10 Tips for Designing Retail Packaging That Sells

By: Posted On: Sep-07-2023 
Designing Retail Packaging

Brands spend countless hours putting a product in a pack that attracts, appeals to, and astonishes clients. But what else they can do? This step is also imperative that make attractive and captivating packaging for your products. The designs of your product cases are the silent spokesperson for your product when it is displayed and hangs on the retail market shelves.

Why you are over-burdening yourself by focusing on every single minor detail of retail packaging? Just put all the stuff over experts. Yes, we are here to help you out in hours of need. Know more about what is retail packaging, its design, and tips to align the process. There is no need to read many documents to learn all these vital pieces of information; just give this post a read and get a quite straightforward answer to all of these.

Let’s start the discussion from the very beginning- the fundamental concepts regarding retail packaging or its design before jumping on to the tips directly.

Packaging Design-: Everything Fundamental:

Well, when it comes to describing the packaging design we must first focus on what kind of product you need to place in a box. Simply, not every product can be packed in a similar way or not every consumer can be amused by a single type of packaging. Designing your own custom retail packaging is an opportunity to add and delete any feature from a pre-made or traditional outlook of a box.

As a matter of course, designing refers to the cuts, layouts, prints, embosses, and any other practice that distinguishes your boxes from others. The story doesn’t end here, design also refers to the art of sketching lines and dots to represent your brand elements in a way no one else has done before. It may be floral, sober, sharp and contrasting, funky and minimalist. Design is whatever suits you best for showcasing your products.

Retail Packaging Design: What Else To Know:

Retail Packaging Design

Just as we discussed before, design is an art or science of creating an attractive and appealing product packaging. The product may belong to any category: cosmetics, skin or hair care, grocery, sports, and goods, or surgical and medical equipment. The addition of the word retail before the packaging design specified the kind of packaging for retail setting. At stores and shops, when you need to make your products cut above the rest, here comes the role of Retail product packaging designs. Generally, these design types include luxury retail designs, pop-up store packaging, storefront designs, and interior store designs. To know more explore the retail designing guide.

7 Basic Steps to Packaging Design: A Step-By-Step Guide

Hard work and smart work are two top-of-the-list options that one can opt for to find the way to success in the shortest possible way. The former suggests to try and learn from mistakes; however, the latter refers to figuring out the shortest path that guarantees success. The following seven steps fall in the second category. Simply put, follow the following seven steps if you really want to get brilliant retail packaging ideas & designs that astonish your customers.

  1. Hold your product and see it from all dimensions
  2. Note down everything you noticed about it
  3. Focus on the mindset of your potential customers
  4. Make notes and write down what your evaluations bring to you
  5. Come to the official page of The Custom Boxes and fill in the request form
  6. Chose material, design, and style and wait for your turn
  7. Feel blessed to have the industry’s best material and custom retail packaging at your doorsteps

This is the way to get closer to your destination without taking too much stress. On the hunt for the perfect retail packaging for products, we stand as a beacon of quality. 

10 Tips to Make a Difference:

10 Tips to Make a Difference in packaging

By crafting your box with the world’s best material and the latest design facilities, you can mark your identity in the market. To further streamline the process, all you need to do is just follow the following tips and rock in your field,

1. Print Authentic Phrasing on Your Packaging to Sell

Think carefully to find who are selling to and how much your customers find the product packaging alluring. After knowing the answer to all questions, time to stay and print authentic information on the box. Your word selection must be accurate and exact so that you sell to your trustworthy customers.

Flipping the picture, never print such claims on the retail packaging that you not offering for your target customers. If your customers do not find such quality and function that you mention on the box, you will lose your customers. And, this thing may cause to reduce your brand sales and growth.

2. Be Honest While Design Your Packaging Boxes

Think about what you represented on the outside of the packaging because it must match the inside content. If you’re inside and outside content doesn’t match, you will have lost customers' trust.
However, you want graphics to catch the attention of your potential buyers, so choose any content that suits your product. Keep in mind you must fulfill the need of your consumer’s potential when they open up the package. So, make your packaging unique and appealing to your customers. 

3. Choose the Perfect Colors and Fonts for Retail Boxes

If you want to make your packaging alluring and enticing, must choose custom colors and fonts to make them distinctive from the rest of the brands. Furthermore, the colors ought to augment and complement the product, and should not go against or fight with them.

