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Most probably you are wondering how to take your homemade or restaurant food to new heights. Being at the top seems like a tough task, but not impossible. Strategical planning and setting smart objectives allow us to overcome the man-made restrictions that define the term limitation.  Food packaging designs that captivate customers of all races need creative ideas from artistic minds. Great packaging on the one hand acts like a window to judge food’s taste. Flipping the picture, it adds irresistible factors to food, fills customers’ mouths with water, and surges customers to have their meal on your food.

Yummy pastries, macarons, and cupcakes when comes to dining tables, add joy to your meals. Chocolates, candies, and pie are sugary delights making our Christmas, Halloween, and other festive feasts super-exciting. That’s not all, pizza and burgers spice up your little moments of happiness. Some people are foody and can’t stop licking their fingers after having a meal of Chinese, Italian, or fast food. Great unboxing, purposefully designed, and funky colors give an unexceptional eating experience to all.

But how? Mostly, all food items no matter whether healthy food or junk are packed in more and less similar packaging. Fries buckets, burger trays, and window boxes for cakes are what everyone is doing. Then what you must do to take a step forward? In the chess of a business, you need to be intelligent and smart enough to innovatively checkmate your competitor’s king.

In this post, we will help you take full control of your food business game by knowing the ABC of food packaging design. The conceptual understanding of custom food packaging, its compliance with international standards, and tips for making it a marketing strategy are worth sharing here.

Additionally, the importance of food packaging designs, tips to do it in the right way, and essential packaging elements are some other vital things to shed light on in this blog. Read more to know everything about Food packaging design right there. It’s exciting, right?

Food Packaging: Science Weighs in

The criticality of serving the food without any contamination right to your dining tables poses many challenges to food suppliers and restaurants. The packaging for frozen food prevents it from degradation, maintains its stability, and inhibits bacterial toxicity. If the packaging is not up-to-the-mark, it may lead to several food-borne diseases such as Hepatitis A and Salmonella Typhi.

However, one-piece and two-piece boxes with and without PVC windows can solve the problem, saving food from all potential harm. Interlocking of food packaging prevents food from falling until delivered to the customer’s doorstep. 100% toxic-free plant-derived materials are a real blessing in this era of elevated air and land pollution. Among all, corrugated packaging, Kraft boxes, Bux board sheets, and food-grade cardboard packaging are popular. You can customize, die-cut, and print all these materials with eye-catching designs and layouts to win your business game.

Food packaging: Importance in Marketing

Food Packaging

Marketing in business is vital for several reasons. It derives leads, creates brand awareness, increases profit, and enhances customer engagement. Tempting food also largely depends on effective promotions and branding to shorten the distance from your shops to customer’s hands. It tells customers how the product is brought to them, what’s inside the box, and what health benefits they will get based on the nutrient profile. Sharing valuable thoughts, describing your taste in strong imaginative words, and high-degree graphics on custom food packaging also do the same.

Packaged food with nutrient profile, date of manufacturing, and expiring date (if any) wins customer’s trust. The brand name or logo on pizza boxes or others allows people to guess the taste of your food. Billboards and digital screens undoubtedly promote your taste, but in severe hunger pangs the sauces dipping out from your buns in burger boxes further make them insatiable. What’s more, customized food packaging boxes knock door to door and stay there till removed by the house cleaner. They spend more time with customers, when delivered to their homes than any other marketing tool. Consequently, custom food boxes are significantly important to tempt even passers to make a purchase.

For getting the best out of your wholesale food packaging, knowing what is trendiest these days is worth noticing. Let’s see what’s trendy in the food packaging industry now.

Trendy Food Packaging Design of the Year:

We are evolving, and so are the food packaging designs. Around a year ago, food served in simple white cardboard boxes without any prints or inks was capturing the attention. Now, we are living in an entirely different world, where scintillating prints with huger stimulating graphics grab the crowd. The following are simple designs you must overlook to choose a great food packaging design for your eco-friendly food packaging.

  • French Fries Kraft boxes with Minimalistic Prints
  • Burger white cardboard boxes with interactive and functional elements
  • Bux board pizza boxes with vibrant and bold prints
  • Clear corrugated frozen food packaging with artwork
  • Customized luxury boxes for Soda Can with Die-cut windows

The examples explain ‘what makes a packaging design good’; it’s only scheme and material. Carefully selected designs and materials solve the problems to a great extent; however, the more embellishment you add on, the better will be the outcomes. 

Why Food Packaging Is Worth Paying Off?

sustainable food packaging

Food packaging is worth paying off for several reasons. Its importance can directly relate to the significance of marketing. If marketing is the central dilemma of running any business, custom or sustainable food packaging acts as the backbone of the process of marketing.

Yes, marketing through printed brochures really sells products. The tempting advertisements on digital signage and billboards persuade customers and elevate their sense of hunger. Paid ads that flash on smart screens also promote your taste. We agree they are worth paying.

Did you know? These promotions only create brand awareness, not satisfy the persuaded one to return to your shop. It’s not only the new customers that help you become sustainable or progress rapidly. Instead, it’s the taste, sense of cleanliness, and memorable thought-provoking content that creates a strong bond between customers and the brand.

