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By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-19-2023 
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Shortly after their introduction in the packaging industry, cardboard boxes are creating a legacy. The custom options, printing choices, finishing solutions, and add-ons they bring themselves are just hard to ignore. They provide you with a perfect combination of economic branding opportunities, product protection, and fascinating presentations. You can always rely on these wonderful packaging solutions no matter what kind of products you deal in. They can fit in just any product with any specification. However, to tap their full potential in your business's favor, you need to improve the overall design. As an inexperienced packaging designer, it can be hard to come up with improved box designs in the first go. That is why we have enlisted a few tips to improve the packaging design.

Cut the Cardboard boxes precisely:

Whether you want to design small cardboard boxes or large ones, cutting is an essential part of the process. With the advancements in technology, modern cutting machines are available. However, sometimes you have to make cardboard boxes on a small scale. For this purpose, you need to know some of the unique techniques to help you out. If you think of using a pair of scissors, it is one of the most irritating methods. Below are some better options:

  • X-Acto Knife:

Using a good box knife or an X-Acto knife is an effective method of cutting cardboard. First, trace out the place from where you want to cut—Mark with a pencil and score with a knife. The best way is to make multiple passes. Cut a little deeper every time unless the cardboard is cut through completely. The technique is best for minor cuts and detailed work. If you go for larger pieces, beware of hand cramps.

  • Hacksaw/ Reciprocating Saws:             

A saw works well if you want to make thicker cardboard boxes for sale, i.e., double or tripled layers. It is the fastest and most accurate way to cut. It is also acceptable to have a standard mini hacksaw in your tool kit. Using any saw with reciprocating blades is perfectly acceptable in the case of cardboard.

  • Laser Cutters:

Laser cutters are best to use if you want to create cardboard boxes with complex designs or delicate cutouts. It can make almost any pattern you can think of. Moreover, it is faster and more accurate. The only thing you have to be careful of is that the cardboard does not catch fire.                                                                                                                      

  • Soldering Iron:

This method is slightly dangerous for cutting cardboard, but people use it as fun. Heat your soldering iron and use it to burn the cardboard. It is recommended to use in outdoors, like in a garage, as it may set fire alarms if you continue using it for a long.

Glue the Cardboard Boxes properly:

Using any old adhesive for gluing cardboard does not work well as cardboard is a stiff material, so a particular type of glue should be used. People have been using tacky glue, rubber cement, or wood glue for years. But here we are going to tell you some better options.

Hot glue is the most recommended choice when it comes to gluing cardboard. Hot glue is so effective that it sticks to almost anything. It is suitable for filling gaps and joining larger pieces together. However, it has a terrible effect if used with paint. If you wish to make a good joint, put a thick stream of glue and press the cardboard together. Then run the tip of the glue gun over both edges. Wait for the glue to dry. The drying time of hot glue is still much faster than other alternatives. The second option is Elmer's glue. It is best for gluing small cardboard boxes. It is also recommended for painting but does not work for edge joints. Finally, a glue stick is a good choice if you want to glue cardboard to paper sheets, as it dries much quicker.

Get Rid of Frayed Edges:

In cutting cardboard, you may come across some frayed or rough edges. These are incredibly annoying and compulsory to remove to get a better finish. A simple technique to get rid of them is to use 80-grit sandpaper. Just sand the rough edges as you do with wood. The edges will soften very nicely, making your product much better. Different sanding tools and techniques are also available. You may search on the Internet and experiment with them.

Design a Packaging that Fits:

Here is the essential secret to designing perfect cardboard boxes. First, make a packaging that fits. It is the primary concern of all custom providers. Never leave empty spaces, whether you want to create a product box, mailbox, or corrugated packaging. Designing perfect-sized custom cardboard boxes are the key to success. If some gap is left, it may cause a box to dent.

Moreover, you have to place excessive packaging material to fill the box. It proves less sustainable and more costly. Consumers analyze different things by looking at the package. They prefer custom-fit and lightboxes. Moreover, if the items are fragile, leave a half to one-inch margin while designing custom cardboard boxes. Use sustainable packaging material like shredded paper fillers or inflatable air cushions to fill the void space.

Increase the Compressive Strength:

If you want to increase the durability of cardboard boxes, the best way is to work on their compression strength. To increase its compression strength, the horizontal edges of the cardboard box are perforated while the vertical edges are chemically treated. This combination of mechanical and chemical treatment increases the durability of cardboard to a significant level. Once you reinforce the packages through this unique method or technique, they do not experience any damage. Whether the load applications or pressures are high, packaging with higher compressive strength can easily resist physical stressors. As a result, they do not experience any wear or tear in the structure, which helps you keep the inside items safe and sound.

Seal it properly:

If you want to reduce the risk of cardboard boxes opening during transportation, the best way is to work on the sealing technique. Every package needs to be sealed, especially the heavy ones. There are different plastic and paper tapes for this purpose. You might be aware of that brown tape. Although, it can get printed with colors, logos, images, whatever you like. For heavy-duty shipments, use steel or plastic strapping.Cardboard boxes are just phenomenal packaging solutions providing several benefits to various brands.

On their own, they are excellent and safe product carriers. But you need to improve their structure and design to boost their protection capabilities. Similarly, you need to introduce several customizations that help you leverage these packaging boxes in your brand's favor. However, all the techniques mentioned above are enough to step up and enhance the impact of these packages on the success of your business.

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