6 Ways Custom Made Boxes With Logos Can Increase ProductivityPosted On: Dec-19-2018  By: Harry Leo


In an age of empowered consumerism, the significance of customization in a brand's marketing strategy cannot be underestimated at any cost. Customization has reached a point that it is giving people a choice whether or not to add chocolate syrup on top of their ice cream. This strategy is increasingly being pursued by many companies to gain a competitive advantage. Today a fairly high degree of customization is facilitated in almost all industry segments

  • Regardless, of what season of the year it is, customization enables a business to be relevant. The fact of the matter is that most of the successful retailers have set their companies apart through their packaging. Today, what stands out is the packaging, because it maintains a consistent image and reinforces the positive aspects of product ownership. There is a big difference between selling your product in plain packaging and selling it in a custom made box with any logo; it makes it clear that if you don’t care about the packaging, you don’t care about the product as well. Logos reinforce the brand, not what you have purchased; it gives recognition to the brand even before the product. This will enable them to recall the memories associated with the product they initially bought.
  • Customized packaging increases brand loyalty and brings traffic. Hence, an increment in productivity is obvious. This elevates customer loyalty and engagement. People notice the customized box because it is made with artworks that are entrancing. Beyond the size of the pure opportunity, surveys have shown that customers are more engaged to the company that sells in the customized box; it has boosted sales and increased productivity. Brands raise loyalty because of this at the time of the year when it is needed the most.
  • By using custom-made boxes, you assure that there is no space wasted. Furthermore, you’ll also be certain that you’re saving money by not spending on wasted materials or space for standard boxes. Customer satisfaction is expected to increase with the improved fit between the product offering and customer requirements, provided the manufacturer can facilitate customization within a reasonable cost
  • Customized boxes with logos is another way to differentiate different products. People are willing to pay 20% more for the packaging; also, because judging a book by it’s cover is way too mainstream.
  • Customized boxes offer solid construction and durability, ensuring that your product reaches the customer safely and when it does, and the customer is satisfied, more sales and loyalty is guaranteed which of course means that your productivity will increase.
  • . When a package arrives in a customized box, it shows a heightened level of care on the merchant’s behalf. This creates a positive impact that not only augments the packaging and branding efforts but helps the customer feel as if they have a unique shopping experience from beginning to end. Because of this positive experience, they are more likely to purchase from the same retailer and share the experience with friends and family.


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