6 Unique & Attractive Designs of Luxury Rigid Boxes

By: donaldlucas Posted On: May-03-2023 
luxury rigid boxes

Rigid packaging is the best choice to create a luxurious look for your products. These paper-based boxes are made from hard material to offer maximum protection and firmness. Whether you want to pack electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, or any other heavy item, these boxes are your best bet. Customize them just the way you like. Print them inside out or go for enhancements like an embossed logo, a foil-stamped pattern, etc. Another exciting thing is that these luxury rigid boxes are available in various designs. Let us have a look at some of these fantastic options:

1. Luxury Rigid Boxes with Inserts:

Inserts are a proven tactic to secure your products the best. They also make sure that he sees everything in its place when the customer opens the box. Luxurious touch to your brand's display inserts the most effective way. You may also consider printing on the insert itself to make them more alluring. Also, embossing or debossing your brand's logo on them adds an extra touch of branding. Such luxury rigid boxes help display your products more professionally in stores so that the customers may see the product and the branding material. In the case of inserts, a rigid box design with a lid and a base is used. It helps in accommodating your inserts so well to enhance the outlook more.

2. Magnetic Closures:

Magnetic closures ensure that your products remain tightly enclosed in the box during the transition. If designed creatively, this style can add another layer of protection. They come up with a closure system having a thread and a button. It looks appealing and is functional to use. As a result, the customers are not only attracted to the look but also unboxing. Such a type of magnetic closure can do more wonders than just simply popping up the box.

3. Different Geometric Shapes:

When we think of custom rigid boxes, the first thing which comes to our mind is a square or rectangular-shaped box. Businesses commonly use these shapes. However, to create an attractive and innovative look for your brand, the best way is to try different geometric shapes. Such packaging helps create a distinct look for your brand in tough competition. Some popular options include a round rigid box, hexagonal, cylindrical tube, pyramid-shaped, and even stackable ones. You can design them with cardboard or foam inserts to display your products more adorably. Paper packaging is more malleable than other materials, so you can convert them into various shapes.

  • Round-shaped luxury packaging consists of one-piece at the top and the other at the bottom. The height of the box adjusts according to product requirements. This structure is quite traditional. You can use it for packaging gifts, candles, candies and wedding favors, etc.
  • A rigid box design that is hexagonal is getting trendy these days. It is used to package an array of everyday use products, including luxury items like perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry pieces, watches, etc.
  • If you have to package multiple products together in the same box, go for stackable rigid packaging. It allows you to segregate different products together in two stackable trays. It's your choice whether you want to introduce a magnetic lid, a flip-top, or another opening style. Its solid and durable structure makes it perfect for shipping.

4. Die-cuts or Windows:

Transparency is not a new idea. However, the way you introduce it can add innovativeness to your product display. A window or a die-cut pattern on your custom rigid boxes provides customers a sneak peek to look into the product. You can embellish these windows by using ribbons or introduce our brand color. By taking advantage of transparency, you can create different displays for the same product. It makes your products more noticeable on store shelves and retail counters.

5. One-piece Luxury Rigid Boxes:

One-piece packaging is usually manufactured by using the best quality chipboard. It comes in a square, rectangle, or oval shape. One-piece rigid box can hold several different types of items in custom groves. The luxury packaging manufacturers design them in a way to prevent fragile items from every damage. This style is uncomplicated and gives a powerful look. Personalizing these boxes can take your product packaging to a whole different level. Decorate these boxes with foil print, embossing, debossing, glossy/matte lamination, and many other options.

6. A Design that Highlights Sustainability:

The wave of increasing concerns about eco-friendliness extends to luxury packaging manufacturers. As a result, green and recyclable material use is becoming the most significant need of time. We gathered the material used to design rigid packages from natural resources. It is perfect for giving your brand an edge over competitors. However, if your brand focuses on sustainability, reflect this in your packaging design. Print these boxes minimally. Use natural color hues to create a sense of elegance and appeal. You may also add on a symbol of recycling packaging or design your logo to reflect your eco-friendly packaging concern. Such exciting variations will grab hundreds of customers for your business.

You can create a splendid look for your luxury rigid boxes with these fantastic design options. It is the most effective way to materialize your vision into a tangible packaging solution of your choice. You have to just custom design these packages. They showcase your products with grace, enhance the level of protection and make them the center of attention for everyone. These designs will never run you short of budget. Thus, you can enjoy all the benefits of luxury packaging at a minimal cost.

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