The bottom closure box style is often preferred by people looking for a packaging solution for heavyweight items. These boxes are more secure and durable, and their effective lock style gives them extra strength, making them an ideal packaging option when the thing to be packaged commands a heavy and secure packaging product. If you have to package heavyweight objects, you may consider using bottom closure packaging. They are safer and more durable for your products because their effective lock styles give them additional strength.

Different Style Of Custom Bottom Closure Boxes

There are several styles of this packaging solution. They can be 1-2-3 bottom, auto-bottom with display lid, or seal end auto-bottom. Other types include tuck top, auto-lock bottom box, and full flap auto-bottom. These kinds of strong boxes are made up of materials are kraft, bux board, and others. They are sturdier enough to bear increased pressures during shipping and storage. They can come with relevant printed content to match the needs of the business. Make your products more secure by using our premium quality bottom closure packaging. has manufactured it from sturdier and eco-friendly materials.

Variations of Bottom Closure Boxes Packaging

Several box styles are marked by their bottom closure assembling features. 1-2-3 bottom, Auto bottom with display lid, entire flap auto bottom, seal end auto bottom, and tuck top auto bottom are just a few of them. All of the boxes mentioned above are known for their durability and strength. All of these box types are shipped out flat. The assembly process may be time requiring but is relatively uncomplicated and straightforward. They are cost-effective and an ideal packaging solution for all types of products.

Add-Ons Enhance The Beauty of Your Bottom Closure Packaging

This packaging has many variations, and different businesses get it in various forms. The selection of a particular style depends upon the type of product and choice of the brand. Its variations include 1-2-3 bottom, auto-bottom with display lid, full flap auto-bottom, etc. We manufacture all styles of this packaging to meet our client's expectations. You can also get them with different unique add-ons. These add-ons include custom inserts, placeholders, or die-cut windows. These add-ons enhance their functionality. Their role is essential in product presentation and visibility to grab customers' attention.

The Best Quality Materials for Bottom Closure Packaging Boxes

There are many kinds of manufacturing materials for custom bottom closure. We think about the following things while selecting materials for their manufacturing.

  • Durability and Strength:

The strength of materials is the most critical thing in determining their value in the market. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure that the packaging is according to the requirements of our clients. We choose sturdier manufacturing materials so that they can endure different damages during shipping. They are also resistant to cracks due to bumps and jolts. Moreover, they can resist tearing and bending. Their waterproof lamination helps in protection from damages due to water or moisture. Hence, this packaging can ensure the safer delivery of products to your customers.

  • Compliance with Green Standards:

The world is making special arrangements to keep the environment safe and clean. We understand that packaging waste has become a big problem, leading to severe outcomes. Therefore, manufacturing materials have to be green. They should be either recyclable or biodegradable. Thus, we utilize kraft, corrugated, and bux board for manufacturing custom bottom closure. These materials can help your business follow green standards because they are biodegradable.

Bottom Closure Boxes: Excellent Printing Quality

If you want your packaging to promote your brand and its products, you must print relevant content. The packaging should come with the brand logo and its name. Moreover, it should also come with product-related graphics or other elements to enhance the catchiness of boxes. We have the best team of packaging designers that can help you print your packages according to your expectations. Furthermore, they can make your product packaging prominent in stores to grab the attention of more customers. possesses the latest printing equipment. Thus, these technologies can produce excellent printing results.

Various Finishing Options

You must take advantage of different finishing options to make your auto-lock bottom closure boxes more appealing. We can facilitate your use of other coatings such as matte or gloss. Similarly, we have the facility of silver, gold, or copper foiling. We have an embossing facility if you want to emboss images or text on this packaging. Hence, we offer different finishing options to enhance the value of your packaging.

Faster Processing

The processing of orders matters a lot. We have made a great name in the market because of our faster processing. We process orders fast after the finalization of design and confirmation of payment. Thus, we dispatch standard orders in 10-12 business days. If you want to get your packaging even earlier, we have the facility of rush delivery with minimal charges. Rush orders are dispatched in 6-8 working days.

Exclusive Services: Free Shipping, low minimums & no Die Cut Charges

There are various exclusive services for our clients. We have the facility of free shipping if clients meet specific criteria. The benefit of shipping is also available for international clients. We have also introduced the facility of design support without extra charges. It has helped many clients get the best design to beat their competitors. Our services, such as no plate charges and die-cut charges, have helped increase our customer base. Thus, you should reach us to get these benefits.

Customer Support Team

We have a professional and trained customer support team to answer customers' queries. You can reach our customer care team via live chat, email, or phone calls. Our price estimators can provide you with accurate quotes to make purchasing decisions. Moreover, our customer support team hears of your issues and offers immediate solutions.

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