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There are so many technologies available for the designing of custom box packaging. You just need to get an overview of all of them in order to see what value they can bring to your brand. Of all these technologies, die-cutting is the best one since it is the most affordable and provides perfect results in product display and brand promotion.

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Custom box packaging has evolved greatly in the past decade or two. In comparison to the previous designs, the packaging we have now is more multi-featured. Ranging from the quality to the availability of custom options, the packaging is just phenomenal. It is now more protective than ever, and the best part is that one can avail of multiple reinforcement options as well. The add-ons like die-cut windows and foil stamping make this packaging even more exclusive in terms of product presentation or display. Apart from the custom choices and add-ons, the packaging can also be paired with state-of-the-art printing methods and effects. Retail businesses are continuously leveraging the use of these high-end technologies to create a product buzz and make their brand more prominent.

3d printing for custom box packaging:

The industry of packaging never fails to surprise us. Every now, we see a lot of technologies taking the packaging world by storm. They create a difference in product presentation and brand promotion, which are prerequisites to having the edge over the competition. Like many other advancements in packaging design, 3d printing has really changed the way retailers used to think about packaging boxes.

In this special kind of printing, one can easily create a three-dimensional solid design over the packages. No matter whether you want to print a lively pattern or a specific image, you can create a three-dimensional effect quite effortlessly. In creating this special kind of look , successive layers of materials are added over the packaging boxes. So, you can achieve a tactile impression in the box design at the same time as well. When displayed in certain lighting effects, the boxes shine even more, which gives your items a perfect highlight even on the busy retail shelves. So, one can safely say that this technology is helping the brands to beat through the competition clutter without much effort.

Die-cut technology:

Die-cut technology is primarily used to introduce identical cuts in the overall design of custom packages. It uses the concept of creating a die of a particular shape first for adding the same cutout pattern on the packaging boxes. The process of making a die includes the bending of metal strips and mounting them on wooden blocks. These dies then become ready to create a specific cutout pattern or impression on the boxes. No matter whether you are eyeing a simple pattern or a complex one over the packages, you can do it all with technology.

The cutouts have a see-through feature which makes the packaging appear fascinating to the eyes. The potential clients highly rate the packages coming with such customization as it helps them evaluate the product quality. Some brands are also replacing these cutout patterns with similar transparent PVC windows. These windows bring a fine finish to the packaging design, which increases the product's appeal even more. Whether you are a big business or lack resources, you can easily afford this technology due to its cost-effective nature.

Special foil stamping:

Foil stamping is another recent concept in packaging design that has brought a great revolution. It does not just let you achieve a modern product look but creates a tactile impression as well. This means that you can engage multiple senses of potential clients at the same time while displaying your items. It is a special process of packaging customization in which foils are added over the texture. The process involves intense heat and pressure application which makes sure that the foils do not wear off the packages easily.

The plus point is that one can have multiple options for the color of the foils. Most retailers opt for silver or golden foils because such colors best resemble their luxuriousness. They create a premium vibe all over and raise the first impression of your items in the eyes of the captive audience. For a convincing look, you can pair the foil stamping along with the embossing technique as well. Such a combination of technology in the packaging design helps you accomplish a pleasant aesthetic appeal that attracts more and more people.

QR codes for custom box packaging:

Another innovation in packaging boxes is the use of special QR codes. You can print these codes with the use of high-tech printing techniques like digital, offset, holographic printing, etc. More and more businesses are leveraging the use of QR codes in their box designs. This is because they provide all the details and information regarding a product packaging and brand in an effortless manner.

The potential clients just have to scan these codes with their smartphones. And they will be directed to specific websites. The customers can easily see the price, warnings, expiry date, and other qualitative features of the items there. This allows them to make buying decisions that suit them best. Before including QR codes in the packaging design, remember that they work well if printed on the center of packages. At this particular location, they are easily accessible, and one can effortlessly scan the codes for further information.

Seamless protective laminations:

The vulnerability of retail items to the effects of moisture, humidity effects, and environmental elements like dust and bacteria is hidden to no one. These damaging factors affect the quality of products which, in return, discourage people from purchasing from your brand. Seamless protective laminations are a recent technological trend in the world of custom packages. They serve two purposes, i.e., enhancing the barrier properties of boxes and ramping up their visual aesthetics. There is a negative and downside to the use of these protective films as well. They greatly affect the recycling property of the packages. Despite this limitation, they are still a centerpiece of attention for retailers as they assure complete product protection.

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