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With the rising war on plastics, the cardboard packaging is becoming trendy than ever. It is the right time for businesses to highlight their agenda on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by using cardboard boxes for packaging their products. The benefits of cardboard are undeniable. It is the most versatile packaging material used all across the industry. These boxes wholesale play a major role in ensuring product safety and delivering your items in perfect condition at customers' doorstep. Whether you have a small scale business or a large one, now you do not need to worry about where can you get cardboard boxes. There are several custom packaging manufacturers to provide you with cardboard boxes cheap at an affordable rate. Get them design according to your branding requirements and see what wonders this packaging creates.

Highly Flexible and Durable Nature

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard serves as a blank canvas to create a series of innovative packaging designs to fit the shapes and sizes of your products. Custom corrugated shipping boxes are the most durable form of packaging. Doesn’t matter how long the distance is and what means of transition you use, they have broken all the records in ensuring safe delivery. Custom size corrugated boxes are made by combining different layers of cardboard in a way that there exists a fluted layer in between two straight layers. This structure increases the compression strength. Moreover, you can design the packaging in an array of sizes exactly according to the product requirement. If your item is fragile, design custom printed corrugated boxes with build-in inserts or filler packaging to make the product perfectly fit in with the minimal movement.

Practical to Use

Kraft Boxes

The versatile nature of cardboard has made it a practice to use all over the industry. Let us take the example of those lightweight cardboard boxes for pasta, found everywhere on grocery shelves. They are one of the best packaging designs which provide reliable stackability on the retail shelves and keep the product safe inside. The printing on cardboard boxes highlights the product information and displays your brand professionally. It is also easy to pack and transit in the secondary packaging, i.e. custom corrugated boxes to ensure safe delivery. Above all, both the primary product packaging and its secondary package boxes can be easily broken down and recycled several times to create a new packaging solution. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the shape of your package boxes or want to experiment with something new, design a shape that is unique and even more practical to use. You may also go for a cardboard box with handles or small round cardboard boxes with lids to stand out the competition.

Serve Multiple Purposes

Eco-Friendly Boxes

Printed cardboard boxes serve multiple purposes. Whether it is e-commerce or a retail outlet, the packaging is perfect enough to ship the items individually or in bulk. Everything starting from baby diapers to apparel, cosmetics, medicines, and households can be packed directly in cardboard packaging boxes. They can accommodate a vast range of items beyond your imagination. The packaging is strong enough for safe shipping and can attractively display the product on a retail shelf, or can be effectively used as the serving container for the end customer.

Hygienically Safe to Use

Food Boxes

It would be great to know that cardboard packaging boxes wholesale have made their way in the food and beverage industry. The main reason for their acceptance is that the material is hygienically safe to use. Unlike plastic, it is made from naturally occurring sources. Even if you go for recycling, the material remains safe from toxic chemicals and bleaching agents that may penetrate the food, spoiling its quality. It is the reason that you will see cardboard for the packaging of a wide range of edibles including fast food items and frozen meals.

Makes a Great Package

Food Boxes

The designers love working with cardboard because they know that it's a perfect material for rapid prototyping. It means that you can easily incorporate changes in the package until it attains perfection. By using paperboard, several prototypes can be built on the drafting table, tested in front of customers, refined, and tested again. It is a fast and affordable process. Moreover, every time you can design it with several innovative options like introduce inserts, use die-cut cardboard for shipping prints, or create a cardboard window box as per your need.

Paper Packaging Innovates according to Product Safety

Food Containers

When we talk about paper packaging, custom cardboard boxes Los Angeles are not the only practical solution. Rather you can design the material in an array of styles to ensure maximum product safety. For example, paper bags, paper-coated meat trays, beverage containers, milk cartons, and six-pack beer carriers are some of the common examples. They help to increase the amount of recyclable food packaging, reducing waste to a significant extend.

Cardboard boxes are the best way to ensure product safety. The material is strong, durable, sustainable, and easy to customize according to your need.

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