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By: donaldlucas Posted On: Apr-06-2023 
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The addition of contrasting color schemes into the design of rigid boxes is a strategic approach to set your brand apart. Marketing experts have long studied the impact of colorful packages on potential clients' moods, behavior, and emotions. The findings from such studies and research have allowed the brands to use specific principles of color psychology and influence people's buying decisions. Therefore, selecting contrasting colors for your rigid packages needs serious thought. After all, they assist the target audience in relating or associating particular products with your brand. Here is a highlight of various contrasting color combinations for boxes and their role in making your product stand out.

Pink and raisin rigid boxes:

The mixture of bright pink and raisin creates a perfect high contrast in the design of luxury rigid boxes. Such packages give a bold, dynamic, and energetic look that demarcates and distinguish your products from other available options. You can select a lighter shade of pink while still creating a contrast in the packaging design. Lighter or softer shades of pink, along with raisin, usually work best when you provide female-oriented products. Likewise, the darker shades of pink with raisins signify strength and sophistication. This color scheme is usually best for retail items targeted toward the male audience of the target market. So, before deciding between the lighter and bolder shades of pink and raisin, determine your target audience first. This will allow you to appeal to people's emotions in a better and more comprehensive way.

Shades of pink and brown:

Pink is sedative, soothing, and non-threatening. It signifies sympathy, sincerity, beauty, and, most importantly, luxury. The use of different shades of pink in the design of custom rigid boxes creates more motion and depth. Although, mixing up shades of pink with dark brown in the packaging design adds an important level of contrast and seriousness. Above all, it creates a sense of luxury in the minds of the captive audience. So, associating your products with luxurious and premium vibes is no problem when you use this contrasting color scheme in the box design. This color combination also proves instrumental in making your brand a center of attention in the marketplace by highlighting the parent brand theme.

Yellow, magenta, cyan, and black:

These four ink colors are mainly used when deciding on the overall rigid box design. Their combination gives your box an exclusive look that you want or desire. When used separately, they produce a color scheme that is sleek, modern, bright, and full of life. However, when you mix them, you may create any imaginable color that associates well with your products and speak your brand language. So, use a mixture of these specific hues in your box design and give your items the contemporary look they deserve. Always remember the principle of minimalism while combining different shades. Otherwise, you may produce a color blend that does not align well with your brand goals and overall theme.

Gold, charcoal, and grey:

This perfect combination of contrasting colors makes your packaging design shine more on the retail shelves. When the customers are exploring the shelves, they are usually looking for the items that catch their attention immediately. This contrasting color scheme works perfectly in grabbing the undivided attention of the target audience. It also gives a perfect highlight to the details printed on the luxury packaging. The gold hue signifies nature and joyfulness. When combined with two different shades of grey and black, a layer of maturity and seriousness is added to the design. This relays a message that your retail items would last long and are worthy of a buy.

Black and white rigid boxes:

Sticking to only two colors in your packaging design may not seem a good idea at first. But as far as the black and white color combination is concerned, it does not seem boring to the target audience. The cheerfulness these two hues bring into the design of custom boxes is impossible to ignore for potential clients. They give a premium vibe while still maintaining a minimalist look throughout the product packaging. More importantly, they send a message that your items align well with the current needs of potential clients. Customers tend to associate this color scheme with premium and luxury brands. They are also ready to pay even more for your products.

Mustard and black:

This color combination in a rigid box design evokes a modern yet approachable feeling. In terms of cultural connotation, it signifies the meaning of danger and warning. So, it works well when you have to print information like "cautions" and "warnings" regarding the use of your retail boxes. It brings attention to the little details and informs the target audience with critical and handy information. Various brands are using this color scheme in their packaging design to call attention to the specific details of their items.

Selecting a suitable contrast color scheme for your rigid boxes offers you multiple benefits. The best of all is that it helps elevate the product impression and make it more noticeable and memorable in the target market. You can look through the color above combinations and choose one of them that best suits your product. And at the same time, it relates well with your brand. Remember the overall brand theme and the message you want to portray to get the best possible results.

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