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Sleeve packaging

Talking about the best type of packaging for premium brands, this one surely stands out. It is because many businesses use these packages. They consist of two parts. One is a sleeve that contains a tray or an entire box. This thing can help in enhancing the overall perception of the product inside. It is opened by sliding the tray out from the sleeve. It is easy to use for different kinds of products. That is why this type is quite popular these days.

Shoulder box

If you want a great type of custom printed packaging, this one stands out among the others. It is because it consists of three parts. One is a base that contains a tray. The lid is placed on the tray. Due to this thing, it is easier for many businesses to use it for their luxurious products as well as normal goods. Rigid cardboard with great thickness is mostly used in manufacturing them. It is easy to print them with different kinds of printing technologies.

Flip-top package

Want to know what is the main purpose why many businesses like this packaging type? The main cause is its utility. They are easy to open and close. They have a foldable lid on the top side. Cardboard or corrugated materials are easy to use for manufacturing them. Due to this thing, they can come in different sizes. Many brands like to use them for different kinds of items. You can also get them in different shapes. These are the reasons why they are very famous among businesses as well as customers.

Magnetic closure box

Many companies proved this packaging. You can get this one from a boxes INC that provide good quality packaging at a low price. These packages have a magnet that is used for closing the lid. You do not have to fix the flaps to close these packages. Just connect the side of a lid with the wall of the packaging. The magnet will be attached to an iron plate on the wall. That seal t firmly for protection. They are also manufactured with cardboard stock most of the time.

Die-cut window packaging

Window packages are gaining huge popularity. It is because they are used for showcasing the product inside an amazing style. Cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft materials are easy to use for making these items. This window is easy to shape in different ways. Many brands like to get them manufactured in different kinds of styles. It means they do not have a specific type. But this window can make every type converted into a die-cut window box. That is a great reason for its popularity.

Chinese takeout boxes

Most of us are aware of this kind of custom box. These packages are popular for packaging Chinese food. But many other restraints package their food in these packages for takeaway purposes as well. They can come in a different amount of lids. Some of them have a bi-fold lid. You will also find many of them with tetra-fold lid. You will find dedicated handles as well on them. Their base is smaller than their opening at the top. That gives them a conical shape. You cannot ignore the importance of custom boxes for many brands. There are different kinds of these packages that businesses use for their products.

Different kinds of custom boxes have been introduced for many years. You can get a wide variety of these packages for your products. It is all because versatile cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated stock is used in their manufacturing. They are customized in different ways that can make them unique for various products. Many businesses wonder what the most popular types of these packages that many brands use for their products are. We can help you with this, showing some of the most exciting ones. The following are some of the most popular packages that businesses choose for various products.

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