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By: Charlotte Posted On: Sep-07-2022 
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What are the white boxes?

White boxes are the packaging boxes use for shipping. As their name shows they are white colored with the brown cardboard lining to protect the product inside. They have variable sizes depending on the products to be shipped. Anything can be packaged into the white box including delicate devices, food items, jewelry, pets etc. Its internal coatings are laminated to protect the material inside.  

How does a white box look like?

What are these boxes used for?

Boxes may be made of durable material such as wood or cardboard box, fiberboard etc. 

its size is from a matchbox to a huge box for a large appliance easy to carry and easier to handle.

It is Eco-friendly.

Not expensive.

Easily available.


To give you information, these custom packaging boxes are made from both cardboard and craft material. For craft boxes, craft paper is used that is produced from the pine wood pulp. Moreover, corrugated layers can be added, which gives it strength and toughness. These features help white Custom Kraft Boxes to bear the pressure and increase the shelf life of the box as well as the products. On the other hand, according to the requirement, these Custom White Boxes are made from cardboard and paperboard as well. However, in this construction corrugated medium also add to increase their workability. The customers prefer both the stuff. As both types share, some qualities like both are print-friendly, eco-friendly and can be recycled. Moreover, they are given proper assistance from skilled engineers to produce them.

Why Prefer white boxes?

Boxes have a definite place in our lives. They have brought a drastic change in our lives. Out of other boxes like cardboard boxes, retail boxes, food boxes etc the white boxes are preferred because of their unique charm and attraction towards the costumes. Their environmentally friendly nature attracts the costumes to select them. They are usually decent by their look. Their lamination formula keeps the things safe inside the box and that is the most preferred thing.


     These white boxes are used in the food industry, cosmetic industry, jewelry packaging, cargos, shoe industry etc. let's have a look on them one by one 

White shoeboxes 

 Shoe boxes play a vigorous character in conserving the shoes. Many of the designer companies use these white packaging boxes with added ridged medium to package their shoes. Furthermore, to make it rememberable they stamp their brand logo with their slogan of quality, in the center on the top of the box lids. This helps the customers to visit their stores or outlets easily. They may be used as retail boxes.

 White gift boxes 

For gifts and favors, a variety of custom white boxes is being offered to the customers for various products. The list of these products includes cakes; cupcakes from bakeries, perfumes, and jewelry from cosmetic shops etc. These white boxes are prepared into different shapes and sizes with respect to the products. They can be used for packaging the gift on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries even on religious occasions like Christmas and Easter and Eid ceremonies. These boxes can be decorated with different ribbons etc.

Food Packaging 

 White boxes are also famous in the food industry. You must have seen white packaging boxes in bakeries restaurants, in different pizza points and so on. Paperboard made Custom painted Boxes are also seen in grocery shops for packaging of cereals, cookies, rice, pulses and so on. The difference in their packaging is the type of boxes. Some products have a rigid style whereas others have a foldable style of custom white boxes. These food boxes are easy to travel.

Cosmetic white boxes

White boxes are used in the different cosmetic industry to pack the cosmetic products including perfumes, nail polishes, lipstick containers, different face packs etc. these boxes are stamped with the logo of the company so that white boxes are used as advertisement tools.       

White boxes for medicines

Medicines and surgical instruments are packaged in white boxes for their shipping within or to another country. The medical instruments include samples, drugs, medicines, surgical tools etc. They are in custom packaging boxes.

Importance of Lamination in white boxes 

After customization and printing, the white packaging boxes needs to be preserved. For preservation, laminations are crucial as well as vital. There is a number of glazing options available in the market. For instance, gloss, matte, spot UV, semi-gloss, aqueous, semi-aqueous matte, gloss, and matte varnish. This lamination protects the boxes and products from dust, dirt, and other atmospheric changes. This will further help in increasing the shelf life of the product.

White boxes for Personal use 

Personalization and innovation always play an important role in business.  Though these white packaging boxes are white in color they can be personalized in various ways without damaging or destroying the white base. For instance, customized them with different patterns over that white base with contrast colors or you can imprint special message for your loved ones. In addition to this, these Custom White Boxes can simply have a bow tie of red green or any dark color to enhance its aesthetic look. These small but cute steps will help you in grabbing the attention of the customers. 

White boxes are used in the different cosmetic industry to pack the cosmetic products including perfumes, nail polishes, lipstick containers, different face packs etc. these boxes are stamped with the logo of the company so that white boxes are used as advertisement tools. These boxes are stamped with the company's logo so that white boxes are used as advertisement tools.

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