The cost of custom boxes is very low compared to all other means of promotions. The low cost with additional benefits of high customer retention and satisfaction saves more bucks. It stands as a cornerstone in the trendy packaging world, safeguarding the integrity and quality of your packaging.

Consequently, if the role of modern food box printing and packaging extends beyond the protection and serving of food to alluring, captivating, and retaining customers, you must have them.

Amazing Facts to Make Food Packaging Appealing:

The game is in your hands; either win it by taking the right step or lose it by overthinking. Sometimes a winning idea can eradicate all root causes and help you proceed. Take a round on these ideas and set the stage for having a successful food chain or a prosperous business ahead.

1. Elevate Your Taste With Flavor-Defining Boxes:

It’s the twenty-first century and we need to debunk the myth of wrapping rice cake and candy floss in polythene bags. Customized boxes ensuring hygiene and health have replaced all substandard packaging. Especially for a social media appearance or attracting the masses from the internet, the flavor-defining boxes work wonders. They tell the true story of mouthwatering flavor, the power of spice to food, and the taste of culinary bliss that takes visitors to the world of palatable sensation.

2. Play With Packaging Norms Without Breaking Packaging Standards:

In today’s packaging world, a box for food designed in compliance with packaging trends and standards always stands at the forefront. These standards usually emphasize five these:

  • Sustainability
  • Transparency and Information
  • Health and Well-being focus
  • Convenience and Portability
  • Technology and Innovation

Make a checklist and ensure all these factors one after the other. The ideal packaging that is appealing and interactive will become handy without any additional effort. However, adding handles, PVC windows, a Flip-top or tuck end, and a separate lid on each circular, rectangular, and even bucket-shaped box also make them compelling. 

3. Make Consumers Feel Special With Unique Unboxing Experience:

The up-to-the-mark food packaging supplies change the consumer’s expressions from ‘my bad, I spoiled the food’ to ‘Bravo, I did it right’. Only smart packaging giving an exceptional unboxing experience to food lovers can change people’s perceptions in a minute. Long story short, prioritize the customer’s ease to appeal as well as entertain them.

4. Don’t Tell Your Brand Story, Just Print Moral Of The Story:

Communication either verbal or written ensures transparency in each relationship. Yes, the brand and customer relationship also works in the same way. To add appeal to your boxes, telling brand stories also does wonders. Yes, but telling the whole story on food packaging requires a lot of space. Do it smartly! Just decorate your food and beverage packaging with inspiring thoughts that build a positive brand story.

5. Spark Customer’s Eye with Touches of Elegance:

Customize cuts, layouts, dimensions, and prints as much as you can. Take risks and tell people what you think is as unique as your products. Out-of-the-box design ideas and intuitive design patterns significantly evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance in users. High-end resolution, enthralling prints, and gold or silver foiling on boxes cast a spell over customers. Debossing and embossing your brand's name on Tea and premium snack boxes labels your taste elegantly.

However, to get the best design for food and beverage packaging, one must know, ‘What are the 4 elements of packaging design?’

Four Elements of Packaging Designs:

Elements Of Packaging Designs

Packaging apparently seems a minor task, but it takes time, energy, and money to create it perfectly. To pack something inside noticeable packaging, we need to focus on four elements.

  • Colors: The color palette chosen for designs represents emotions, makes themes, and creates a consistent brand identity.
  • Visuals: Images, graphics, and illustrations convey information, evoke feelings, and enhance aesthetic appeals.
  • Typography: The text style and arrangement, including fonts and formatting, make your thoughts more readable and convey brand tone.
  • Format: The intentional layout and format are designed to enhance the user experience, guiding the viewer through information in the direction of use. It also gives insights into what’s inside each box.

Once all these elements are put together, it portrays a perfect image of an ‘Ideal box’. Concurrently, Eco-friendliness also plays a central role in the intricate process of food packaging. Eco-minded people want to design on material that doesn’t put them into the guilt of destroying the earth's serenity. Biodegradable food packaging comes into place in this regard. Eco-friendly food packaging includes composite packaging made of biodegradable plastic, cardboard, woven material, and much more.

The Custom Boxes: A Way to Design Your Own Food Packaging

Satisfying an innovative business-minded person is really tough. When your mind blows with dozens of worth-striking ideas to grow your business, how does an ordinary design make you feel good? No worries. The Custom Boxes is a food packaging manufacturer that strives hard to turn your imagination into reality. It empowers each of their clients by giving them full access to their factories. The three-step process to make your own packaging design includes:

Step #1:  Come with a clear mind to the official website of ‘The Custom Boxes

Step #2:  Request a free quote and get connected with the expert front-line Call Sales Representative 

Step #3: Get ready for a grand debut of the tantalizing recipe without paying additional delivery or shipping charging

In the final verdict, the list of things to put on a white, brown, and even green box is too long. Ensuring too many things in a box manufacturing is a bit hard. Stuffing everything may make it messy, but skillful hands with all the basic information of designing and consumer behavior can hit the nail correctly. With years of experience in serving millions of customers with products that hold inherent value, The Custom Boxes stands among the elite packaging solutions providers worldwide. The free shipping and exemplary artwork that’s friendly to pocket and environment without compromising the food packaging International Standards stands taller to make the services more noticeable. Don’t wait, a wonderful box or simply your ‘Lucky Charm’ is waiting for you. Grab it now! Make ways to exceptional success

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