Thus, choose a typeface that is unique and you can customize the size as per your content need to stand out in the pool of rivals. However, the font must be readable for your target audiences.

4. Make Sure Your Packaging Design Works for Everywhere

Now products are sold everywhere with different methods. If some brands sell the product by placing them on retail shelves, meanwhile there are also a lot of businesses that exist online. So, you need graphics and images to display your product packaging, shape, and sizes.

Add to this; maybe your product packaging is printed on a front page of a newspaper or a magazine. We know the main purpose of packaging is to grab your customer’s attention and force them to buy your items. Due to this; you need to fulfill all your packaging needs by using secure packaging styles or designs.

No matter whether your end-users search your website on mobile phones or laptops, your packaging should be appealing and captivating for all your users. So, choose bright colors, amazing design patterns, and features to create stunning custom packaging boxes.

5. Retail Packaging Must Be Functional

If you make your packaging fabulous, it doesn’t mean you don’t need secure packaging. Beauty and security both are imperative to make your product stand out in the pool of competitors. Every product manufacturer needs to ensure that their packaging is practical in shape, size, and materials.

So, if your product is heavy must add handles on the top of your packaging so your customers to pick it up and carry it more easily. If they can’t lift the product from the shelf safely, they are not going to buy it in the future.

However, when customers buy high-end products, they will expect high-quality packaging that reflects the product, they have paid for. Thus, keep in mind people look for eco-friendly packaging that is sustainable for their environment.

6. Keep Your Retail Packaging User-Friendly

You need to ensure that memorable packaging is user-friendly and your customers enjoy them. On this subject, never use a difficult-to-open packaging box to pack your products. Add to this, you need to keep in mind your product's needs and pack them in your packaging boxes. For example, if you sell a product that will be poured, offer a package with a spout that helps them to easily pour without creating any mess.

7. Don’t Forget To Adopt Green Packaging

Now it's time to make green retail packaging for your fragile retail items. Now packaging brands come with eco-friendly packaging solutions like Kraft packaging boxes. It is available in multiple thickness ranges and you can choose them as per your product need.

Thus, you just need to be green with using Kraft, and Bux board packaging boxes for your retail items. If you are looking the retail packaging supplies, must visit “The Custom Boxes”, we offer a variety of Kraft packaging to meet your packaging needs.

8. Create Packaging That Is Stackable and Stock-Able

A retailer places your items in the warehouse as a stock or displays them on their market shelves to engage your customers. In this regard, your packaging is functional for both purposes. It is best to store your product in warehouses as well as to display it on your shelves. Some tricky packaging box styles are difficult to store in warehouses.

9. Increase the Shelf Life of Your Product with Custom Material

Want to protect your product from soggy effects and temperature chances? So, must use quality materials when you design your retail packaging if you want to maximize the shelf life of your packaging.
Sometimes, in the arrangement of products, they fell down due to hurry and any other reasons form words hands. At this time, using quality material you can save your product from damage and increase their life for your best customers experiences.

10. Add Dividers and Props to Safe Your Products

Dividers provide a particular space for your product to fix easily, and can’t move. So, it means if you can improve the security of your products, use props, dividers, and other security materials.
Also, you can go for a punch partition for top counter retail display packaging, particularly for tiny items. To buy quality boxes find a packaging supplier who offers quality retail packaging supplies wholesale at market-leading prices.

Elements of Packaging Design: The Game Changer

Elements of Packaging Design

Gather all the information about what an ideal retail packaging must contain. To sum up all the necessary information, it is clear that you can streamline the customization and personalization of your product packaging by ensuring only four elements in the best packaging design. Revealing the suspense, these four elements simply are:

  1. Focus on Graphic Designs: It includes typography, color schemes, logo or branding, and layout or composition.
  2. Focus on Structural Designs: Pay special attention to shape, cuts, material, sustainability, and closure mechanism.
  3. Focus on Informational Designs: Examples include legal information, nutrient information, intellectual abilities, and direction to use.
  4. Focus on Functional Designs: This element simply focuses on usability, unboxing mechanism, storing capacity, and profitability.

Wrapping Up

The above write-up explains ten tips to make enthralling and enticing retail packaging boxes to wrap your products. In this regard, you need to be honest, and authentic to print your retail packaging cases. Also, choose custom colors, make them informative, and user-friendly, and pick functional styles. Why still waiting? Be ready to enter a new world of imagination by playing with the most attractive color scheme and elements of design. Let’s hold hands and cover extra business miles together.

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