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Cardboard packaging has proven much useful than our expectations. It has taken the packaging world to a new level. The businesses can design cardboard boxes in hundreds of shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. They can change the entire look of your product and grasp the attention of customers. Printed cardboard boxes are the best way to reflect your brand identity. Design them according to your specifications to create a unique look every time. This makes your brand stand out on retail shelves. It is the most common item found in almost every home. Although people use it every day, they know less about their types, design, and usage. However, the most beneficial thing is its recyclable nature. Buying cardboard boxes in bulk allows you to save further on cost. For all these reasons, it is considered one of the most preferred packaging choices worldwide.  

What is Cardboard?

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard boxes are prefabricated boxes manufactured on the industrial level these days. They are primarily used for packaging and transportation of goods and materials from one place to another. They are reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. These recycled cardboard boxes wholesale are made from naturally occurring material. The wood from the trees is converted to the pulp which is then processed to create a thin sheet of paper. Its thickness of the packaging can be increased depending upon the type of material you want to create. For example, you can design from thin Kraft cardboard boxes to thick corrugated boxes as per your need. 

What are the Different Types of Cardboard?

Custom cardboard boxes are the most common thing you will find in every home. They are broadly classified into following different forms depending upon its usage, strength, and durability.

• Rigid Cardboard:

Rigid Boxes
Rigid cardboard is used for making hardbound book covers, shoe boxes, mobile phone packaging, and puzzles, etc. It is made by pressing the Kraft paper sheets with an adhesive in between each Kraft layer. The bundle keeps on pressing until the desired thickness is achieved. It is a sturdy board that can be printed to give its exclusive appearance. It can also be used to make personalized cardboard boxes used for packaging designer products. 

• Paperboard:

Paper Board
It is also commonly known as folding carton board, chipboard, or boxboard. It is relatively thin and has a smooth outer coating. This type is primarily used for retail packaging where the surface has to be printed. It is used to make custom made cardboard boxes for cosmetics, cereals, perfumes, food, and beverages, etc. It is flexible provides water resistance for the outer layer but easily crushes under weight or pressure.

• Corrugated Cardboard:

Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated cardboard is made from gluing a fluted sheet in between two straight liner boards. Its horizontal edges get perforated while vertical edges are chemically treated to enhance the compression strength of the material. This structure makes it ideal for the packaging and shipping of an array of items. Corrugated cardboard can be further converted to single, double, or triple walled. However, the third one is the strongest. It is made from three corrugated mediums glued in between four layers of liner boards. This material is often used to make the most durable and cheapest cardboard boxes used for the transportation of goods.

Cardboard Recyclability:

Cardboard Boxes
There is always a misunderstanding that what type of cardboard is recyclable. In reality, the recycling of cardboard is very straight forward. All of its types can be easily recycled. It is so high-quality material with the capability of being recycled several times. This practice reduces the processing pollution by almost 95% as most of the fibers have already been processed. However, as long as your cardboard is dry and clean, you can easily place it in the recycling bin. Custom printed cardboard boxes that are wet or greasy can't be recycled. They include pizza boxes or fast food packaging etc.. Wet or contaminated items jam the sorting equipment and ruin even the good material as well. Other packaging items like small cardboard boxes wholesale used as juice containers or milk cartons are coated with wax or any similar material. They affect their ability to recycle. So always check them for recycling symbol before disposing of them in the recycling bin. Remove plastic liners, bags, and even greasy cardboard pieces. Recycling is a simple process. If you stick to the basics of recycling, you will found that the future of curbside recycling programs is strong for upcoming generations. 
Cardboard Boxes
Moreover, there are some other occasions when paperboard or corrugated cardboard can't be recycled. The rules vary with the location. So it is better to check with the regulations of your recycling center or government. Some collectors also do not take wet cardboard. This is because wetness has weakened the cardboard fibers, making it less valuable for the recycling centers. It also adds more weight to the cardboard that the centers do not want to pay for. In the case, if you can't recycle your cardboard waste; there are some other ways to use it at home. For example, go for compost. Such cardboard can be used in your compost pile. These custom made cardboard boxes can also be used to line your garden bed or control weed. And of course, reuse them for shipping, storage, or making different crafts.  

Cardboard is the most versatile packaging material. The secret of its success lies in its recyclability. This reduces the cost for the manufacturers without compromising on quality. 

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