Most Common Types of Custom Boxes Used for Business Growth

By: donaldlucas Posted On: Apr-11-2023 

Different kinds of custom boxes have been introduced in the market, and all of them carry their own specifications. You will see a wide variety of these packages for your products. This is all because versatile cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated stock is used in their making. They are customized in different ways that can make them unique for various products. Many businesses wonder what the most popular types of these packages that many brands use for their products are. We can help you with this, showing some of the most exciting ones. The following are some of the most popular packages that businesses choose for various products.

Sleeve and slider packaging

Talking about the best type of packaging for premium brands, this one surely stands out. Numerous businesses are using this type of custom package to curate a long-lasting impression on the minds of their captive audience. They mainly comprise two different parts. One of them is a sleeve that contains a tray or an entire box. The tray part slides into the sleeve to form a slide-to-unveil mechanism. This particular box design can help in improving the overall presentation and perception of the product boxes inside.

The brands that know the significance of a premium user unboxing experience are excessively fond of this exquisite packaging solution. You can also add some fine details in the form of branded tissue papers and custom inserts to heighten the user unboxing experience. It is easy to use, and one can utilize it for several sorts of retail products. All in all, these are all the reasons why this type is getting quite popular these days.

Shoulder box

If you want a great type of custom printed packaging, this one stands out among the others. This peculiar box design comprises three parts. One part is known as a base that contains a special tray; the second one is a tray that is placed right at the top of the base. The third part is the shoulder which sits in between the lid and base to create a separation within the box design. Owing to this specific design configuration, retail businesses prefer this box to package premium and luxurious products. The best presentation results come when you color the base and tray in the same manner while creating a contrast with the shoulder. Rigid cardboard having a good thickness is mostly used in the processing of this box. It is easy to personalize the packaging box with different sorts of printing effects along with various premium finishes.

Flip-top package

Want to know what is the main purpose why many businesses like this packaging type? The main cause is its utility. They are easy to open and close. They have a foldable lid on the top side. Cardboard or corrugated materials are easy to use for processing them. Due to this thing, they can come in different sizes. Many brands like to use them for different kinds of items. You can also get them in different shapes. There is entirely no limit to the extent one can configure the design of this packaging box as it proposes immense flexibility in this respect.

Numerous retail businesses are customizing this box to meet the specific prerequisites for their certain products. The premium options of foil stamping and spot UV are available for this box. You can use these options to achieve a visual prominence with the packaging design. Apart from that, the silver or gold foils over the texture of the box produce a tactile impression as well.

Magnetic closure box

This packaging design is a special type of custom package that is popular as a hinged box packaging. In this particular design, the tray part of the box is joined to the base, and the lid part contains magnets to close the box safely and securely. Unlike other box designs, you do not need to fix the flaps close to the packaging for a perfect closure. Just connect the side of the lid with the wall of the overall packaging design. The wall contains an iron plate that attracts the magnet to form a perfect and seamless box closing mechanism. The packaging makers process this box from thick paperboard, and it is very hard to flatten the box during shipping. Owing to its smart and effortless design, businesses mostly use it for the packaging of premium and luxurious products.

Die-cut window packaging

Custom window Packaging designs are receiving great attention in the retail market. They simply ramp up the visual profile and prominence of products by giving them an exclusive style of their own. The processing raw materials for these packages are usually bux board, Kraft sock, and cardboard which provide the ultimate flexibility. It is owing to this flexibility that you can shape or stylize the custom window cutouts in any design you want.

The cutouts impart a see-through feature to these boxes that allow the captive audience an easy and effortless product preview. The potential clients can clearly view and adjudge the quality of items inside to make a solid purchasing decision in the retail market. Depending on the nature of the products, you can replace the cutouts with PVC sheets as well that are transparent. All in all, the die-cut window packaging serves to provide an ultimate convenience that improves the overall customer experience with a brand.

Gable boxes:

Gable boxes are perhaps the most special types of custom packages that have a larger use in almost every retail industry. Quite often, people associate them with the packaging of food and party favors. But, the fact is that they can package anything and impart an exclusive touch as well. They have a handle at the top that closes into the slits to create a special closing mechanism for the packages. This mechanism creates an auto-lock that provides ease during the opening and closing of the boxes.

They have a higher flexural strength which makes them popular for shipping as well. It is impossible for the physical impacts to cause damage to their structure or produce any kind of wear or tear. The high-end strength enables the packages to absorb and resist the impacts without showing any signs of deformity. This particular property of these packages saves the businesses from product returns and losses.

The use of custom boxes is prevalent all across the retail industry because they prove instrumental in the strategic growth of the business. On the basis of designs, they have certain types, each of which has a significance of its own. Die-cut, gable, flip-top, shoulder, and magnetic closure are some of the many types of these packages. Their use may vary depending on the need, but one thing is for sure they all are useful to give a brand an upper hand in the retail market.

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