Why Custom Boxes are So Important for Product Packaging?

By: theresa burns Posted On: May-09-2023 

If your company is like the vast majority of others of its size, product packaging is probably not your top priority. But packaging is now more than just a way to keep things safe. It is also a great way to market and sell items. Good packaging has many other benefits for businesses than just making a good first impression. Due to new industrial options, custom boxes can be a silent salesperson and a communicative way for companies to please clients. It can significantly impact your sales if your packaging turns customers off and they don't buy your product.  

What are Custom Boxes?

With the rise of e-commerce and online buying, brands need more than simple cardboard packaging boxes. Premium packaging is the only way to sell, keep customers, and make more money. Custom boxes are the most practical way to create such appealing packaging. These boxes can be ordered in almost any size, shape, material, and style for various packaging and shipping needs. This subtly helps sell and promote the product by setting it apart from similar ones. The boxes are also available in print effects such as embossing, foil stamping, or UV spot.

What are Their Benefits of Product Packaging?

There are several reasons why custom packaging is beneficial for any business and its offerings. Some of the vivid and vital benefits are:


The purpose of packaging is more complex than just providing a place to store an item. Instead, the product packaging should be packaged to prevent harm during shipping and storage. Products, especially fragile ones, have significantly benefited from custom packaging. Your goods will arrive to your customers in pristine condition if you package them in customized boxes. Customers feel excited when they buy something and get what they ordered. It makes them happy and more likely to stick with your business. Business owners can use custom packaging for their things and get good results.


Branding might be the best part of having custom packaging boxes. You can create a compelling visual image of your brand on the boxes. Printing your logo, using appealing colors, and finishing the boxes with alluring add-ons is possible with these boxes. Moreover, there are many brands out there offering the same products. For this, custom packaging with a logo helps brands stand out.


Businesses must include relevant details about the product they want buyers to know on the box. For example, buyers must see the best-before and expiration dates if they sell food or cosmetics. With custom packaging boxes, they can print any print facts and brand logos on boxes. They can also stand out using high-quality printing and packing that fits how your brand is seen and positioned.


There is an issue with standard packaging boxes: they come in a fixed size and shape for all kinds of products. However, it might be inconvenient for customers to receive lip glosses packed in boxes sized for more extensive yields. In contrast, you need a more durable and sturdier packaging solution to pack heavier items. With customized packages, you can change the box size and shape as per the product's nature. The thickness of the packaging material is adjustable to the product's needs. No matter how big or small, the custom packaging boxes are lightweight and don't add much to the actual weight of the customers. Companies can also personalize them with handles for easy carrying.

What Makes Them Better Than Off-The-Shelf Products?

There are multiple reasons why customized boxes are taking the lead in all industries over plain boxes. They look appealing on store shelves but also have significant other benefits such as:


This is the best thing about custom packaging; you can design it to your choice. With this packaging, you can experience a new world of personalization options. You can choose any material, shape, size, color scheme, printing method, finishing, and more.


Customers will view your product as superior to the competition if it ships in a custom package. The reason is the use of such unique designs that denotes a high-quality image of the box and its content inside.


Many businesses may think that custom-printed boxes may cost them more. That's true to some extent. But you need to invest first to get the most exposure for your business, more sales, and keep customers. But this investment is always worth it. You can reduce their overall cost by getting them in bulk quantity. You may also get discounts during the holidays on custom packages. Companies can use these high-quality, low-cost, customized boxes for their products.


Custom packaging boxes are usually a good idea because of their designs' versatility. You can change them in different shapes, patterns, colors, texts, and themes to your desires. You can also use these flexible boxes to present your products in festive packaging for events like Valentine's Day, Christmas, and birthdays. With this add-on, you'll have the edge over other sellers.

How Can Personalized Boxes Improve the Picture of Your Brand?

Your company ships its goods in distinctive personalized packaging. It should align with the rest of your company's branding, including logos, colors, typefaces, and so on. But how is it beneficial for a brand's image?

Brand Recognition

Customers will always know who sent them a package if you use personalized packaging. Your product will stand out from the crowd in unique and stylish packaging. You might expect unwanted attention if you leave your package on a neighbor's doorstep.


