What is Die Cut is Required in Printing and Packaging?

By: theresa burns Posted On: Apr-28-2023 

Die-cutting is a famous manufacturing method in the packaging industry. A die is employed to cut soft materials into a range of package styles and shapes. The actual value of die-cutting resides in its capacity to mass-produce customized boxes. Die-cutting boxes have accurate shapes and styles. They look impressive when present in stores. Thus, they can leave a good impression of your business on customers. Don't you know the significance of die-cutting in printing and packaging? It has helped the packaging industry to devise modern and creative shapes of boxes. Here we will see why it is necessary for the packaging industry and how it can change the worth of custom boxes.

When is Die-Cutting Used?

Die cut boxes are a technique used in printing and packaging to provide unique box shapes and designs. Unsurprisingly, the first component is called a die. A produced die is a specialized piece of metal equipment. We can use it to shape-cut a material into a particular shape. Die cutting works best and is most frequently used on materials with a modest structural strength. The most popular die-cutting materials are cardboard, bux board, and plastic. Die cutting also often involves using rubber, foam, thin metal sheets, fibre, and rubber. Hence, most packaging industries use die-cutting to create innovative shapes.

What are the Different Types of Die-Cutting?

The following are different types of die-cutting processes. Let's discuss these types one by one:

Laser Cutting

Many brands use laser-cutting technology to cut the material into specific shapes and sizes. This technique is laser die cutting. Laser die cutting may have several distinct advantages over other types of die cutting. Thus, it is swiftly displacing more conventional die-cutting techniques. Laser cutting is one sort of thermal separation process. The laser beam heats the material's surface so intensely that it melts or evaporates. Thus, the cutting process starts when the laser beam pierces the material at one spot.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

There are many advantages of laser cutting. For instance, it can cut through any material. It doesn't require expensive equipment for cutting fabric. Moreover, it operates with excellent accuracy and precision. Most importantly, it does not wear out the surfaces.

Flatbed Die-Cutting

Flatbed die-cutting is cutting or perforating the desired shape from any material. It uses a hydraulic flatbed press. It is typically beneficial for low-volume and consistent-cut applications. You can cut all materials like fabric, fibre, paper, plastic, metal, rubber, foam, foil, composites, and laminates using flatbed die cutting. Flatbed die cutting is essential to transform materials in roll and sheet form compared to rotary die cutting.

Advantages of Flatbed Die-Cutting

Flatbed die-cutting helps to stamp out simple forms, much like a cookie cutter. Flatbed die cutting is a good option for low-volume projects or when a product won't cut appropriately on a rotary or laser cutting machine. It is because, in this process, we can change the tools quickly and easily.

Rotary Die-Cutting

We use a cylindrical die in rotary die cutting. It is a specialized die-cutting form to create innovative shapes from all materials. It revolves continuously and features blades. These blades carve off the required shape of boxes around the cylinder. A flexible die that folds around a magnetic cylinder is constructed from a thin sheet of steel. A solid die is a cylinder made of solid steel. 

Advantages of Rotary Die-Cutting

We can produce more parts and pieces every manufacturing cycle thanks to higher rotary die-cutting process production rates. The grade of the manufactured die-cut parts is more precise and accurate.

Router Cutting

Routing is the method of hollowing out a section of material. These materials may be composites, polymers, and soft metals. Thus, router cutting helps to cut different forms from any material. The procedure involves the use of a router as a power tool. In short, mowing, trimming, and shaping wood, metal, plastic, and various other materials at high speed is called routing.

Advantages of Router Cutting

The router's ability to cut and engrave without using a different tool is a significant advantage. You can precisely and repeatedly cut materials. It is due to the repeatability of material shaping. Hence, it decreases error and waste frequency.

What Types of Materials Can You Use in Die-Cutting and Digital Cutting?

We may cut many types of materials using die-cutting and digital cutting. You must know we must cut these materials to create packaging solutions. We may also cut these materials for creating different marketing materials such as stickers or labels. These materials may include paper, neoprene, plastic, polyester, fabric, foam, metal, cork, and silicone. Different businesses may use these materials to create packaging solutions for their products. Most brands prefer paper-based materials because of their eco-friendliness. It helps to ensure the safety of the environment.

Moreover, these materials are cost-effective and readily available. However, some products may need plastic or polymeric packaging. It is necessary for their safety. Hence, you may choose these materials in the die-cutting and digital-cutting processes. The material selection may depend upon the type of product and your business. 

Examples of Common Die-Cutting Techniques

Kiss Cutting 

We may use manufacturing processes like kiss cutting to create stickers, felt pads, and hanging hooks. The finished piece is left sliced. But we may place it on a sheet of paper or foil that can be removable. Your finished component remains on this layer until it is peeled off and used. The phrase "kiss cut" describes the laser-cutting process used to enclose the sticker while leaving the backing material undisturbed, essentially "kissing" the two together.

Scoring and Creasing 

These are techniques that lessen the chance of a fold breaking or cracking. Creasing weakens the paper in that area. Thus, it makes it simpler to fold. Moreover, the form becomes depressed after scoring. Hence, it makes it simpler to fold. In printing, scoring may describe the action of creasing paper to make it easier to fold. A paper score is essentially a ridge. We may incise it into the report at the location of the fold line. To "crease" is to shape the paper or cardboard to form a bendable area. We can produce a bulge by the article being shifted downward across the crease. This protrusion bends inwards if the piece is subsequently folded.


A perforation is a tiny hole or series of spots we may punch into a material. It makes it easy to tear a piece off. We may see perforations frequently on paper, plastics, and packaging materials. A perforation may help to make a material simple to tear or bend. We may punch a printed item, such as a ticket or voucher, with tiny holes as part of the print-finishing process. This process is perforation. 


Routing is a technique for cutting varied shapes out of a material by hollowing out a part of it. We may cut materials such as composites, polymers, and soft metals. A router is a power tool in the process.  

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The Final Thought

Die-cutting is one of the famous and modern processes that can help create unique packaging shapes. Most brands prefer packaging their products inside die-cutting boxes. These boxes may look prominent in stores due to their accurate bodies. We have explained several types of die-cutting that we can use to customize packaging. If you need these boxes to set your products apart from others, you must visit thecustomboxes.com. Our dedicated customer care team may listen to you and help you choose the best packaging design to stand out.

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