Best E-Commerce Custom Packaging Types That Boost Your Sales

By: donaldlucas Posted On: Apr-07-2023 

It is not always the product that counts. Sometimes packaging matters as well because it helps in making personal connections. Being an e-commerce business, it is vital for you to consider the type of packaging in which you display or ship the products. Of all the packaging solutions, custom packaging can enhance the perceived value of your products by the graceful presentation and acute protection feature. It also leads to the slew of unboxing videos in which customers promote positive online word of mouth. In the meantime, here are the best types of custom packages for e-commerce businesses that can enhance your profitability.

Self-Locking Window Cut Design:

The use of die-cut self-locking custom product packaging is wide across the e-commerce industry, mainly to box in lightweight items. The cutting and manipulation of the window to create custom shapes and structures are quite easy. The self-locking feature helps in keeping the packaged items secured from outside effects or externalities. The packaging is easy to manage, and one can assemble it in a very less amount of time without any hassle.

It is manufactured from paperboard and generates a little waste during the process, which is why it is rendered as an eco-friendly option. It has proved its worth for shipping e-commerce products to long-off distances because of its tough and robust structure. The lightweight and easy-to-stack nature provide fundamental edges during shipping. This is because you can save a good sum of money on transit matters. The e-commerce retailers that mainly sell paper items and dry foods widely embrace the use of this box. These so many features persuade the customers to put your items in their carts swiftly. The boxes print further provide a plethora of cross-selling and upselling opportunities to the e-commerce brands.

Five-Panel Wrap Packages:

The five-panel wrap is ideal for packaging product lines that are too large or narrow. It can either be a single-wall corrugated cardboard packaging or a double-walled box. The need depends on the level of thickness you need for providing sufficient product protection. They comprise the five panels that are wrapped around the packaged items. Each of these panels overlaps when you fold them up for securely closing the ends of the packaging. The e-commerce businesses dealing in clothing or electronic items like TVs usually employ a five-panel wrap box.

The box is delivered flat on a pallet. You can also personalize them with different printing options. It is available in multiple colors, and you can also imprint them with your desired artwork. The box manufacturers can design it as per the length, width, and height you need for packing different e-commerce retail products. The increased protective capabilities and custom options of this box help in building your brand authority that revolutionize your sales.

Regular Slotted Containers:

Regular slotted containers come with four flaps, each of them having the same length. The outer flaps are nearly half of the containers’ width. Such a design ensures the meeting of flaps at the center, thus forming a closed box. You can join the flaps together by the application of adhesives like glues, tapes, or staples. The efficient and smooth design of the boxes results in a little generation of waste during the manufacturing process. They generally have a single wall, but for added protection, you can make them a double wall or triple wall too. Made up of Kraft boxes, the texture is fairly smoother, making them print-friendly. You can turn the brown appearance into an exciting one with the use of exciting color combinations and high-impact graphics. Working on the aesthetic design makes the boxes look incredible that stimulates the customers to go for your e-commerce items.

One-Piece Fold:

One-piece fold box is made up of a single board. It is a perfect choice for packing several e-commerce items. Frames, catalogs, and journals are just to name a few in this aspect. It has a total of four flaps, with the two longer flaps forming the top of the box. The two other flaps are at the side and provide an extension for making the box more stable. The bottom is flat and sturdy enough to carry even heavy-weight products which the e-commerce retailers are selling. The box printed with different graphical illustrations offers you the perfect way to increase the display value of items and increase sales. You can also print it with value propositions and branding elements such as logos or taglines to promote more sales.

Box and Lid:

In the e-commerce business, there are numerous product ranges having an extensive width and depth. You can design these types of e-commerce printed boxes are specifically for those product lines. The lid of these packages is mostly cut out from the bottom. It makes them an exciting option for displaying the products in a graceful and appealing manner. In their processing, there is very little waste. This makes them a favorite choice of people who care for the environment. You can ship them in a flat condition which makes the shipping process economical for you.

The availability of custom shapes and sizes is another standing point that can help you in enhancing the customer experiences. They could create an exciting unboxing experience that leads to the generation of positive word of mouth on digital platforms. The increased promotion encourages more and more people to fall in love with your items and start purchasing from you. Owing to their increased potential of uplifting your sales, e-commerce retailers are always searching for “packaging companies near me” on the internet.

There are several types of e-commerce custom packaging, each of them having unique features and offering different levels of protection. By developing a deep understanding of all these special types, e-commerce retailers can easily optimize their product ranges and encourage repeat business. With the right packaging selection, your business could become the go-to choice of all consumers.

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