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What Makes Packaging Social Media Shareable?

If you have a look of Instagram, you will find thousands of posts tagged #unboxing. Youtube is one of the biggest platforms. The number of Youtube videos having "unboxing" in their title has also increased to a significant number. So no one can deny the power of social media when you are talking about a product's packaging. It's one of the most concerned questions that what makes packaging to get highly shared on social media platforms. Most of the companies work on it. As they have realized that if their packaging is shared in social media even once, it can generate a great impact. The answer is quite simple. Either the package is extraordinarily appealing from outside or the customers are provided with an interesting unboxing experience. This makes them share their experience on social media. Now here comes the actual question. Which factors create a good unboxing experience? Below are some of the main elements you may consider while designing your packaging. It would definitely inspire the users and make them share your packaging on social media.
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Work on fine details

In order to create an awesome brand packaging experience, your packaging should be such that it speaks to who is interacting with the package. It takes the customers to a personal level. For doing this you need to understand who are your actual clients. You will have to know every possible thing about them like their age, preferences, and interests. If you build a clear vision about them, it will become much easier for you to design a packaging which catches their attention. You can implement the color scheme, imagery, and other details in a better way.
Let us state here the example of Yo-yo packaging. The following design was presented by a top firm of U.S.A. The designer has worked creatively in every minor detail. The packaging speaks to the customers on its own that how to assemble the Yo-yo. Such a delightful packaging not only captures the children's heart but also make adults appeal to it.
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Using the available space wisely

A perfect designer is one who never overlooks any space of the custom box. It does not mean that you have to implement graphics or text everywhere. Rather it indicates that you have to design every detail with great care and attention. For this purpose, consider the whole box as well as its small sections and flaps. This is the point from where a memorable unboxing experience starts. Use every space of the box. Communicate with the user by introducing some teaser text on the outside of the box. You can also print a customized note and place it inside. Add a small gift to cover any unfilled corner of the box. All these factors create a delightful and shareable experience for the customers.
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Having an on-point color palette:

As we all know, the majority of today's population use smartphones. If you consider an average consumer, he will not hire a professional to post his content online. Rather he will take out his smartphone, snap a few pictures and post it on his favorite social networking site. Choosing a strong color palette for the packaging of your product line expresses the company's values. It brings them to life. Having an on-point color palette goes far beyond choosing the bold colors which pop on the screen. If we wish to create social media sharable packaging keep a balance between eye-catching design and the company's value. So if you have to design a packaging of your famous feminine perfume brand, get inspired by the healing power of rose using a natural color palette.
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Provide a great tangible experienc:

It's a widely accepted fact that the appearance of the packaging matters. The customer first interacts with the external packaging then moves towards opening the box. If a box will look visually appealing from outside, it fascinates the customers that they will come across something valuable as they open the package. It has been concluded that such a packaging which fits in the palm of the hand has a great chance to be shared on social media. Thus, making such making such a texture is a true challenge. Such packaging might not be translated into photos all the time, but it greatly enhances the experience of holding the package in hand. This magical feeling will definitely force the user to share the experience on social media. 
Designing a sleek and luxurious jewelry box is a true challenge. Design it in a way that it's small, cozy but highly noticeable. It appears attractive visually as well as in pictures. Its attractive design gives it a great professional but elegant look. Using a combination of black and gold with a matte finish is a good option in this case.

Using fonts which speak for themselves

Similar to other elements of a packaging design, font choice is related to the physical representation of your brand's packaging. Choose the font which speaks for itself. It explains everything to the customer on its own. If you want your packaging to get shared on social media, use fonts which appear well even on a little smartphone screen. Using a complicated or flowery script may appear difficult for people to read. So it's wise to use such fonts which are attractive as well as functional.  It should appear noticeable even from some distance.  Nowadays, by using modern technology, a 3D preview can be given to fonts. It works at its peak and immediately motivates the users to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and much more.

Add social media hashtags on your packaging

If you wish to create a shareable packaging, then don't be afraid of encouraging the people to share it again and again. As social media is all about getting social and sharing your experience to motivate the customers to join you in conversation. Mention your social media link and invite your customers to your community. This will generate a word of mouth without incurring great efforts. The user-generated content allows you to interact with your own customers. It will make your brand feel like a community rather than a simple product to sell. The modern technology has introduced the use of interactive labels on packaging. This facilitates the user to scan the label with their smartphone. It immediately directs them to the company's website or its social media group, encouraging the users to share their experience.
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Some more tips to capitalize on social sharing trends

In this digital age, packaging should appear functional both on the retail shelves as well as on the screen. Nowadays, brands perceive packaging, not just a physical outlook but something which facilitate digital marketing. So they design packaging by keeping an aspect of blogging in mind. A research was conducted in 2017 on 650 people. It concluded that approximately 40% of the customers said that the "color" of packaging is the most attention-grabbing factor. 25% people agreed on the impact of imagery and the remaining factors were size, shape, and texture etc.
Below are some of the tips to capitalize more on social networking trends:
Use bold colors but simple imagery: This relationship enhances social media sharing. 
Experiment with shapes and colors: Think outside the box. Use different geometric shapes to make your packaging stand out. 
Opt for luxury: A highly luxurious product with a soft metallic finish create wonders with your brand image.
Include Testimonials: Around 92% of the consumers say that peer reviews motivate them to purchase the product and share the experience. 
Offer elegance: Creating an elegant packaging with minimalistic approach works well.


In short, if you want your customers to share your packaging on the social platform, consider your packaging much more than a simple box. Work on all the possibilities to provide a pleasant experience to your customers. Design the packaging by keeping every little detail in mind. Once you have done everything on your end, just wait what magic your packaging will create. It will not only encourage the customers to share it on social media but also take your brand to the heights of success.

No one can deny the power of social media when you are talking about a product's packaging. It's one of the most concerned questions that what makes packaging to get highly shared on social media platforms.



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