Why are Shipping Boxes Made of Cardboard?

By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-27-2023 
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Effective shipping is important for the economic progress of developing retail brands. It is a fine opportunity to cut down your expenditures and save huge sums of money in the end. Cardboard boxes have turned out to be a great success for retailers who ship their products regularly. The majority of the shipment packages you see in the retail world are made from the well-known cardboard material. The reason is simple; cardboard gives the ultimate strength to the boxes for dealing with all sorts of physical stressors. There are some other causes, too, like the excellent printability of cardboard and its flexible structure. Apart from that, you can easily cut, fold, shape, and stylize this material in any design setting you wish. All in all, it sets out a perfect platform for retailers to succeed in shipping matters by standing out from the competition.

The Ultimate Flexibility:

First things first, buyers develop an interest in any product after seeing its packaging. An ordinary brown box can never manage to get the undivided attention of its target audience. Rather, it portrays a message that the inside item is inferior in quality. The reason why retailers prefer to use cardboard when making packaging boxes lies in its ultimate flexibility. No matter what your product packaging requirements are, it always lives up to expectations. Whether it is the specific shape of the packaging you want to achieve or a particular style, cardboard never disappoints. You can easily execute any box design by cutting, folding, and glueing this material.

As a retailer, you can also print some fascinating themes and product information in amazing typography. This improves the overall appearance of the packaging, and customers cannot ignore your products even if the competition is quite fierce. The flexibility of this material also allows you to add multiple add-ons to the overall box design. For instance, the addition of die-cut windows along with fine finishing can make it hard for potential clients to resist the appeal.

The Eco-Friendliness:

Previously, the use of plastic was quite prevalent in the making of custom packaging boxes. As a result, shipping was becoming more and more volatile for the stability of our planet. After all, the packaging would end up in landfills, where plastic would be impossible to remove. The use of cardboard is becoming more popular due to its compliance with international green standards.

It possesses all the properties necessary to be referred to as the best eco-friendly material available in this world. For instance, you can reprocess it quite simply without using excessive resources. In a similar way, you can reuse or repurpose it for many tasks. Some of the best reuses are in the shifting of households from one point to another: hangers for hanging clothes, toys for children, and so on. The cardboard is easy to get rid of as well. When the cardboard packages end up in landfills, they decompose very quickly and do not become a burden on the environment.

Product Protection Like no Other:

The safe shipment of products has recently emerged as a big challenge for retail brands. They always keep looking for options that can improve their packaging performance in the shipping process. The use of cardboard packages has become a staple in the market. The reason is not hard to understand, i.e., the fine protection capabilities of cardboard. This material has higher compressive strength and does not fail under critical loads.

No matter how high the pressure or load application is, it does not experience any bend in the overall structure. For critically higher loads, you always have the opportunity to reinforce this material. The process of reinforcement is also simple. That is, it does not experience any bend in the overall structure. For critically higher loads, you always have the opportunity to reinforce this material. The process of reinforcement is also simple. You just have to increase the overall thickness of the cardboard by adding multiple layers of paperboard. Apart from that, you can also use stick-on sheets, coatings, and laminations over this material. All such additions increase the protection abilities of the cardboard, which makes your product shipment even safer.

Some Unique Types:

There are so many different types of cardboard available on the market these days for many different purposes; here are two of the most common types of cardboard boxes:

Corrugated Cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard is known to be one of the most premium types of cardboard. It comes with two built-in layers that make it very durable and trustworthy. Corrugated boxes are mostly used for the purpose of shipping fragile items, as well as for gift boxes.

Custom packaging boxes made up of corrugated cardboard are a little more expensive as compared to regular cardboard, but they are totally worth it since they will keep your valuable items safe and secure.


Paperboard is a little on the cheaper side; it is mostly used for toilet paper and cheap quality cardboard, though it is one of the most used types of cardboard. Online shipping boxes are also made of paperboard material since it is cheaper and highly recyclable.

Where Can I Find The Perfect Deals?

If you are about to start a retail business, you will need excessively customised cardboard packages to fulfil all your requirements. Cardboard boxes from "The Custom Boxes" can work magic to make you instant success in the competitive market. You can easily get an exclusive price when you opt for the wholesale purchase. Even retail purchases of boxes assure you of competitive pricing. Along with that, you can enjoy the liberty to choose from an abundant range of exclusive designs and layouts. You can make alterations according to the branding requirements as well.

No matter what kind of business you run, safe and sound product shipments are a prerequisite to achieving ultimate success. Cardboard boxes are just what you need to succeed in this particular aspect. Along with assuring safer deliveries, cardboard provides you with certain other advantages too. The best of all is the printable and smooth texture of this material. It paves your way towards improving the packaging appearance along with educating the customers in a seamless manner. The flexibility of the cardboard is another plus that allows you to alter the design of packages in the way you desire. Besides, there are multiple types of cardboard as well. All these types differ from one another in some aspects. You just need to develop an understanding of their properties to make a good decision.

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