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By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-27-2023 
eco friendly boxes

Eco-friendly packaging not only benefits the environment rather it also provides a number of benefits to your brand. Consumers of today prefer everything to be delivered to their doorstep. The shipments are packed in large cardboard boxes with layers of plastic wrap and other materials for insulation. Many buyers get annoyed by this huge waste. It's the right time to move towards eco-friendly boxes. Revising your shipping strategy for boxes you are using for delivery of the products could provide you with more benefits and improve brand standing. You need to apply some creativity in the production and designing of these boxes to win clients. Here are some winning tricks by which you can make your green packaging more innovative and inspiring for customers.

Use Recyclable Material for Eco-Friendly Packaging

The first and foremost technique to start eco-friendly packaging is to make use of recyclable material. It has to determine the sustainability of your packaging. The main raw material you chose for many of your product or shipping boxes must be 100% recyclable. For example, cardboard is a highly sustainable material. It can also be used to manufacture brown Kraft boxes to meet the packaging requirements of a number of brands. In addition, to create recycled boxes, you should also think about all the supplies you need to ship the products. It includes different types of filler packaging like shrink wrap, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, tape, etc. Convert them to eco-friendly filler material to ensure a healthy environment. For example, prefer the use of bubble wraps rather than using plastic fillers. Also, use paper tape to replace the toxic sticking materials for a perfect packaging closure.

Use a Perfect Size Box to Minimize Waste

When it comes to natural Kraft packaging, the box size is the thing that matters a lot to turning simple packaging into recycled boxes. According to the EPA's report in 2015, almost 1.9 million tons of cardboard or Kraft boxes were sent to landfills. Cardboard, along with similar shipping products, accounts to be 26% of the USA's waste stream. By using perfect size custom design boxes, firms can cut short their use of cardboard packaging. Reducing the size and volume of packaging not only reduces the amount of raw material but also occupies less space on the transport vehicle, thus reducing carbon footprints. By using the right size boxes, you can put more products on a freight carrier. It reduces the dimensional weight shipping charges and increases the efficiency of the process.

Use Biodegradable Packaging Material Instead of Styrofoam

Fragile items which are prone to damage need extra cushioning for their safety. To ensure maximum protection, one of the most frequently used packaging materials is Styrofoam. It is a form of Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS), which is a non-biodegradable material. It is extremely hard to recycle. Styrofoam peanuts are the most common packaging material which can't be recycled. By refining your packaging and shipping processes, your firm can help in reducing energy consumption and reducing landfill waste. An eco-friendly practice is to replace the Styrofoam peanuts with recyclable filler material. You may invest more in an industrial shredder that produces its own shredded paper filler. There are a number of other choices for Styrofoam, from mushrooms to bamboo; there are various plant-based recyclable packaging alternatives to guarantee safe shipping. Kraft paper is perfect for lightweight shipment, whereas inflatable air cushions protect heavier items at their best.

Secure Boxes with recyclable Plastic

If you are planning to shift a large number of products in a warehouse or prepare pallets for shipping, do not put your products in large, difficult-to-handle boxes. Rather save money and energy by using small Kraft box packaging. Secure them together with a recyclable stretch plastic film. It protects your products during the transition by reducing the chances of damage. It also saves unused products from getting to landfills. Whether you are shipping through land, sea, or air, the use of natural Kraft packaging can control a measurable amount of pollution across the globe. There are a number of ways to lessen this impact by using eco-friendly boxes. You can also replace this plastic film creatively with the use of matte coatings that are quite effective in resisting moisture.

Implement Efficient Packaging Techniques

Making a move toward eco-friendly boxes and reducing packaging waste is the effort of the entire team. You have to train your team member to ensure efficient packaging techniques. Guide your staff about waste management and correctly packaging your inventory. For this purpose, the following techniques are highly effective:

  • Choose a perfect-sized box for your product. Go for specially designed boxes for fragile items.
  • At the bottom of brown Kraft boxes, use a 2-inch wide paper packaging tape.
  • Wrap the delicate items with a corrugated roll or a recyclable bubble wrap. You may also introduce biodegradable peanuts if needed.
  • Insert the packaging slip and recycling instructions inside the box.
  • Seal the box properly before attaching the shipping information.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Packaging Reusability

All your efforts will be useless if your customers do not join hands with you in an Eco-friendly packaging move. You have to educate your buyers about the impact of waste going to landfills. Encourage the reusability of the packaging for multiple tasks at home rather than throwing it after the primary purpose. Add some special creases to the boxes that could help people alter the structure of boxes to use in the kitchen during the baking process or store groceries. Make sure that you implement the green shipping strategy on every package and also on your website. Include various details about eco-friendly boxes and highlight the edges of choosing recyclable packaging. Motivate your buyers to join hands with you by printing the recycling instructions in bold letters on every packaging box.

These winning techniques not only increase the efficiency of your business but also save money and help you earn a good reputation. When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, the box size is the thing that matters a lot. By using perfect size custom design boxes, firms can cut short their use of cardboard and filler packaging. Reducing the size and volume of packaging not only reduces the amount of raw material but also occupies less space on the transport vehicle. Ultimately, it lessens carbon footprints. On the other hand, following these techniques for sustainable packaging could also provide a quick increase in the sales of a brand.

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