you will design your cardboard sheets wholesale. You will be either using a 3D box designer or a die line template. 3D box designer is great if you are lacking expensive design tools or have less knowledge about how to use them. Die line Templates give you precise control over the layout, fonts, colors, and alignment of your packaging design. Check your artwork, ensuring that there are no cut or crop lines. The transparencies have been flattened and fonts have been outlined. They should be saved in the form of shapes or vectors. All the other graphic elements from various files should be embedded and not linked.

Focus on Typography:

Using a thick or bold font means that your text will be printed legibly. On the other hand, going for a subtle font design may get lost during printing. Especially when you use light-colored or white typography against a dark background, embolden your font. The ink may bleed and dark background can create an optical illusion in which your typography may appear smaller and in some cases make it disappear from some distance. For cardboard sheets of corrugated material, ensure that your type size is a minimum of 10 pt. For paperboard, your type size should be a minimum of 6 pt. making your text too small can become fuzzy or unreadable. Text gets printed better on packaging when you use bold font style and dark colors, especially when using italics.

Select the Best Color Model:

The more attractive your packaging is; the more customers you may win for a lifetime. To create an enchanting display for your custom cardboard sheets, the best you is to use color models. For this, you may also need to hire a professional to make them implement properly. The two most successfully used color models include CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key black) and PMS (Pantone Matching System). By using CMYK you can create an amazing combination by mixing these four standard colors without facing any pixel breaking issue. PMS is also getting trendy these days. Although it is comparatively expensive it can be used to design high-value printed packaging.

Go for Advanced Printing Services:

Print-ready files are easy to fit onto large cardboard sheets wholesale through a printer. They can be printed conveniently by using any of these commonly used techniques:

  • Flexographic Printing: This technique is good for high-quality printing involving one, two, or three simple colors. The manufacturers use it for creating a simple artwork that does not change frequently. The process is carried out using a flexographic plate for every color. Flexographic plates are similar to a rubber stamp. However, such printing requires an initial setup cost; it becomes cheaper for future reprint.
  • Lithographic Printing: It is used for more detailed artwork or complex printing patterns. A plate is created and your desired image is burned into it to form shallow grooves. Lithographic printing creates the highest quality results. It is really good if you are printing custom cardboard sheets in large quantities but can be the most expensive as well. There is a considerable upfront cost involved in the creation of plates.
  • Digital Printing: Digital printing is very common and even most of us might have done it in our homes as well. A digital printer transfers four ink colors i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to your cardboard sheet. It produces a full-color print after only a single pass. Digital printing is the most cost-effective technique industry-wide as it does not involve printing plates. It is preferred if you want to print your packaging in low quantity using multiple colors, or with an artwork that changes frequently.

Think about some of your recent purchases. Most of the products would come in some sort of cardboard box. Cardboard is the most versatile material used industry-wide. It is used to make packaging for an array of products including food, apparel, cosmetics, machinery, households, and a variety of items of everyday use. Cardboard is known for its durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Its amazing qualities had made it a preferred choice of businesses worldwide. However, to create exceptional packaging, you need to design cardboard sheets wholesale more attractively and professionally. These sheets collectively make a box, therefore it is necessary to work on their display to enjoy the best results. Here we are going to highlight 8 precious and useful tips for designing cardboard sheets more effectively:

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