5 best Music Album Packaging Ever Done

By: emma watson Posted On: Apr-28-2023 
best Music Album Packaging

Music is itself very interesting. But an attractive custom album packaging of music adds to its value. In this digital age, various music albums have become available online. Still, many bands feel pride in presenting their music physically. They work on its packaging to make it look brilliant. The importance of custom packaging cannot be denied in this regard. The custom boxes used to encase the album play a significant role in determining its success. The fascinating cover art changes the way we look at a particular album. Different photographs, paintings, online printing, and collage use can make its packaging look attractive. Most artists never got satisfied with the traditional covers for their music albums. Custom packaging is the best solution for them. They hire a talented artist who can design something eye-catching for their album. This makes their music stand out from others.

Below are 5 best music album packaging ever done:

Custom album packaging of "The Beatles"

This was one of the most successful custom album packaging designed back in 1967. It influenced the culture of music. This colorful packaging design was the most innovative solution ever. The whole team put their efforts into designing it. The team was led by art director Robert Fraser. The designers of the cover were Peter Blake and Jann Haworth. It was so much more colorful and appealing than the customers could even think. The album came in a beautiful inner sleeve casing which made it more adorable.

The whole band was photographed to make this attractive album packaging ever memorable. This packaging from The Beatles influenced a lot of people. Several of their band lovers have still saved all the legendary albums in their original packaging. Imagery over the front side of the packaging has been an astonishing element that always played a role in making their album packaging memorable for fans.

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Floating in the Space

The evolution of audio formats also included 3-inch mini-CDs. A special edition of this album was released in 1997. It resembles a pack similar to pillow packaging used by different pharmaceutical companies. The album consisted of 12 individual mini-discs of 3-inch each, presenting one song on one disc. Each disc was to be popped out from foil packaging and then played. It even contained the "medicine information" listing various effects of listening to the band's music.

All this was done in a conventional way that attracted many customers. Another edition of the album also came in 2009. The combination of white and black color has been amazing to create an aesthetic appeal to their fans. Moreover, the white color of the fonts over the black background always played a role in grabbing the attention of music lovers in the CD stores.

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

Wu-Tang Clan has been famous for its confidence and courage for more than 20 years. He continuously introduced different packaging designs for his albums to surprise the customers. The album "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" became top of the list. It beat all the records and ranked among the top sellers. This was particularly because of its packaging. Also, the custom boxes used for the packaging of the album were highly luxurious.

Black and gold colors were the primary sources to give a bold touch. It gave a new rise to the art of selling music. The amazing Wu-Tang Clan logo at the hinged lid of the box was an iconic style that people still admire. On the other hand, velvet cushioning inside the box gave a more luxurious look to the album placed inside the box. The luxury packaging crafted by Yahya, a designer and artist from Africa, still has that three-layer packaging and keeps it in a secret place.

Sleep Well Beast

It took the album packaging away from traditional white ones. This packaging was introduced in 2017. It took the album "Sleep Well Beast" to great success. The Use of dark blue color for the base with sharp inner sleeves made it a mesmerizing option. It had a triangular top with a printed design inside. It displays band titles and other details on the label on the side. This packaging attracted a heap of customers by providing a great aesthetical view.

The National band truly takes it to another level with their theme of blue and white colors. They even pictured the barn or studio where they recorded the song in Hudson. This single tactic used in the packaging made every element of the visual design layout of their packaging special. Their fans made such an association with the band that anyone could easily locate the CDs with that design on visiting a CD store or even while passing by.

Tragic Kingdom custom album packaging

The album "Tragic Kingdom" was designed so well that it opened the way for creativity. The cover self-explains what the album is about. It had a picture of a lead singer Gwen Stefani with interesting imagery. It shows the tragic kingdom with ugly trees and flies feeding on rotten oranges. The official poster of the album on the packaging portrayed everything beautifully, from modern to the classics. The display of the album name "No Doubt" in the custom thick style fonts further made the packaging visible for everyone.

The sleeve style unboxing of the album CDs was a mesmerizing factor in making the people Wow about the album. Moreover, it has a design that plays a role in protecting the CDs for longer. People still own that iconic album, and several of them have even framed it and hung it on the walls to show their love. On the other hand, posing as a lady with lavish wearables and rotten apples was an idea that triggered the people most.

The custom album packaging used to encase the album plays a significant role in determining its success. The fascinating cover art changes the way we look at a particular album. Using the different photographs, paintings, online printing, and collages in the design layout of this packaging looks quite attractive. Meanwhile, the luxury addition and the creativity in packaging design played a vital role in making these music albums legendary.

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