The Ultimate Guide to Rigid Boxes: Everything You Need to Know

By: theresa burns Posted On: Jul-25-2023 

We believe that rigid boxes are the best packaging options available. They are the best for all products, but especially for expensive items. There are many distinctive and expensive products on the market, and their creators are constantly worried about their safety. These boxes give the maker peace of mind because they are perfect for pricey products. They both give the products strong protection and distinguish them for the customers. Moreover, because of their adaptable shapes, the product makers can obtain them in any form they require. We can change the printing on the boxes according to needs. Hence, we can say that these boxes are fully adjustable, taking the demands and requirements into account.

Types of Rigid Boxes: Which One is Right for You?

The following are different types of these boxes. We will share some details of each type so that you can determine which one is the best for your products.

Hinged boxes

It is a chic box with a hinged lid. It provides a wonderful user experience while conveniently showcasing products. A beautiful alternative to packaging your products with a removable lid is using custom-hinged boxes. These boxes have a hinged lid that provides clients with a beautiful unboxing experience. Moreover, it gives you a practical option to showcase products. Custom-hinged boxes are a sturdy and stylish solution for gift packing since they are built from premium chipboard and covered with specialty paper. Your clients will want to reuse these boxes for storage or decoration thanks to their stylish and personalized design.

Slide boxes

It is a beautiful box with a drawer and personalized handles for easy and fun unwrapping. Custom slide boxes are the ideal option if you're searching for a chic and classy approach to displaying your products. These two-piece boxes have an intriguing unboxing experience thanks to a drawer and customized handles. Moreover, rigid drawer boxes provide a wonderful first impression no matter what you are selling. Custom handles in the drawer design highlight your attention to detail. Hence, the durable construction of these boxes guarantees that the contents are secure.

Neck boxes

It is an exquisite box with a lid that, when closed, reveals the neck for a special and luxurious opening experience. Thus, if you're searching for a fashionable and elegant method to display your products, it can be the best option. It is a specialized box. These two-piece boxes include a neck clasp that gives your products an exquisite appearance and feel. Moreover, you may use personalized neck boxes with lids to create anticipation for your merchandise. When closed, this lid and tray packaging design leaves the neck exposed for a classy appearance and feel that your clients will notice.

Shoulder boxes

Shoulder boxes are intended to safeguard the products. They are made of thick and sturdy cardboard. A cardboard box could be 0.5 mm in density but cardboard is typically 3 to 6 mm thick. The type of product that you have to package will determine the manufacturing material. These boxes resemble typical shoeboxes on the outside, however, they differ somewhat inside. These kinds of boxes have necks that are only an inch or two long. Thus, this addition secures the lid's latch and provides the box with a distinctive neck design. Hence, it is still noticeable even when the top is closed. The neck and the rest of the box may typically come in various colors that make for a desirable accessory on the market.

Two-piece boxes

Custom 2 PC setup boxes can add a sophisticated and opulent touch to your products. Are you seeking a way to exhibit your products tastefully so that clients will find them appealing? In this case, two PC setup boxes are the ideal choice. Excellent packaging does more than only showcase the top-notch designs of your clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and chocolate gifts. But with intricate and lovely printing designs, you can also offer branding and advertising. Thus, these well-designed and unique packages enable you to present your retail products in an appealing manner at affordable wholesale prices.

The Benefits of Using Rigid Boxes for Your Products


To ensure that their products reach consumers of the best quality, various brands are constantly looking for effective rigid packaging. You can solve each of these issues perfectly with custom-printed boxes. You may produce premium boxes that are expertly designed and built to perfection to deliver items to customers in the best shape. With our superior packaging, you can preserve the products' quality for an extended period of time. Moreover, most brands use stronger and more resilient materials to create these boxes. Hence, they are resilient to pressure caused by shocks and bumps during shipment and handling.


You can take a seat and unwind if you are worried about the customizing options for these boxes. You can have many end-to-end customization choices for rigid boxes. Moreover, there are many customization options available, including multiple shapes, sizes, printing designs, lamination options, handle addition, and much more. The box's cover can also be fixed or removable depending on your preferences. Moreover, you may ask for adding one or more die-cut windows. We can print relevant content to demonstrate the product and brand. These boxes may come in several charming colors. Their enticing finishing may set your products apart from others in the retail outlets. In conclusion, you have a wide range of customizing possibilities at your disposal.


These boxes are versatile because of their impressive designs and high-quality materials. You can use them for all kinds of products as they can protect them and present them elegantly. The prices for these rigid wholesale boxes are incredibly affordable. Their prices are among the lowest on the market, which will surprise you. Moreover, special savings are available on large orders. Also, many packaging sellers run seasonal promotions for certain occasions. Thus, you can profit from that as well. There are additional ways for you to receive discounts.


We work with products that follow environmental laws. Plastic and other non-recyclable manufacturing materials may harm the environment. Thus, when making rigid packaging in bulk, we discourage the use of these materials. We always pick environmentally beneficial materials. By using these eco-friendly boxes, you can be one of the top brands in the country. It is because you value the environment and utilize recyclable and biodegradable materials to create your printed boxes. Hence, you must purchase these boxes to comply with environmental standards.


