Variety of Styles in Product Packaging

By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-19-2023 
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Custom boxes are more than just safe product carriers. It is the ultimate presentation of your item, so; its styling must be dealt with utmost care and knowledge. Packing brings organization to our lives. Whether it is something as small as candy or as large as car packaging is there. Custom boxes are the most important category of packaging. Your exterior is important in the perception management of your product. Being the first visual introduction to your product is a crucial element. It includes material, graphics, fonts, colors, etc. Along with the choice of material, the rest can be summed up as styling. Styling is an equally important aspect of packaging. It is how you are going to represent your brand. Usually, it is the first introduction of your product. This impression either leads to increased interest or utter disregard. It all depends on the exterior of your product. Therefore proper assessment is necessary, and this article will provide you with some of the best styling techniques in product packaging.

Auto bottom box style:

These are the boxes with the prefixed bottom. You can firmly pack your product without tape or glue. A fixed bottom provides the required strength to bear heavy products. These offer durability and compactness for the safe shipping of your products. This safety leads to a positive overall image in the market, enhancing the brand's reputation. They also provide added attraction due to easy assembling and filling. Because of the fixed bottom, you can easily place your product in them. Customers on the other end can also easily unpack the product.

Display box style:

These are designed specifically for showing your products in the market. They serve to showcase your products. They are best for promotional drives. Through box printing, you can attract a larger audience to your brand. These serve as mini billboards. With a printed logo, motto, and graphics, you can easily catch the audience's attention. Along with that, printing on them can further the overall appeal of the brand. Custom printed boxes can serve your brand in two ways. First, as a market hook by enhancing products' exterior, and second through their inherent capability of advertisement, they provide you a perfect way to communicate your theme to your customers. They can be designed according to your product's specifications. They impart a sense of sophistication and perfection to customers. Consequently, advances your brand's image in the market.

Drawer box styles:

These are designed with a tray-like structure with a sliding cover over them. These are also known as slide open boxes. They are perfect for opening and displaying the product to customers. You can also open them partially to provide a close look at the product to your customers. They can also come with apartments inside if your product demand so. They are usually very impactful with attention grabbers color combinations. The inner and outer cover of the box can be in different colors. Packaging printing can further increase their charm. This can be useful in providing instruction about your product usage etc. They also provide suitable space for your products. Therefore protects them from shipping damages.

Folding Box Style:

These are also called single-piece boxes or mailer boxes. These can be packed without tape or glue. They are in one piece with spaces to lock firmly. Therefore they are easy to handle at both ends. These are perfectly suitable for gifts and shopping. They are extremely easy to handle. This makes them a preference in the market. Through custom boxes wholesale, you can get these with your brand name, etc. This will provide a sense of uniformity to your brand. Boxes can become an apparent distinguishing feature of your brand. Consolidating your market share and increasing your customers. Due to their convenient usage, people can easily carry them around. Thus, spreading your name all across the market as well without any extra expense.

Gable top paper box style:

This provides a favorable alternative to conventional packaging techniques. They are provided with folding at the top, which emulates a gable. They are perfect as they provide a specific space like a suitcase to carry them around. Their locking mechanism with two ends provides your product with enhanced safety. They are best for packaging items like groceries, crockery, etc. Plus, they have a better branding capacity, storage, and ease of handling. You can mold them in any shape that is specific to your products, as they have a flexible structure. This creates an identity for your brand in the market. Customers can easily identify your product among similar products through these personalized packages. Such association can prove fruitful for your business's overall operations.

Slotted Carton box style:

These boxes are in vogue these days. They come with flaps at one end. These flaps are folded, and tape or glue is used to lock them. These are perfect if you are shipping your products over large distances. They usually have two layers which remark their extraordinary strength and durability. Therefore, they better address the safety element. Along with that, the taping or glue application in locking also makes them suitable for long distances. With the application of printing, they can spread your brand name long distances. As these are usually large relative to others, these are suitable for products with large sizes.

One thing is clear while choosing a style for your packaging; you need to keep in mind your requirements. Custom printed boxes wholesale are available in several styles brands need to take into account the type of product they operate in. along with that, it is also important to keep in mind the distance you are shipping your product to. Auto bottom box style and drawer box style are suitable for long-distance shipping. Likewise, the display box style is perfect for promotional drives and advertisements. Apart from that, folding box and gabble top paper box styles have their utility in easy handling. Therefore, it is imperative to assess your requirements and demands carefully. The choice then should be according to them for the smooth operation of the business and a customer-friendly image.

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