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Environmental pollution has become a big global issue. All the countries are taking immediate steps to mitigate different environmental challenges. Packaging waste is among the big environmental challenges, and all the countries have serious concerns with it. Corrugated and cardboard materials are used for manufacturing packaging solutions. It has become essential to recycle these materials for various reasons. Let’ discuss why it is important to recycle these materials.

What is Cardboard?

Do you know about cardboard? Another name for this material is “old corrugated cardboard (OCC).” This is one of the best readily recyclable materials. It is used for manufacturing different types of packaging boxes. It has many useful applications in different fields. This material is made from paper pulp material. The pulp comes from timber. It can also be created from recycled woodchips as well as shaving leftover from lumber mill waste. It is used in the production of cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper towels, and milk or juice cartons.

Why is it Essential to Recycle It?

Recycling cardboard is important for many reasons. Before knowing about the reasons to recycle it, you should know which kind of cardboard can be recycled. When you are going to collect it for recycling, you should make sure that it is clean and dry. All the cardboard boxes should be flattened before placing them in the recycling container. You can also recycle it with small contamination such as grease and liquid. You can’t consider waxed cardboard for recycling. Following are some important reasons to recycle it.

Reduce Landfill 

The most important benefit of recycling this material is that it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. You must understand that these landfill sites are notorious for their bad impacts on the local environment. They lead to increased atmospheric and land pollution. Thus, recycling this material can help to tackle these issues. Different organizations have developed innovative methods to recycle or reuse different materials. They try to minimize the amount of waste reaching landfill sites.

Decreases Greenhouse Emissions 

You may understand that an increased amount of waste reaching landfill sites may lead to increased emission of greenhouse gases. Methane is among the greenhouse gases, and it is released by cardboard during its breakdown. This gas can have serious detrimental effects on the environment and the earth’s climate. This is one of the important benefits of recycling cardboard that it can help in minimization of emission of greenhouse gases. It will ultimately help to keep the environment healthy.

Save Energy And Trees

There is a shortage of energy, and everyone is trying to save energy. When you have to manufacture cardboard from virgin materials, it requires a higher amount of energy. On the contrary, you don’t need a higher amount of energy while processing existing cardboard. Hence, this is another important factor that favors the recycling of cardboard. You can save energy by recycling it instead of producing it from virgin materials. We have also described in the previous sections that cardboard is made from timber or trees. In the production of cardboard from trees, deforestation occurs, and trees are cut. This will increase deforestation and decrease the number of forests. You can recycle cardboard and save trees. It will help to avoid deforestation. It will also help to save wildlife living in the forests. Moreover, increased tress will produce oxygen which is essential for living things.

Reduces Pollution

We know that most manufacturers and brands use cardboard boxes for packaging their products. They use them for shipping their items. After they have served their job, people get their products out of the box and dispose of these boxes. It leads to the production of a lot of waste. This waste increases land pollution. Big piles of packaging waste form, which provide a favorable environment for the growth of germs and vectors. They may lead to the spread of pandemics or different health issues. Therefore, recycling cardboard can help to prevent the formation of big piles of waste. It can also help to reduce pollutions and keep the environment healthy for living things. Hence, recycling cardboard is essential because it reduces pollution.

Creates Jobs

Another good reason for recycling cardboard is that it creates jobs for many people. We know that recycling is a big labor-intensive process. It involves a set of activities such as collecting cardboard, sorting it, processing, admin, sales, and logistics. For these all activities, manpower is required. Hence, recycling can help in reducing unemployment by creating many job opportunities. This is a big factor that can add to economic growth and stability.

The Recycling Procedure 

We have described the benefits of recycling cardboard. Now, we should try to know about the procedure of recycling. Different departments are involved in the recycling process. There are many haulers for collecting cardboard and paper for recycling. It can help to maximize recycling opportunities and minimize the space required for recycling. You should guide your haulers on what kind of paper and cardboard should be collected for recycling. The haulers pick this material from institutes and business points and carry them to a facility where they are sorted and baled. This baled cardboard can be easily shipped to domestic paper mills. These mills will recycle it into new paper products. Trucks deliver a large amount of cardboard waste to different recycling units, where it is inspected, pulped, rolled to form sheets, and cut into shapes ready for market.

What Happens After Recycling?

You must know what happens after recycling cardboard. The best part of this process is that recycled cardboard is the best material. It can be used for manufacturing boxes, sheets, and various other purposes. It can be recycled again and again without losing strength. Hence, there is no need to worry that their quality will be affected after recycling.

Do You Know Waxed Cardboard?

We have said that waxed cardboard isn’t suitable for recycling. Let’s know about this specific type of cardboard. This is specific cardboard that finds applications in supermarkets, restaurants, and other foodservice businesses. It is used for ice-packed products and meat. This cardboard contains wax which protects it from becoming soggy and breaking down. This feature is helpful, but it makes the cardboard unacceptable for recycling. However, this cardboard can be composted or used to make other products.

We have described different reasons that have made the recycling of cardboard essential. We have also discussed the process of recycling. We have come to know that recycling cardboard can help to reduce pollution and make the environment healthy. It can reduce greenhouse gases. This is the best practice to conserve energy, trees, and wildlife by preventing deforestation.

Corrugated and cardboard should be recycled to reduce the amount of waste. Here we will explain why it is essential to recycle them and how to recycle them.

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