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By: Charlotte Posted On: Aug-03-2022 
cardboard boxes packaging
The packaging is as necessary as the product. It represents your brand and gives the first impression of the product. Cardboard boxes are the most common form of packaging. They are customized in any shape, size, color, and design. Cardboard boxes are just perfect to package any product which comes to your imagination. A creative packaging design seals the deal. It goes far beyond advertisement and other promotional campaigns. The packaging which creates a great shelf impact stands out the crowd. The only purpose of packaging is not just to protect the product. If done correctly, it can make your product sell. Custom cardboard boxes provide a large potential to work on the packaging design and produce something innovative. They grasp customer attention by highlighting your brand. Below are top 13 attractive cardboard boxes packaging ever done:

1) Consider All the Available Space:

A package should be created in a way that every space is utilized. In addition to work on the external design of the box, consider its internal space as well. Most of the brands leave the inside untouched. Making a pattern inside the custom boxes, make them feel more upscale. This, in turn, makes your product look upscale.

2) Think about Experience:

Think about the experience a person will go while interacting with your product. the product to be packed is luxury slippers. As it's a luxury product, so its packaging should complement it. The slippers are enclosed in a nice dust ruffle which is placed in a cardboard box. The simple act of layering provides a great user experience at a low cost.

3) Use Stylization:

Using graphics and illustrations on cardboard boxes wholesale is a good way to give a realistic look. Moreover, if you stylize your imagery, it is much better. The following packaging contains a simple illustration of a woman's head. The hair spreads across the box, creating a pattern for the background. Although, the pattern can't be recognized at first. As you explore the package you can feel that they are woman hair spreading all over the box.

4) Work on Innovative Ideas:

Never limit yourself to a basic idea. Explore innovative ideas to work upon. Soap always comes in a regular box. Instead of using traditional cardboard boxes, make it foldable from one end. It looks more interesting and can be used as a decorative box afterward.

5) Consider the Interior:

The inside of the package should also be interesting where the product is placed. This is one of the most attractive cardboard boxes packaging ever created. The different parts of yo-yo are displayed separately to provide a great display. Small-cuts are made for each piece to make them fit properly. The colors used inside relates to the exterior of the box to provide a fascinating combination. 

6) Give a Sneak Peak:

Giving a sneak peak to make a handle is useful especially in the case of food products. The cardboard packaging designed in the way proves highly functional. It facilitates the customers to carry the box with ought using additional paper bags.

7) Be Luxurious:

These custom cardboard boxes for liquor are designed in a luxurious way to outshine the retail shelves. The product can be pulled out in all directions.  It is designed in yellow and pink color to give a vibrant effect. The packaging is attractive enough to grasp the attention of customers at a glance.

8) Think Creatively: 

Use your product creatively as part of the actual package. These shoes are packed in an awesome bird shaped custom boxes. The laces are coming out through the holes giving an illusion that a worm is present inside the bird's mouth. Such a creative package design can boost the sale of your product.

9) Be Literal:

If your product is manufactured in a particular way, try to implement it in your packaging. For examples, these cookies are baked in an oven. Giving the shape of an oven to your packaging box is an attractive idea to make your products stand out. This gives a feeling to customers that they are provided with freshly baked cookies out of the oven.

10) Incorporate Beauty:

Beauty attracts everyone. Incorporating beauty in your cardboard boxes wholesale is a wonderful idea. The tea packaging is given a unique direction. These bird-shaped teabags give a view of a bird floating gracefully in your cup.

11) Use Illustrations:

The packaging is cleverly designed with an insect illustration. These cardboard boxes were created by Belarus electric company to boost the sale of its CS bulbs. The product itself is used as a part of packaging design. The amazing packaging contains a detailed drawing of insects or bugs depending upon the size and shape of the bulb. For example, long thin bulbs are kept in dragonfly boxes while the circular stripes of an energy saver bulb become the abdomen of a large bee.

12) Simplicity goes a Long Way:

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. The biggest example of it is Apple iPhone packaging. The things are designed elegantly both inside and out. A single colored cardboard box contains things i.e. product name, logo, image of the product and basic information about it. Inside of the box is designed with inserts to display the parts separately.

13) Introduce Transparency:

Transparency is a useful tactic to stimulate purchase behavior. Despite creating a rectangular shaped window, introduce new designs to suit the product. These custom boxes are designed with two die-cut windows, similar to the shape of the tie. This enables the customers to view the product closely even without opening the box.

Cardboard boxes are just perfect to package any product which comes to your imagination. A creative packaging design seals the deal. It goes far beyond advertisement and other promotional campaigns. The packaging which creates a great shelf impact stands out the crowd. It goes far beyond advertisement and other promotional campaigns. The packaging creates an incredible shelf impact and stands out from the crowd.

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