How important is Color in Bakery Boxes for Easter?

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 19, 2019

The color of the bakery box should be selected with proper research. The use of customizing boxes for sending sweets and bakery items on the Eve of Eaters to your loved ones is such a great gesture. Easter Marketing campaign 2019 needs your brainstorming. You’ll be able to get creative ideas and boost business revenue with happy customers. We have shared come ideas like email marketing, special discounts, social media, and custom printed boxes.  


Choosing Bakery Boxes for special occasions

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 18, 2019

Most of the bakery boxes are designed with compartments and inserts especially the one for muffins, cookies, and macarons. It is a convenient method as different types of items can be placed in the same box without spoilage and mixing their taste. Inserts hold the items at its place with almost no movement. This reduces the risk of the smashing of your lovely creations.

Simple Steps to Make Cardboard Cigarette Box

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 17, 2019

Creating a cigarette packaging allows you to work on various patterns and design something you always want. Instead of placing the cigarettes in the box you bought them, an interesting idea is to create your own packaging.

How Kraft Boxes improved the Packaging Standard of Industries

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 16, 2019

Kraft boxes are the most preferred option when it comes to the shipping of products. They can package an array of products irrespective of their sizes and shapes. Kraft shipping boxes have raised the industrial standards due to their advanced features. The boxes are extremely light in weight. They do not add much to the weight of the product thus reducing dimensional weight shipping charges.

Natural Kraft jewelry Boxes are great for your jewelry packaging

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 15, 2019

Kraft jewelry boxes are a great way to reflect your professional. They provide perfect storage for your elegant jewelry collection like necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and much more. Kraft boxes are made from 100% recyclable material. They create a positive impression on the customers that your brand cares about the environment. 

Boost your sale by Using Custom Display Boxes

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 11, 2019

 Display Boxes is to provide a view of the product to the customer to give him a proper idea about the product. The display makes it easy for the customer to make up his mind to buy to the product. The proper display of the product has a strong influencing factor on the customer which can make the purchase decision easy for the customer. This appealing view of the product has the power to boost the sales of any product packed inside such attractive packaging.

Fantastic Cereal Boxes Ideas for your Brand

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 10, 2019

The slogan should be unique and different from any cereal available in the market. The slogan can also become the identity of the cereal of your company and this identity can make it popular among the customers. The need for a slogan arises when you are about to launch your product in the market. There should be some unique feature that can make your cereal boxes different from the rest and at the same time catches the eye of the customer.

Facts Everyone Should Know About Health-Friendly Medicine Boxes

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 09, 2019

The printing, on the other hand, is responsible for marketing and information purposes. The printing on the medicine boxes can play the vital role of product promotion and also the brand recognition of the medicine company. The companies can print their logo and name on the outside of packaging for the customer to easily recognize the product of their company. The printing of packaging also involves the printing of information about the medicine packed inside it.

Important tips to make your Popcorn Boxes Eye Catching

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 08, 2019

Custom popcorn boxes make your favorite and outstand for your customers. Every person has differed demand for packaging of products. In addition, some want large popcorn boxes and some want mini popcorn boxes. They demand different shapes, color, themes and design for eminent packing. Like, in ample parties need wholesale popcorn boxes to fulfill the demand. You also used labeling to customized your cornmeal cartons. If you want to get the attention of buyer so your popcorn cases must be customized according to the wish of a buyer.

How Cardboard Boxes are used for Product Packaging and Promotion?

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 05, 2019

Custom printed cardboard boxes can be used for product packaging and promotions in a way to optimize sale. The right customization can make a cardboard box stand out of the crowd. If you want to promote your product, picking the right cardboard box for item presentation is the key.

Reasons to choose Kraft Boxes for your Business

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 04, 2019

the presentation of your packaging is considered a vital factor to determine the success of your brand. Kraft boxes give a professional look to your packaging. Instead of using a number of colors, Kraft boxes allow you to be minimalistic in style. Although the natural color of these boxes is brown, you can create them in any color of your choice.

How to make Soap Boxes Packaging Attractive for the customers

By: Charlotte   Posted On: Apr 03, 2019

 soaps mostly come in traditional shapes there is a great chance for you to be playful with the shape of their packaging. The shape of the soap box is an important factor to attract customers at first sight. As the customers want something different and innovative, so you have a number of options to bring changes in the shape of custom soap boxes.