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Packaging Challenges Faced by Companies

The packaging industry is rapidly evolving. It has large growth potential. But at the same time the packaging box manufacturers have to face immense challenges. Whether you are in the retail sector or shipping, these challenges are necessary to overcome to ensure your existence. The issues may vary in magnitude, specifications, and urgency but they are far or less the same across different custom packaging companies. Addressing these challenges and reaching one of the best solutions can ensure a healthy running of your business. Below are some of these challenges:

Increase the Stacking Strength for  Packaging:

increase packaging strength

The scope of packaging strength is a common question in the minds of customers. Although the packaging wholesalers try their best to design the custom boxes effectively but some issues might be included at the part of the process. One of the biggest challenges is to ensure the safety of packaging during the transition. Often the wholesale shipping boxes get deformed during stacking. The deformation of PET bottles and custom made boxes for products is a common problem faced by companies. The designers have suggested various solutions to increase the stacking strength of packaging. The structure and operational change in the packaging process may overcome the issue. Or making functional design changes can be a successful answer. 

Minimize the Packaging Transportation & Delivery Costs:

minimize shipping cost

Reducing cost is related to increased margins which may lead to more profits. Profitability results in the growth of the business. This makes the manufacturers think how to optimize the packaging costs. Transportation and delivery are important concerns for a packaging business which are hard to ignore. Whether you want to deliver product package boxes or custom made shipping boxes, costs should be minimized by every possible way. This creates a tough challenge for the manufacturers. The only way to address this problem is to consider your packaging practices. The use of a custom size cardboard box with the least amount of filler packaging is an effective solution in this regard. It reduces dimensional weight shipping charges, proving cost-effective for both, the companies and the customers. 

Develop Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Packaging:

recyclable packaging

With the increase in environmental concerns, another challenge faced by companies is to make use of sustainable packaging practices. Designing custom packaging boxes with recyclable material is beneficial for both the environment and your company. It not only improves your brand image but reduces your costs to a significant level. The color box packaging fused with laminates or other non-recyclable material should be avoided. The government and health agencies are continuously raising their voices to reduce the packaging waste which ends up in landfills. The use of non-recyclable materials like metallic cans, plastic wrappers, polyethylene, and PET bottles should be avoided. The only way out to address this challenge is to switch to green packaging practices.

Differentiate your Products through Packaging:

custom boxes for different products

Differentiating your products is a basic requirement of every business. In this competitive market, it has become a diverse challenge for printing and packaging companies. The best way to do this is by using custom boxes wholesale. The businesses do not need to spend an incredible amount of time and resources on it. With the help of little creativity, you can differentiate your brand in the marketplace. Effectively utilize your logo to design the product packaging. This creates more recognition about your brand. A custom shipping box with logo can make your shipment stand out. Printing on cardboard boxes with unique patterns and designs plays an important role in differentiating your products. 

Aligning with Innovational Changes:

custom printing on boxes

The packaging industry is full of innovational challenges. If one of its sectors undergoes some technological advancement, the tide moves on frequently. Especially in the case of retail and FMCG packaging, the changes are made very rapidly. For example, traditional box seal packaging has been replaced by flip top boxes with magnetic catch. The industry is striving hard to work on plastic-free packaging. Another change over the past few decades is the automation of packaging processes. Most of the tasks are carried out by machines and robots. This has reduced human dependency and increased the efficiency of the process. Aligning with these innovational changes is one of the biggest challenges for the packaging wholesalers.

Protecting the Package Contents from External Environment:

protecting the package content

Simple auto lock boxes are sometimes not enough to protect the packaging contents. The companies have to ensure that their packaging survives even in harsh environmental conditions like UV rays, temperature changes, rain, moisture and immense sunlight. Some products like medicines are to be transported under temperature control shipment. Choosing a packaging which survives under all the environmental conditions is a challenging task.

The packaging process is not as simple as it looks. The companies have to face tough challenges to maintain their position in the marketplace.

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