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Packaging! The word itself refers to a series of steps intertwined with a long list of benefits. We often listen to this word in our daily life. Pack something in a box, wrap a piece of paper around the gift, and shield an item by adding layers to it. All these commands refer to a common process that simply names packaging.

Once we define the word packaging and move ahead towards its intricate process, the second most important question that hits the mind is ‘which’. Yes, which material gives maximum protection to your item of interest? Cardboard? Kraft? Bubble sheet? Or paper board? Well, it’s not rocket science to figure it out. Continue reading!

The cheapest is the best. The beauty is the grace. The art is the science. The protection is the priority. Agreed? Solving the mystery, it’s the cardboard packaging. Ancient origin, recycling capacity, easy crafting and cutting, enticing prints, creative reuse, and artistic expression are some of the wow factors that make custom cardboard packaging a most sought-after choice in the nation.

To date, cardboard is not just cardboard. Rather it presents a broader picture. We can use apparently simple-looking cardboard in tons of innovative ways just to compel the customers. Let’s choose the customization of cardboard box packaging as a topic of debate in today’s post.

Read the post carefully, it’s going to reveal many fascinating facts to you. To let your packaging roll over others, read this definitive guide to cardboard product packaging. What’s more? It will answer so many queries in one go. Let’s kick it off:

A Guide Describing Every Single Aspect of Custom Cardboard Packaging:

Years of experience unveil so many facts and figures to us regarding packaging made up of cardboard. This guide is the essence of all. If you spent hours finding the answers to what cardboard product packaging is? Can you customize cardboard box packaging? Why cardboard boxes is so expensive? What is the strongest cardboard packaging? Are some demerits associated with this popular type of packaging? Stop it now. This guide aims to help you know the nitty-gritty of the cardboard packaging. Read and Rock!

A Simpler Way To Define Cardboard Packaging:

Cardboard Packaging

A type of material that is harder than paper and softer than hardboard simply refers to cardboard boxes. No other definition defines this material better than that.


As a matter of course, the heavy and thick form of material made up of plant-based material is called cardboard. You can turn it into a shape to hold anything. That way, it becomes the cardboard packaging. The cutting, crafting, pressing, printing, and processing of this particular type of paper make it a perfect match for your product.

That’s what packaging made up of cardboard demands and delivers to us.

Taking a step forward, how cardboard that comes usually in flattened sheaths carries and sells your products. Well, it’s a misconception that cardboard sells products. No ways! It’s the way you utilize it, it’s the way you process it and it’s the way you present it that sells. The process is called customization and the resulting product is what we call customized cardboard boxes.

Customize Cardboard Boxes: A Right Way To Hit The Market

Customization is what makes us a brand. Brand is a common term that simply shows the commitment of an organization to excellence. Excellence retains customers and drives a business smoothly. Doesn’t it reflect the central role of customization in business operations? It does.

Coming straight to the answer ‘YES’. We can customize every inch of cardboard sheets to meet all your brand requirements. We really do. All you need to do is recognize yourself and be a volunteer of success. Raise your hand and hit us up. Not even a single person with big dreams and highly customized cardboard boxes failed that come to our door. Tailor your ordinary boxes and make them attractive to the flock. Custom cardboard packaging is indeed customizable. Customize it to represent your brand value and make a strong connection with customers.

Make Your Own Cardboard Box Packaging: A 3-Stepped Process

Make Your Own Cardboard Box Packaging

Many times we hear people saying that they make their own cardboard packs to establish a distinct brand identity. Have you ever thought about how to make cardboard box packaging? It’s not all about going to factories and going through all the steps of making fascinating packaging. It’s just a way to hire experts who know what you really want. Once they get closer to your expectations, they come up with a pack that is simply all-rounder. It’s the 21st century where all of us have full freedom to turn imagination into a reality. Just three steps help you do so:

  • Step #1: Go to The Custom Boxes official site and request a free quote
  • Step #2:  Contact with our front-line agent and share your requirements
  • Step # 3: Receive your business success right at your doorstep

Custom Cardboard Packaging Boxes Price Vary Greatly:

Most people think that getting a customized pack for a wonderful product makes it more expensive. Stated clearly, it’s expensive only if you make it expensive. It’s you who decides the cost of the branded cardboard packaging. Yes, you can fit it inside your pocket by noting a few simple tips:

  • The thinner the cardboard sheet the cheaper it will be.
  • The greater the number of bespoke cardboard packaging wholesales, the lower will be its charges.
  • Mono-tone color schemes make printed cardboard packaging more affordable.  
  • It’s the free delivery and no- additional die-cut charges that make cardboard box packaging less expensive.

Overall, it’s our custom-friendly services that make cardboard box packaging a value addition for all from smaller businesses to titans of trade.

Customized Cardboard Packaging: The Best Fit For All

Customized Cardboard Packaging

Among all, cardboard is the most versatile type of packaging. For smaller and lighter edibles, a thinner sheath of cardboard made up of recyclable material is a great choice. Heavy products need sturdy material so we corrugate it and tailor the cardboard to meet the needs. Corrugated cardboard packaging and your product are just like a hand in a glove- made for each other. It’s robust, eco-friendly, customizable, printable, and die-cut-friendly material. Even if somebody asks, ‘What is the strongest cardboard packaging?’ Again, the answer is simply the Corrugated cardboard packaging (single, double, and triple wall).

When a cardboard box made by the cardboard packaging companies is concerned, a few simple problems are associated with it as well. Let’s see what are they and how it can be tailored to meet excellence.

Problems with Printed Cardboard Packaging Boxes:

Printing is a way to enhance the overall appeal of custom printed cardboard packaging. On one side of the picture, it offers endless benefits to the overall well-being of a brand. On the other side, there are a few simple problems that need to be paid attention at the very early phase of its customization. Cardboard product packaging is cheap yet expensive. Customization is simply a blessing if you do it wisely, otherwise, it may present hurdles. Simply, you need to increase the thickness of cardboard sheaths that make it capable enough to bear the load. Thicker than requirement makes it expensive and thinner than usual makes it a misfit. 

On the same ground, a custom cardboard package with prints which are massive makes it less appealing and increases the cost. Likewise, minimalistic prints with high-end finishes make it more compelling without greatly affecting its overall cost. That’s all about packaging. The success of your business is greatly determined by a balanced customization on cardboard boxes- neither too much nor too little. It’s the art and science of coming up with a perfect mix of sophistication and elegance.

Bottom Lines:

The art of custom cardboard packaging is no less than understanding complex mechanistic approaches. It demands us to keep more than a dozen things at our fingertips before ultimately going through the process. Expert advice, knowledge of the latest trends, and the experiences of millions of people who have ever passed through the process can help you get the expected results within no time. So, the guide ends up summarizing all important queries that you must know before finally opting for the cardboard boxes. Leave the process to the experts of The Custom Boxes and feel free of all worries of product handling. Try it now!

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