Why Companies are Shifting from Plastic to Cardboard?

By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-14-2023 
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Cardboard has literally become the soul of retail packaging due to its extensive usage in covering a large range of products. The major object for using this material is its incredible strength and durability. It naturally consists of a number of layers due to which it is thicker than most of the materials around. It is unbreakable under normal conditions of temperature and pressure. Moreover, it has the ability to tolerate a considerable range of external temperatures and maintain a consistent internal environment. Moreover, it is possible to manufacture any size and shape of custom cardboard boxes. It can be according to the dimensions of the products that you are going to place inside. Other than that, these containers can also come into any specific or modified style. It will help to enhance the display value of products and enhance their sales.

The Shift from Plastic to Custom Cardboard Boxes:

According to estimated research, the use of plastic has been reduced to almost 70 percent after the advent of cardboard in the industry. In the past, plastic packaging was the best choice for various types of retail items. But this substance was quite expensive and also harmful to the surroundings. Hence, the manufacturing companies put their efforts into finding such a material that must be an excellent replacement for plastic. Hence, they did it by using cardboard.

This material is beneficial in numerous multiple aspects, as described below.

To Enhance Their Net Profit:

The most vital purpose of any business is to earn as much money as possible. It is possible in two ways. The first is to sell a number of items, while the second is to reduce the cost of production. These two aspects have a relationship with each other and they may be a key to the success of the retail business. Hence, the business communities are looking for packing materials that are cheap in cost. It can help them enhance the ratio of net profit. Plastic that was once frequently utilized for this purpose is far too expensive and is a restriction in enhancing the revenue of the organization. But the customized cardboard boxes are cheap in cost and are in the fair range of the budget of retailers. The companies are able to save a lot of money by utilizing these affordable encasements. Thus, most organizations prefer them.

Custom Cardboard Boxes are Easily Accessible:

Other than affordability, another key factor that has made the cardboard cases a suitable alternative to plastic is that the former are easily accessible in the market. The companies do not need to concern themselves with the thought of purchasing boxes near me. It is because a number of manufacturing companies are operating in the market that is delivering them in a small supply as well as in cardboard boxes wholesale. These manufacturers have also established online stores that are extremely convenient because clients can order cardboard by simply visiting the website from their home or workplace. After putting an online order, they are delivered to the doorstep of the clients, and that too, absolutely free of cost. This ease of access makes them the most favorable option for the packing of stuff.

Easy to Modify:

Unlike plastic, cardboard is highly acceptable for any form of modification in its shape, size, design, and style. They are naturally brown in color. But you can alter this by the application of high-tech technologies. You can transform them into sleeve packaging to make sure that items don't slip out of the case. Similarly, you can add a cardboard window with great ease. This window is possible by cutting a specified portion of the case and placing a clear sheet of plastic at this point. Such custom die-cut packaging gives an alluring look. It will help to glorify items when they are present inside them. Other than that, a box with handle templates can also make the encasements facilitative for the consumers. It helps them in carrying the stuff from one place to the other with ease.

Multiple Purposes:

One of the most important reasons that cardboard has taken hold of the industry is that it is important for multiple different purposes. You can use it in the form of a custom display box printing and enhance the aesthetic effects of products. Similarly, the containers manufactured from cardboard can also be utilized to promote the name of the company or brand. It is done by using printed cardboard boxes on which the name of the company is written in a clear and stylish manner. It is because printing on cardboard boxes is extremely easy and can be carried out with ancient as well as modern technologies. Other than that, they can also be used for shipping items to long distances or home delivery of products to short distances. These diverse options were not available in plastic, and thus, companies are diverting from their use.

A Move Towards Sustainability:

Environmental problems have increased a lot in recent years. They have influenced the lives of humans and other living things. They have also impacted the beauty of cities and made the environment unhealthy for humans. Therefore, the need for eco-friendly packaging has increased. The custom cardboard boxes are friendly to the environment and are completely recyclable. On the contrary, plastic is a harmful element. The green-conscious masses of society are highly impressed by cardboard. Thus, it is becoming the priority of the companies. It can help them stay in compliance with green standards.

Companies are shifting from plastic to custom cardboard boxes as the latter are inexpensive and modifiable. They have dynamic functions and are eco-friendly. We have described how these boxes can help to keep the environment clean. Moreover, they can help businesses become respectable due to environmentally friendly policies. Ultimately, it helps them become popular and profitable. Environment-conscious people prefer buying products from these brands and stay connected with them strongly.

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