How to Make Custom Boxes?

By: theresa burns Posted On: May-09-2023 

One can no longer find the least expensive plain cardboard box and use that to deliver an object to a customer. Customers today are pulled in by what they see before opening the package. Custom packaging is great for all brands for this reason. Companies can buy boxes made to fit their needs. The stunning visuals of packages impress customers, ensure product safety, enhance advertising tactics, and build brand loyalty. So it would help if you learned to create the perfect packaging for these benefits. Let's dive into knowing how to make custom boxes that are accurate and attractive.

Find out The Purpose and Size of The Box

It seems like it would be easy to measure a package. But for custom packaging wholesale, these sizes are essential to the security of your goods. The size of a box is important because it affects how much material is needed and how much it costs to make, ship, and store. The three most common measurements used for a box are length, width, and depth.

For instance, a tall, slanted box will have a greater depth than its width or length. However, if you’re using long tubes, the depth and length dimensions will be less than the width. Custom packaging can be made in any shape, but the necessary measurements are length, width, and depth. But if you want to figure out the correct sizes, then hiring an expert is the best option.

Make a Perfect Box Design

The design of a box is the product's outward appearance. The design process involves selecting a perfect material, choosing a suitable box style, and working on graphics, fonts, and colors. Answering other essential things like product type, target market, and sales strategy would be best. For instance, you may use bigger font sizes on product packaging for customers of a specific age. However, for expensive items, the packaging should depict the level of quality. Packaging design varies depending on the product’s nature and the targeted buyers. So, spending time on a high-quality design is better than creating poor product packaging.

How to Select the Color Tone

Colors play a crucial role in custom packaging. So, the design must be consistent with the rest of your company's branding. Review the hues used for your brand's logo, promotional materials, and online presence. Perhaps it would look best with just one or a limited color palette. Think about how you can make them stand out on your customized packaging. Do you want a more dramatic look than just black and white but still want to stick out? Then, consider adding a splash of color to play off your brand's other two primary colors.

What Are The Necessary Tools And Supplies Required For The Custom Boxes?

You may learn how to make custom boxes with precise sizes and designs. But you can’t implement those ideas into reality without having some essential tools and supplies. Die cutting machine is necessary to convert stock material by thinning, forming, and shearing. With this machine, you can create custom shapes and designs for customized packaging. Other than this, the material is crucial because it affects not only the look of your product but also its durability and longevity. For instance, if you’re up to using a special PVC window box or metallic, you need respectively plastic and metallic sheets.

Select the Dye Cutting Machine According To the Size of the Box

When we say custom boxes, it means precisely cut boxes per our product and branding needs. There are multiple dye-cut machines available in the market for varying conditions. However, when choosing a device, you must consider the different types and sizes of boxes. The next thing to think about is what you'll be cutting. A manual or automatic standard die cutting, such as flat or rotary, will suffice if you only need to cut paper. A digital die-cutting machine is excellent for applications involving the conversion of low-cut materials, as it's inexpensive and quick to produce.

Make Embossing and Debossing On the Box – Should Know the Clear Difference between Them

Embossing and debossing are among the finest add-ons to create a distinct, long-lasting, tactile effect for custom boxes. The cosmetics, food and drink, and cannabis sectors all use these effects for aesthetic purposes. But when you’re at the early stage of knowing how to create custom boxes, you must know their difference first.  

The process of embossing raises a design piece above a substrate, giving it a 3D effect. Conversely, debossing involves sinking a design element deeper into a base to provide the illusion of depth. Both methods can share a product with more depth and personality, making it stand out more to buyers on the shelves. So, when you’re on your quest, using these tactile elements can be on your to-do list.

Laminate the Full Custom Box with Glossy or Matt Sheets

Lamination is a plastic film that protects printed materials from wear and tear and contaminants like water and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Additionally, it prevents color loss and fading. When you laminate a product, you protect it from heat, moisture, smudges, and fingerprints left by careless handling.

