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Complete Guide Of Amazon Fba Packaging

Find out about the general preparation prerequisites for sending FBA stock to Amazon satisfaction centers, and the particular item classes that require specific preparation. Before sending items for Fulfillment by Amazon, it is critical to realize what is reasonable for our satisfaction procedure and what isn't. you have to make certain to review the alternate areas beneath for extra item necessities and confinements:

  • Shipping & Routing Requirements
  • FBA Product Restrictions

Packaging Requirements

You have to follow the general necessities when you are going to ship units to Amazon satisfaction centers. Certain items have other particular prerequisites. Amazon may not return or repackage any item conveyed to an Amazon satisfaction center with deficient or rebellious bundling to your detriment, and you may likewise be liable to rebelliousness charges.

Amazon Fba Packaging Guide With Packaging Manufacture List

  • It does not matter what sort of FNSKU you use on a Unit, it should be exceptional and should correspond to one unique item. For instance, every collection type, for example, size or shading, will have an alternate FNSKU.
  • Each Unit should have an outside searchable standardized identification or name (which incorporates a searchable scanner tag and the relating comprehensible numbers) that is effortlessly open. For more data, see FBA item standardized tag prerequisites.
  • Cover, remove or render un-scannable any current readable standardized tags outwardly of delivery boxes. For instance, cover existing scanner tags with murky tape or utilize a dark felt-tip marker to render the standardized tag unscannable. It keeps the off-base scanner tag from being coincidentally examined amid the getting procedure.

Boxed Units

  • It should be six-sided
  • In case, the boxed unit has perforated openings or sides, then the item should pass a 3-foot drop test. This text will be consisting of one drop on every side while one drop on the corner. If the item does not pass out the drop test then it should be placed in the poly-bag with the warning of suffocation.
  • It should have lids or openings that could not be open so easily by itself. In the event that the box can easily open on its own, then glue, table or staples are required to use to keep it close.
  • It should not collapse when the average pressure is applied to each of the sides.

Sold as a Complete Set

The units that are in sets (for instance, a NASCAR set of six exceptional Hotwheel cars, sold just as one Unit) should be marked as the sets on their bundling.

 The labeling should be added to the unit that could clearly show that the items are to be obtained and sold as a singular Unit, For instance, “SOLD AS A COMPLETE SET”, “READY FOR SHIPMENT”, or “THIS IS A SET. DO NOT SEPARATE IT”.

Case-Packed Products

  • All items in a box will have to coordinate SKU and condition and will have been already bundled together by the producer.
  • All boxes with a similar item will contain measure up to amounts of that item in each case. For instance, a case-pack of 24 units should dependably contain 24 units.
  • The case pack restrains is 150 units for each case.
  • While getting this sort of shipment, the fulfillment center checks and examines one unit from the box and the crate is put in stock. There is no compelling reason to check each unit since they are all the same.
  • In a few cases, a maker or merchant may bundle in excess of one case-pack into a bigger box called a master box. Master boxes don't qualify as a case-pack and should be part of the proper case-pack level.


You should utilize safety knives with secured sharp edges when pressing items. This anticipates sharp protests, for example, edges, from being coincidentally left in boxes and possibly harming an Amazon partner or Amazon client.

Advertising Materials

Amazon won't acknowledge advertising materials, (for example, pre-valued names, pamphlets, sticker prices, or other non-Amazon marks). 

Expiration Dates

  • The products that expire should incorporate the expiry date on the master container in 36+ point textual style and on the individual Units. Parcel numbers alone are lacking.
  • Expiration dates should be shown in the configuration MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY. On the off chance that the expiry date is imprinted in an alternate arrangement, a sticker with the right organization should be connected, covering the first lapse date.
  • Products that expire and are contained in bundling that requires extra prepare, for example, glass bottles should be prepared to guarantee that the expiry date is available for Amazon partners amid the get procedure.

Poly Bag Units

The poly bags utilized to keep the units safe should meet the needs explained below:

  • Poly bags with a 5 inches opening or bigger (estimated when level) are required to have a suffocation cautioning, either imprinted on the pack itself or appended as a name.
  • The cautioning ought to be printed or put in a conspicuous area and in a readable text dimension for the span of the pack.
  • The thickness of the pack should be no less than 1.5 mil
  • The polybag should be straightforward.
  • The poly pack should have a standardized tag (UPC, EAN, and so forth.) or X00-mark that is readable through the bag or have an X00-or ASIN-name outwardly of the pack.
  • Poly packs should be totally fixed.
  • The poly pack should not distend more than 3" past the measurements of the item.

Amazon Fba Packaging Guide With Packaging Manufacture List

Loose Products

Every unit, incorporating different volume set book publications, should be contained within the singular and protective package.

  • Units that are not enclosed in protected bundling (like free sleeves or pockets), require packing or should be protected with a non-glue band or removable tape.
  • Amazon will not acknowledge Units that would expect Amazon to gather various pieces (for instance, wheel pushcarts where the handles and legs are different and separated, however, are sold as one piece).
  • Footwear, paying little attention to the material, must be bundled with no shoe material uncovered, either in shoe confines or packed away a poly sack with suffocation cautioning.

Find out about the general preparation prerequisites for sending FBA stock to Amazon satisfaction centers, and the particular item classes that require specific preparation. Before sending items for Fulfillment by Amazon, it is critical to realize what is reasonable for our satisfaction procedure and what isn't. 


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