When two identical products are displayed side by side, how can customers identify yours? The branded packaging is the first thing a customer will notice as different, even without any other information. So, grabbing all the praise you can as a business would be best. Print your company's name, slogan, or other identifying information using custom-printed boxes. Doing that will increase your company's awareness and make its products more recognizable.


Contrary to popular belief, shipping boxes can help your business look credible and professional. Which package came from a reliable company: a plain unmarked box or a fancy labeled container? Your answer must be the latter one. In reality, most businesses try to show their products well because they want to look reliable and professional. People value a brand whose shipping is easy to identify and reflect product quality.

Brand Storytelling

You send a message about your brand values when you deliver your goods in a printed branded box. For example, if your brand's package is of good quality, it shows that you value your customers above all else. It makes them believe that if your packaging is top-notch, it should be the things within.

How Does Custom Product Packaging Help E-commerce Sellers?

With the rising popularity of online shopping, companies are becoming more adaptable. They are modifying their approaches to ensure a better packaging process. Ensuring every customer is happy with their purchase is more crucial than ever. Customized boxes are an excellent option for this. They bring many benefits for an online seller. Some of them are as follows:

Customer Experience

In this digital age, itsharingnboxing videos on social media platforms. Is trendingThis is where the customer experience comes into play regarding packaging. Customers are likelier to film an unboxing if the packaging is unusual, lavish, or has amusing design traits. Also, you can't show how a thing looks, smells, or feels online. Custom packaging is a big part of how marketers get their ideas across. With this packaging, they can create a long-lasting impression on customers and potential buyers. In essence, superior packaging results in happier end users.

Eye-Catching Design

Another great benefit of having custom product packaging is the use of eye-catchy designs. Due to modern customization methods, online sellers can get their boxes in perfect colors and unique and eye-catching artwork. They can expect a 100 percent increase in sales thanks to their original logo and eye-catching designs. Moreover, they can print the logo in raised dots for a more 3D effect. It will look more attractive and appealing on screens.


Efficiency is another added benefit when you receive your products in customized packaging. Custom Boxes are known for their presentation and appeal in the market. This factor is ultimately linked to the success of your brand. Also, custom packaging is more efficient than standard shipping for e-commerce sellers as it allows you to design your shipment according to the desired need. Customer satisfaction increases when your package is perfect in terms of shape, size, weight, protectiveness, etc.

Top Three Brands Custom Boxes like Amazon

Several companies are offering custom packaging services online. But choosing one of them might be a hectic task for a new person or company. The reason is that you don't know which one is reliable and credible. We have listed three of the best brands selling custom box solutions with the latest designs and prints to solve this problem. This overview can guide you in searching for a design firm that can meet your needs and your budget.

The Custom Boxes

The Custom Boxes caters to various businesses by providing custom packaging services. Cosmetics, blister cards, wine boxes, cereal boxes, eco-friendly boxes, gold, and silver metalized boxes, and many more are some of the specialized packaging options they provide. Simply fill out a form with your desired box size, material, number, and color selections to place an order. A company rep will be in touch to give you a quote and collect your artwork. Rush shipping is an option if you need your custom boxes sooner than the typical 8-10 business days. The company is a one-stop shop for all custom packaging services, serving customers for decades. You should be aware that they do not offer an online design tool. So, you will have to make and submit your artwork offline.

Go Custom Boxes

Regarding the US market, Go Custom Boxes is among the most seasoned packaging suppliers. It's been in business for over 20 years, and its portfolio includes various packaging products. All shapes, sizes, and styles of packaging boxes are its specialty. It uses premium materials to keep your products safe in transit and retail. And they give detailed artwork for the packaging and containers. The company will find the most significant US packaging boxes for bulk purchases or to make your products stand out. You can also get free shipping by ordering more than 100 boxes.

My Box Packaging

My Box Packaging is one of the best businesses in its field. So, you don't have to look any further if you want reliable custom packaging and digital printing choices. It's an all-in-one place. Here, you can buy custom-printed boxes and packing materials at bulk prices and free shipping in the US and Canada.


Of course, there's more to selling than just the packaging, but that's where you want to start. The packaging in which products arrive forms the customers' first impressions of your company and its values. So, don't wait for the customers to remove all the contents. Instead, use custom boxes to leave a profound and long-lasting impact on your customers. You may get these boxes from many reliable sources mentioned above.

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