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How Technology Would Change The Future of Food Packaging?

By: Alex Jones   Posted On: Dec-19-2016

By Alex Jones

How to Handle Every Custom Boxes Challenge with Ease Using These Tips ?

By: Alex Jones   Posted On: Dec-16-2016

How to Handle Every Custom Boxes Challenge with Ease Using These Tips ?

Difference between Custom Packaging VS Pre-made Packaging?

By: By Alex Jones   Posted On: Aug-26-2016

In this modern era, trends are moving towards technology. On the other hand, in this battle of technology packaging not only maintains its position but also boomed to its peak because of advance technological research all around the world. Advanced machineries and printing equipment place a huge gap in old vs. new packaging solutions. In resultant, fresh food packaging, flexible packaging, plastic packaging and cardboard packaging attain high consumption in retail industry. High consumption is achievable through advancement of technology because this automates the printing process. Edible packaging, micro packaging, smart packaging, anti-microbial packaging, water soluble packaging, self cooling and heating packaging technologies are introduced by industry researchers in last few years, these give a totally new…

8 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Personalized Cupcake Boxes

By: Rowen Miller   Posted On: Aug-24-2016

You cannot buy happiness but you can  buy cupcakes and that is exactly the same thing , right ? Cupcakes are a must have items for all type of bakeries . Taking into consideration the time and attention you have put to detail your cupcakes , it would be insane to do all of that work and then stick your scrumptious sculptures in a box that screams ‘bargain packaging’; your cupcakes don’t look like they were made carelessly so their packaging shouldn’t look that way too.
Cupcakes are fragile and need to be carried in something , so in order to attract customer base , eye-catching and handy boxes would be great.Obviously , first impression is the last…

Why do people think candle packaging is a good idea

By: Harry Leo   Posted On: Aug-03-2016

Candles have traditionally been a sought-after gift item because these are expressive of love , emotions and care towards the other person ; literally being therapeutic by nature and definitely the best response for all those who want to pamper themselves. It is worth emphasizing on the fact that these create a spa like atmosphere even at home.
But , what triggers my mind again is the packaging . Or let’s put it this way  , why is it considered a good idea ? I , beyond any shadow of a doubt agree with the fact that a good packaging is a silent seller. For any new product to stand out in the market, it ought to have…

6 Ways Custom Made Boxes With Logos Can Increase Productivity

By: Harry Leo   Posted On: Aug-25-2016

In an age of empowered consumerism, the significance of customization in a brand's marketing strategy cannot be underestimated at any cost. Customization has reached a point that it is giving people a choice whether or not to add chocolate syrup on top of their icecream . This strategy is increasingly being pursued by many companies to gain a competitive advantage. In fact , today a fairly high degree of customization is facilitated in almost all industry segments

  • Regardless , of what season of the year it is , customization enables a business to be relevant.The fact of the matter is that most of the successful retailers have set their companies apart through their packaging. Today , what…

Advancement In The World of Gift Packaging

By: Hayden   Posted On: Nov-03-2016

The loveable and sweet gesture of presenting your dear and loved ones with gifts has underwent revolutionary changes through the passage of time. gifts are not presented in the old fashioned gift wraps anymore. Like almost everything else, gift packaging has also energetically changed and underwent major advancements, the regular gifts wrapped in embellished wrapping papers are now decoratively preserved in customized Gift Boxes. These boxes are personally manufactured for the most appropriate preservation of the respective gift item that the boxes are supposed to present. They are customly designed and printed so that they look completely in alliance and accordance to the occasion that they are presented on.

Irrespective of the size and shape of your gift…

How Custom Printed Boxes Make Positive Impact on Customers?

By: Elijah   Posted On: Nov-03-2016
How Custom Printed Boxes Make Positive Impact on Customers?

Custom Printed Boxes are undoubtedly the face of your actual product. Their necessity is immense and their benefits are huge. Modern era is a time of change and revolution, people of the present world are not much in the favor of seeing the same thing for a long period of time, they want change along with authentic originality. Custom printed boxes allow you to give your audience that particular punch of change without having you to change the essentials of your actual product. We can say this from experience, evidence and proofs that custom printed boxes have made many flop products prosper in the market just by making them visibly attractive and alluring to the audience.


Now Modern Printing Techniques Used For Food Packaging

By: Harry Leo   Posted On: Nov-03-2016

Modern printing techniques are much more revolutionized and advanced in terms of not  just only the manufacturing processes but also the end packaging products that are being brought into existence. Packaging products of the present times are high tech and extremely complicated and complex in every aspect starting from their structural attributes to physical appearance and finally their multi purpose applicational characteristics. This revolutionary advancement in packaging industry has spread its effects on all sorts of packagings, however Food Packaging has favored the most out of it. Food items are alot more nutritious, safe, fresh and healthy to consume thanks to the State of the art packaging products that are specifically designed and equipped with gadgets and safety…

Chinese Takeout Boxes

By: Parker   Posted On: Aug-03-2016

Chinese takeout boxes are the most popular packages for giveaways and takeaways at food chains all around the world. Online researches show their increasing popularity amongst restaurants for food delivery and take outs. Chines takeout boxes not only protect the food for longer time period but also are added with unlimited customization options for servings such as spoons, chopsticks and paper plates. So you just have to open the box to enjoy delicious food instantly.

Designs which bloom the heart

The most appreciable thing about Chinese takeout boxes is that they are manufactured from a sustainable sturdy material which not only gets molded in every shape and texture easily but also gives unlimited designing options such as…

Pop Corn Boxes Printing

By: Harry Leo   Posted On: Aug-03-2016

You won’t even come across someone who is not an ardent lover of pop corns. This salty tasting and freshly smelling food product gives you butter dripping sensation with exotic taste and crunchy flavor. Pop corns with salty sensations are the most admired eating product all around the globe. Pop corns make your lunch a fun, saving you the hassle of cooking time taking items. Just get a pop-corn pack and oven it to have the handiest lunch or snack time experience.

Usually pop corns are considered every day food or snack items. In fact pop corns are considered the most common utility in every home and retail store. This habit of considering popcorns common edibles leads to…

Wholesale Custom Printing

By: Alex Jones   Posted On: Aug-03-2016

Your business, whether wholesale or retail, needs the most customized packaging services for the products. The current market is rich in providing wider range of utility products for consumers at all levels. You need to be extra careful if you want to maintain your position and create a lasting impression on consumers. The most effective way to grab attention for your products is through custom printed packaging. Packaging doesn’t even protect your product but also makes it more visible and pop up on the shelf.

Printing is what illuminates your products

Use of custom printed boxes for wholesale businesses is in vogue. This printing not only highlights product features but also makes your product an excellent option…