Branding is essential for making your brand popular in the market. Don’t you know how branding works? For this purpose, you have to advertise your brand via different channels. You should understand that the use of rigid boxes for branding is also an option. They may come with the printed logo of your brand. Their specialized color schemes may also represent your brand in the market. Hence, you can use these boxes for branding.

Designing Your Rigid Box: Tips and Best Practices

The following are important design tips and practices for a rigid box.

Customizing Rigid Boxes: Printing, Embossing, and Other Decorative Options

You may customize your boxes in several ways. For instance, printing is one of the best practices that can give a modern look to product packaging. You may print graphics, patterns, artwork, or images of the product. You may also print textual details using stylish fonts to catch the eyes of people. Moreover, top-notch printing may help to increase the worth of your products in retail stores. You should always prefer modern printing technologies for printing these boxes.

There are many finishing and decorative options to enhance the charm of rigid packaging. You can consider embossing for raising the text or images against the background. Debossing and foil stamping are two more techniques that you can use for this purpose. Other decorative options include silver or gold foiling, smudge-free, PVC, and raised ink. Hence, these additional finishing options can give your packaging a decent outlook.

Rigid Box Design Tips: Creating an Attractive and Effective Package

Only attractive and effective packaging solutions can help you achieve your business goals. Do you know about an effective package? According to experts, effective packaging is one that can ensure the safety of the packaged items and present them amazingly. Therefore, you should know the tips for creating effective and attractive packaging. First of all, you should choose high-quality and resilient materials for manufacturing these boxes. They should be stronger enough to cope with the several dangers during shipping and handling. Moreover, they should have waterproof lamination to prevent risks due to water. For increasing the attractiveness of these boxes, you should go the extra mile. Take advantage of printing, finishing, and different decorative elements. Hence, they will enhance the visual charm of your rigid product packaging.

Rigid Box Case Studies: Examples of Brands Successfully Using Rigid Boxes.

The following are case studies and examples of some of the brands. They have successfully used rigid boxes for their products.

Rigid presentation boxes for Eden Mill

Eden Mill is a famous brand that needed impressive presentation boxes for their 12 Gins of Christmas. They needed these boxes for a range of gins and bottles as well as glass gift sets. They relied upon rigid presentation boxes because of their elegant designs. Their printing helped the company achieve its goals to win appreciation from buyers. Moreover, it helped to increase their sales and profitability.

Use of rigid boxes by Creag DHU 

Creag DHU needed a stylish rigid box with a complex printed design. They needed it with several print finishes including blind debossing and foiling. They approached one of the top packaging suppliers to get these boxes according to their desires. Creag DHU has bought this box with mentioned features and impressed their audience. Hence, it helped Creag DHU to achieve business goals.

Rigid boxes for Abhainn Dearg

Abhainn Dearg was looking for a suite of premium packaging. It included a premium printed folding carton and a luxury wooden presentation box. They needed these boxes with a tuck top and snap lock base. They approached the best packaging supplier to get the box with desired characteristics. Hence, they got the best design which was prepared from scratch to reflect the Abhainn Dearg brand. With this design, the brand has achieved milestones for the success of a business.

Manufacturing Rigid Boxes: Processes, Lead Times, and Cost Considerations

The following is the process of manufacturing these boxes.

Design and Pre-press

Before manufacturing a box, you have to design it with computer software. You may prepare a 2D or 3D design that you may follow afterward to create the best packaging. You may have professional packaging designers create amazing packaging designs. It may take one day or so for designing a box style on a computer.

When you have prepared a box design, you may send it to the manufacturing unit for pre-press. They may cut the materials according to the mentioned dimensions. There is a modern die-cutting machine that can help to create accurate shapes of boxes.

Cutting and Creasing

The selected material is passed through several stages to cut according to the design of the box. This step is very crucial because any mistake in cutting the material may spoil the whole design. However, die-cutting tools may play an important role to cut the material precisely. Moreover, the process of creating can help to make the folding process easier. Creasing weakens paperboard along clearly defined folding lines. Thus, these lines serve as hinges for folding graphic and packaging products.

Folding and Gluing

When you have cut and creased the material, now it is the time of folding sheets at the defined folding lines. It is easier to fold these lines after creasing. Folding these defined lines will give a precise shape to the box. Now, the box has attained the desired shape. After that, you proceed with gluing to strengthen the edges and joints. Hence, the box is ready for printing and finishing.


When you have prepared the box, you can have two ways of printing it. The first method is to print the sheets of cardboard first and then pass them through the processes of cutting, creasing, folding, and gluing. The second method is to prepare the complete box first and then print it. In this stage, you should print relevant content according to the needs. Printing should not be too complicated. It should look good.

The Final Thought

Rigid boxes can be the best companion for making your brand credible in the market. Their extraordinary strength may ensure the safe delivery of products to customers. Thus, they can help you win the trust of buyers. Moreover, we have discussed several design tips to enhance the visual catchiness of these boxes. You can follow these tips and practices to increase the worth of your product packaging. Hence, they can help to achieve the business goals.

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