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How to make your own Custom Sized Soap Box

Beauty and skin care is a competitive market. It offers a number of products to meet customer expectation. Soaps are one of the most frequently consumed skin care product. To preserve their quality, soap boxes are used. They save them from contamination or any atmospheric factor which may spoil them. Well-designed soap packaging boxes have become the center of attention of retail shelves. The manufacturers are finding out innovative ways to make their products stand out. With a number of soap brands available in the market, the one with an attractive presentation grasps the attention of customers. Custom soap boxes highlight your brand and make it recognizable for everyone. If you have stepped into a soap business and want to make custom sized soap boxes on your own. Here are some of the simple steps to help you throughout the process:
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 1. Choose an Appropriate Material:

The main step for making soap packaging boxes is to choose the appropriate material. For this purpose, you have to study market trends. The material which is trendy, go for it. Kraft paper is the preferred choice of various entrepreneurs when it comes to soap packaging. It is durable enough to provide the best protection to the soaps. Its eco-friendly nature adds to its advantage. The material is lightweight, thus it does not add much to the weight of the product. This reduces shipping charges. It is wise to purchase the material in bulk to save on cost. Kraft soap boxes save your products from dust, contamination or heat. 
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 2. Measure the Dimensions of your Product:

For making custom soap boxes for your brand, you need to work on the dimensions of the product. Working on dimensions ensures that a perfect sized box is created with little or no movement. This keeps the soap at its place and prevents it from any damage. Measure the length, width, and height of your soaps. You may also need to consider their shape before making their packaging. If the soaps are square or rectangular, a traditionally shaped box is a good option. Otherwise, you may work on different shapes of the box like hexagon, circle or oval whatever suits your requirement. Cut the material according to the measured dimensions. It is recommended to keep a margin half to one an inch to place the soaps easily inside the box. 
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3. Finalize a Box Style:

After working on the dimensions, the next step is to finalize a box style for your soap brand. Kraft boxes with top and bottom closure are the most common ones. They are made from a template, which is printed on a single piece of paper. The template is folded in a special way to create a box. They are shipped flat. Such easy to assemble mechanism facilitates the manufacturers to assemble the box easily when needed. You may also work on different box styles to show your creativity. Designing clear window soap boxes is a good option. Customers are always attracted towards the products which can be viewed from outside. Transparency is a useful tactic to affect purchase behavior. Another option is to experiment with different shapes of soap boxes. Producing something innovative always to attract customers. You can create soap gift boxes wholesale by introducing sleeves in your packaging. The use of inserts, dividers or handles should also be finalized at the start. They are also part of the box style. Whatever design you choose, finalize its template and print it on the required raw material. Use a sharp knife or a cutting machine to trim its ends. 
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 4. Analyze Various Printing Options:

Printing is the main thing to focus on. It can change the entire look of your product. No matter how well you manufactured your products, it is necessary to use attractive cardboard boxes for soaps. This highlights your brand and makes it more visible. A dull brown soap packaging can never attract customers. Analyze different printing techniques. Choose the best which suits your requirement and budget. Finalize the color scheme and artwork to be printed on the box. It is your choice whether you want to create a minimalistic packaging design or the one with eye-catchy colors. You may also introduce floral patterns on the soap boxes to make it more appealing. Whatever design you choose, it should match your brand identity. There are various other options as well in addition to printing. Especially if you have started a new business with a less budget, go for printed labels. You can create a recyclable wrapper for your soap and attach a branded sticker on its top. You may also create soap gift boxes in this way. Attach a custom gift tag on them with necessary details. Such type of natural packaging is attractive enough to fascinate the customers. 
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5. Gather the Information to go on the Soap Boxes:

Whether you have a small or a large scale business, it is necessary to print valuable information on the cardboard boxes for soaps. It is a legal obligation. Delivering useful information satisfies the customers and increases their trust in your brand. Gather all the details to go along with the packaging. It includes the brand's name, logo, product details, ingredients, bar code and other details about the manufacturer. Soap is a sensitive skin-care product. If any chemical is used in it which may harm certain skin type, or cause itching, you should mention it as a precaution. All the information should be printed in a clear way. Special informatory labels can be attached if needed. For example, if your soap is a made from herbal ingredients you can attach a custom label on the box stating "100% Natural". It is a great way to attract a large audience towards your products. 
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6. Package your Product!

As your custom soap boxes get ready, it's the time to package your product. Place the soap inside the box. You may also enclose the soap in an additional paper wrap before inserting it into the box. This increases its protection and provides a good box opening experience to the users. Creating eye-catchy custom sized soap boxes is the key to make your brand successful in the marketplace.  
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soap brands available in the market, the one with an attractive presentation grasps the attention of customers. Custom soap boxes highlight your brand and make it recognizable for everyone. If you have stepped into a soap business and want to make custom sized soap boxes on your own.

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