Numerous lamination methods exist, such as matte and gloss, each with pros and cons. Both are good at making custom boxes water and heat-resistant. However, the selection depends on the brands’ needs.


Matte lamination makes it easier to read the packaging because it doesn't reflect as much light as shiny lamination. It also gives the packaging a more natural look. Matte laminated wrapping reduces the brightness and contrast of the colors. They won't stand out as much as they would with shine. But they might be perfect if you want a more subtle look.


This kind provides a glossier finish and enhances the vibrancy of hues, whether you’re printing in CMYK or PMS. It's common to see it in marketing pieces as it makes the overall presentation more polished and competent. Therefore, glossy packaging is highly preferable if you want your product to pop out more on store shelves.

Add Necessary Reinforcement to the Box and Embellishment Items

The next step is to check if there is any need for reinforcing materials such as inserts. Inserts are the best way if your product requires additional padding. They increase stability and elevate the attractiveness of your product's presentation in the package. Brands often use them to give memorable unboxing ventures to their customers.

Inserts are available in various materials, such as foam, paper, and cardboard. It all depends on the product’s nature and shipping needs. For instance, for luxury custom packaging, foam inserts are perfect. They are more costly but are long-lasting, light, and offer superior cushioning for your product. On the other hand, inserts made from corrugated cardboard are less expensive and can also be printed (not possible with foam inserts). Other embellishments give custom packaging a polished look while conveying the brand's aesthetic. These techniques are embossing, foil stamping, silk screening, and more.

Make UV on the Box According To the Requirement of the Product

UV coating provides a stunning glossy sheen, making your promotional materials stand out and protect them. It makes the paper less likely to get dirty or smudge when written on. That means your promotional materials will last longer, appear better, and provide more excellent value for your money. However, it might not be as waterproof as lamination, but it is water-resistant and cost-effective. You can apply UV coating to only one product surface or both sides. You can make many add-ons along with UV coating that will produce strikingly different results. For instance, Spot UV coating is an excellent option to make specific areas of your design, such as logos or photos, stand out.

Insert the PVC and Other Transparent windows in the box According to the Requirement.

Adding transparent windows to printed boxes is a bright and attention-grabbing marketing move. Many industries, such as food, toys, cosmetics, and more, use this extensively. A clear plastic PET window protects an SBS carton while allowing customers to see the product inside. As a result, businesses can boost sales, customer loyalty, and brand image while giving customers a clearer idea of what they're getting. However, when designing packaging with a window, you must consider its size and positioning.

The reason is that the thickness or gauge of the clear plastic used to make the window depends on the size of the window. Thinner and more pliable materials are sufficient for covering smaller windows, while thicker, more rigid plastic is best for larger ones. The structural nature of panoramic, three-sided windows may necessitate a thicker gauge. But thin cello windows are sometimes used for very tiny windows.

Fold and Bend the Box for the packaging.

Most packaging boxes come flat and pre-assembled. These boxes are creased when dye cutting so customers can fold and bend them manually. Creases are essential to fold and turn the material. Instead of cutting through the substance, these blunt blades embedded in the die press a depression into it. You can achieve better precision and accuracy when creasing and die-cutting co-occur.

Make Sure the Box is Properly Labeled

No matter how attractive or durable your custom boxes are, poorly labeled packaging can cause significant problems for companies. For instance, if you are an e-commerce seller, your package might be lost due to improper or no details. Moreover, labeling is essential for the food sector as companies must provide vital information about the products inside packages. For instance, fortified food labels should disclose the minimum and maximum amounts of added vitamins and minerals. Customers might not trust a brand that is not facilitating them with pertinent details about the product or brand itself.

The Final Thought

Personalized packaging is helpful for any industry. But it fosters the query of how to make custom boxes that are perfect and balanced. Being a new one in the industry means taking extra care in the product you create. You can't create great packaging without knowing your product and the people buying it. The product deserves the uttermost respect and protection, so be sure to pick the proper packaging. Make the box stand out structurally and effectively by adding your touches. This would allow you to influence the target market to favor your product subtly.

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