What Makes Packaging Social Media Shareable?

By: emma watson Posted On: Apr-28-2023 
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The influence of social media on your packaging cannot be disputed. You may find over 475,000 posts with the hashtag #unboxing on Instagram. Furthermore, since 2010, the number of YouTube videos featuring "unboxing" in the title has climbed by 871 percent. Understanding what makes packaging popular on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter helps harness this power. Consumers are seeking a distinctive unpacking experience, to put it simply. But that raises the issue, what constitutes a genuinely memorable unboxing experience? Here are some key factors to consider when creating your personalized boxes or mailers, along with some package design ideas submitted by other users.

Including fine details for the ideal client

You need to personally connect with the individual opening the box to create a fantastic brand packaging experience. You must know exactly who your ideal client is to accomplish this. You'll need to learn as much as you can about them, including their age, place of residence, religion, and challenges. You can make better decisions about everything linked to your packaging, from the copywriting to the colors you employ, if you have a clear picture of who you are trying to attract.

All of us have a child at heart, and these quickly appeal to that part of us that is patriotic. For instance, stating on the packaging of some toys that their product packaging are "Made by hand by humans in Detroit" and have a circular form corresponding to the size and shape of the toy inside. Furthermore, given that 73 percent of social media users post content to meet people who share their interests. User-generated content from these users can assist you in reaching additional potential clients. Hence, the experience becomes delightfully personal and likable when those small nuances are included.

Use the available space wisely

Every available space should be considered while creating your custom mailers. It only implies that you want to make every detail with care and attention rather than feeling the need to fill every available square inch with images or text.

It is helpful to think about the box and its smaller components, such as the sides and the interior flaps. You can reach some supplier that offers double-sided printing, so you can print on any surface, indoors or out, making it exceptionally simple to create a memorable, unwrapping experience. With a bit of teaser language on the exterior and more detailed information inside, you can do a superb job of communicating with your ideal client and producing a genuinely unforgettable opening experience.

Having an on-point color palette

According to predictions, 223 million Americans will own cell phones in 2017. You should remember that the typical consumer won't hire a specialist for the material they publish online. Instead, they will take a few pictures with their smartphone, upload them to their preferred social media site, and continue. Your company's beliefs can be expressed and given life with the help of a robust color scheme. It is more than just vibrant hues that stand out on the screen. You need to strike a balance between something appealing to the eye while being faithful to your brand when figuring out how to make your packaging social media-friendly. To create a fun unboxing experience, what colors would you select for your packaging? Fortunately, most packaging suppliers print in CMYK, making virtually any color a possibility. Hence, an on-point color palette can help to leave a great impression on customers.

Providing a tactile experience

A difficulty is undoubtedly due to describing the texture of a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Although textures may not always appear in photographs, they improve the feeling of holding the box in your hands. A consumer will post on social media due to this enchanted mood.

A package made of high-quality materials will always feel stunning regardless of your finish. Think of the opulent and streamlined feel of a box with a velvety dream coat finish. How about those distinctive Kraft boxes? They will be comfortable and realistic. The materials help to showcase various facets of your business, and the difference in images is subtle but quite visible. Think of getting wedding pictures in the mail following the big event. Hence, when you provide a tactile experience, you can be in the good books of your customers.

Featuring fonts that speak for themselves

The font you choose serves as a visual representation of your brand, much like the other design components of your custom packaging. The words it will spell out are there, to be sure, but how does your font speak for itself? Think about how your packaging will seem in a consumer-taken photo they share on a tiny phone screen for the benefit of social media. Pick a font that offers both style and function rather than an ornate, flowery script that could be pretty difficult for readers to read. The packaging and fonts used by most brands are straightforward and uncluttered. The extremely big, sleek sans serif font reflects the geometric design and is immediately recognizable from a distance.

Add social media handles on packaging

Don't hesitate to encourage sharing if you want your packaging to be popular on social media. After all, the purpose of social media is to facilitate social interaction. You can do it by inviting customers to participate in the conversation. You have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to spread the word without having to do the homework.

User-generated content enables you to engage with your customers. It transforms your brand into more than a collection of goods you sell. People genuinely find user-generated material more trustworthy than sponsored content. Therefore, you can consider publishing posts from your users on your social media networks. For example, consider a spirited and cheerful brand with packaging that is just too cute everywhere you look. It may contain cute artwork and modern fonts. They have their hashtag listed inside. Thus, you may know exactly what to do when you receive this excellent box.

Consider custom packaging as more than just the box a product comes in if your customers want to promote it on social media. Consider the opportunities you have to build on the brand's ethos. Besides that, consider the ways you may surprise your audience and create custom cardboard packaging with every tiny detail in mind. Hence, when you're ready to start this adventure with your client, check out popular brands' interactive designs and begin developing packaging for your business.

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