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How to get high-quality Digital Labels for Customized gable Boxes

Gable boxes are the most attractive and innovative packaging solution. Their unique style has made them occupy a special place in the packaging sector. Most of them are designed with a built-in handle on the top which pops up as the box gets assembled. Usually, cardboard or paperboard is used to make them. Corrugated gable boxes are also common. They are usually used to pack the items which have to travel a long distance to their destination. Such durable material provides ultimate protection and prevents the products from any damage. Gable boxes support various printing techniques. Attractive patterns and fascinating images can add value to your packaging. The use of digital labels on gable boxes is becoming trendy these days. High-quality printing techniques have improved the quality of labels at a reduced cost. 
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Custom Digital Labels:

A digital label is a pressure sensitive label. It is made by using cutting-edge digital printing technology. Custom digital labels are the best way to endorse your brand and make your products stand out the retail shelves. The digital label printing technology has become highly cost-effective with time producing high-quality results. The labels may range from a simple barcode to a full-color raised texture to fulfill the labeling requirements. Whatever you choose, the label is printed on a paper roll as a single format sticker or a kiss-cut on a sheet. Large digital labels may also include waterproof banners, perfect for the advertising of the event. Various softwares like Adobe Spark are available online which help you to easily design custom digital labels for your business. You have to follow some of the guidelines or contact a design support team to help you throughout the process.

Following are some of the benefits of using digital labels over traditional ones:

Provide high resolution by working on tiny details and small prints.
Crisp results with superb clarity. 
Photographic quality images are produced.
Rapid turnaround time for print orders.
Reduces cost per unit for short and medium size runs. 
Due to the accuracy and advancements in the latest printing technologies, every digital label is consistent from first to last in a print run.
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Variable Printing Options:

Digital labels are unique as they are made with variable data printing technology (VDP). So each label in a print run can appear different from the rest of others. Digital labels have made their way in the packaging sector in less time. You might have seen a number of custom boxes, gable boxes and forms of packaging using digital label printing to add more value. Whether you need to print sequential barcodes, different titles, text, logos, images for branding or consecutive numbering on your gable boxes, digital labels are the best option. By using VDP, you can create unique labels and test a variety of market designs. They are the preferred choice of entrepreneurs for a variety of products due to excellence in quality. They are good enough for the promotion of goods especially the seasonal one or the new launches.
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Colors, Inks, and Materials:

Digital labels are produced in most vibrant colors reducing opacity and producing a high-quality resolution, even on smaller prints. Depending upon how they are printed, digital labels provide unlimited color options, therefore opening unless branding opportunities for your product. They are printed with perfect registration. It means that each color is accurately blended to create the clearest picture on your label. Even metallic colored inks are available to create silver gable boxes for a refined look. 
Digital labels work on ink-to-ink trapping, which means that even the smallest and most detailed design is crisp and free from undesired blots. If you use other printing methods, they can't deliver such clarity. As most of the forms label by using printing plates, so some parts of the printed material may appear darker. This is because of the problem known as ‘dot gain'. On the other hand, digital labels are printed using high-quality colors and inks. Each label within a print run is consistent with zero dot gain. Digital labels can be produced on a wide range of material including paper, cardboard, film, and foil, etc. if you go for gable box packaging, digital labels can be easily printed to make silver gable boxes by using foil stamping. It's recommended choosing the best material depending upon your design, budget and other requirements. 
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Determining if Digital Labels are the Best Option:

In addition to digital labels, a number of printing companies provide other interesting options like flexographic or offset labels. Whether you go for digital labels or any other option, there are various factors to consider:
Quality of label
Turnaround time
The design of your labels
Label-to-label variation if required
Printing the labels with flexographic press includes initial setup charges and changeover costs. Here a printing plate is made of your design. This plate is used to press your design into the material. the process is efficient and cost-effective for large quality of labels. It is even good you need a smaller quantity at start and more runs of the same design after some time. 
Contrary, if you go for digital labels, it saves you from initial startup cost but has a high per unit cost for large runs. So it is recommended to use a digital label for a smaller run but not for the largest orders. Another advantage of using digital is its turnaround time. They can be printed with the fastest turnaround time ever possible. So if you are in a rush to complete a deadline, digital labels are the best option. Moreover, if the label design is complex and needs a super-fine printing technique, digital labels are preferred. It is cost-effective and possible to print different variations for digital labels within a single print run. So if you are working with promotions or testing market with little quantity of multiple label designs, digital labels are recommended to use. This allows you to save the startup cost of printing plates.
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Whether you want to create digital labels for a product or its packaging, it's one of the best solutions to consider. Their excellent result, consistency, and cost-effectiveness have made them a preferred choice of various entrepreneurs. Complete customization like die-cuts, foil-stamping, and embossing, etc are provided for a greater finish. If you have a gable boxes packaging business, digital labels are the most recommended choice to make your packaging stand out. Even they are the best option for your corrugated gable boxes to make them worth for use. 
Whether you go for digital labels or any other option, there are various factors to consider: Quality of label, Turnaround time,The design of your labels, Label-to-label variation if required. Printing the labels with flexographic press includes initial setup charges and changeover costs
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