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Eco-friendly practices allow you to increase the opportunities to reuse and recycle. By improving your packaging and shipping processes, you can reduce energy consumption. The cardboard packaging reduces landfill as it takes less time to break down than other compostable counterparts. The cardboard packaging reduces landfills, taking less time to break down than other compostable counterparts.

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With an increase in awareness of people, a number of brands are switching towards eco-friendly packaging. The major reason for this change is to ensure environmental sustainability and decrease carbon footprints on the environment. Moving towards eco-packaging makes sense as it not only preserves the environment but also proves beneficial for your business. The eco-friendly boxes are made from recyclable material. They are designed in a way to be less in weight. The manufacturers who go for eco-friendly Kraft packaging can save a huge amount of natural resources and protect the environment from accumulating methane and carbon dioxide. Your business can get a competitive edge over others in the market. This eco-friendly move acts as a persuasive factor for the customers to choose your brand. Thus these eco-friendly boxes are a key to success for your business.

A Perfect Sized Box Cuts off Excess Raw Material:

The most significant way to go green is to streamline your packaging process with eco-friendly practices. Creating a perfect sized box eliminates the use of excess raw material as well as filler packaging. This leads to a reduction in the volume of the package thus making it possible for larger products to be shipped on the same freight carrier.  The main purpose of packaging is to protect the products. Eco-friendly boxes provide a number of benefits to the manufacturer without disturbing the purpose for which they are made. Sometimes moving towards eco packaging may involve an entire change of material. For example, there are a number of products which are packed in plastic and glass containers. They prove ineffective in the term of cost and availability of raw material. Switching to accurate sized eco-friendly boxes is the best solution. They look highly appealing and protective. This enables the product to stay at its place with little or no movement. This ensures safe delivery of the product at customers' doorstep. Whether they are eco-friendly boxes for food or for any other product, this new packaging design increases their visibility and make them stand out. 

Reduce Carbon Footprints:

As mentioned earlier, eco-packaging reduces the overall size and volume of boxes. This facilitates the manufacturer is shipping a number of packaging on the same vehicle reducing carbon footprints. This increases the efficiency of the process and your products can reach the market in less time. In this way, you can play your part in sustaining the environment and preserving the natural resources. By using recyclable material, a large amount of landfill space can be saved as the material does not take years to dispose of.

Increase in Opportunity to Dispose and Recycle:

The retailers and manufacturers of today prefer the use of eco packaging. The easiest way to do so is to prefer the use of recyclable material over other alternatives. Moreover, if filler packaging is needed, make use of corrugated wrap and bio-degradable packing material instead of Styrofoam. This reduces the environmental impact. According to EPA's report of 2015, about 1.9 million tons of packaging was sent to landfills. Cardboard along with other shipping products contribute 26% to the USA's waste stream. Among them, Styrofoam peanuts and other non-recyclable packaging options were the most common ones. Eco-friendly practices allow you to increase the opportunities to reuse and recycle. By improving your packaging and shipping processes, you can reduce energy consumption. The cardboard packaging reduces landfill as it takes less time to break down than other compostable counterparts. Whether your shipment is through land, air or sea, the use of eco-friendly boxes can save pollution entire the globe. This also facilitates the customers as they do not have to pay for extra space. It also saves them from removing heaps of waste before accessing the main product. All you do have to involve your customers in the eco-friendly move. Make your public awareness about the benefits of recycling. Print symbols on your packaging to motivate the customers to play their part in sustaining the environment.

Lower the Costs and Increase Return on Investment:

Cost is one of the main issues of concern for the manufacturer. The use of eco-friendly packaging allows you to reduce your shipping cost by reducing dimensional weight charges. This also occupies less space on the shipping vehicle thus a number of packages can be transported at the same time. This makes your shipment more affordable and reduces the supply chain cost. According to the figures of the Carbon Disclosure Project, the businesses which make use of eco-friendly packaging not only reduce their shipping charges but also increase the return on investment by 18%.

Enhance your Brand Image:

Customers consider a number of factors while making a purchase decision. It is human nature that customers always incline towards something which benefits nature. Same is the case with eco-friendly packaging. The use of recyclable material motivates the customers to choose your product packaging over others in the market. Incorporating eco-friendly practices in your product's packaging enhances your brand image. It puts a positive impression that your business is highly concerned about environmental sustainability. For example, if you have started a chain of restaurants, making use of eco-friendly boxes for food can promote your brand among a group of masses. This makes your brand highly appealing for the customers. As a result, customers prefer to join hands with you in this eco-friendly move.

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