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Packaging Innovation for Temperature Controlled Shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping is an emerging trend. There are various choices to consider as every package is unique. The packaging is the main thing here. Making your custom packaging boxes reach their destination at the right temperature each time is a critical process. It requires multiple tries and tests to ensure successful results. Many packaging box manufacturers have come up with innovative design features and latest technologies to make the products shipped in a temperature-controlled environment. The trend originated with an increase in the demand for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products worldwide. Although the custom packaging boxes keep them save from atmospheric effects, an innovative solution was needed to ensure the maintenance of temperature. 

Below are some of the interesting packaging innovations for temperature-controlled shipping:

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Use of Thermochromics Ink:

Most of the custom packaging companies have come up with this innovative solution. They have designed their custom made shipping boxes and labels with thermochromics ink. The ink automatically changes its color as the product is placed or shipped at the wrong temperature. Such color box packaging indicates that an action is needed on an immediate basis. This safety measure proved significant especially in the case of package boxes for pharmaceuticals. 
Thermometric Inks

High-quality Insulation Material:

Before deciding the right type of container, it is necessary to make inquiries about theThe demand for temperature control shipping is increasing with time. Designing custom packaging boxes with perfect insulation can ensure safe delivery. which will be used for temperature-controlled shipment. Plastic liners and Styrofoam pads can be used in some types of containers but not all.
insulation material

Therefore below are some of the other recommended options:

•Dry Ice:

Dry ice is the best choice when you want to ship the frozen items. Remember, never pack dry ice with live seafood. Also, do not let it come into direct contact with any type of food items. The reason is dry ice converts to carbon dioxide when becomes warmer. So the wholesale shipping boxes must contain some source of ventilation to allow the gas to escape. 
dry ice as an insulation

•Gel Packs:

These are ideal coolant when your goods should be kept in between 32 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For protecting your cargo, always secure the gel packs and other coolants with a tape. You may also go for additional padding inside the custom made boxes for products to prevent any movement. This could be packing peanuts or bubble wrap. 
gel packs as an insulation

Temperature Controlled Container:

There are a variety of containers suitable for temperature control. But whether you can choose them or not depends on the insulation material involved in the process.

temperature controlled containers

Below are some of the best examples of temperature control containers:

Cardboard: A custom size cardboard box is affordable, easy to seal, wrap and stack. It is one of the most popular options with the shipping of temperature-controlled products. It is compatible with gel packs but unsuitable for dry ice. Flip top boxes with magnetic catch are the preferred choice so that items may not move about. 
The Custom Boxes is one of the packaging wholesales to provide you with temperature control cardboard boxes for shipping. The Custom Boxes printing and packaging services are famous worldwide. It is a perfect packaging partner for startups and provides custom boxes for small businesses. 


Plastic containers with a box seal keep moisture out of your freight. They are easy to stack without risk of damage. Plastic is an ideal option if you are shipping produce. 
plastic temperature controlled containers


Wooden Boxes wholesale is the safest choice for the shipping of frozen food, poultry, and meat. They are compatible with dry ice.  
wood temperature controlled containers


Styrofoam boxes custom made are best insulators. They are sturdy enough to ship without taking any extra precaution. Sometimes they come up as auto lock boxes which are somewhat more expensive. 
Styrofoam temperature controlled containers

Perfect Monitoring of Goods during Transit:

Once you are planning for temperature-controlled shipping, you have to consider its monitoring process as well. A temperature monitoring device is mandatory. It provides you with real-time updates of your product temperature even if they are enclosed in carton boxes. A monitoring device gives you an immediate notification in the case of temperature fluctuation. Additionally, you can go for services for delivery updates. This helps you in ensuring that the package is received by the recipient immediately after delivery. Moreover, some of the freight carriers offer freeze protection services. This ensures that the items do not get too cold during the transition. For this, you have to select a carrier with skill and expertise. The carriers which have much experience in this field know how to regulate the temperature. They can handle items with more care even if they are placed in a custom shipping boxes with logo. 
temperature controlled shipping

The demand for temperature control shipping is increasing with time. Designing custom packaging boxes with perfect insulation can ensure safe delivery. 

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