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Digital Printing is a more upgraded form in printing industry because it allows the small quantities in large scale to get printed using fewer sources. It is an easy and cost effective method which helps in customizing the products; you can get your logos, addresses and other specifications printed with a lot of variety and ease. As it is done with the help of computers, there is no complexity in the process. There are no printing plates or coating films used in this printing technique unlike Off Set and Screen Printing. Digital printing requires no effort as the laser printing technique after the task is done by a printing professional the data is input to a high tech printer using a four color process to acquire the final image. Digital Printing is beneficial because it allows quantities up to 1000 to get printed with much delicacy and simplicity, it also aids in proofing colors from a digital file. But the benefits of digital printing have become more evident because of the accomplished printing experts who modify everything according to their customers’ usage.

Off Set Printing started decades ago, the revolutions that we are experiencing today are because of the experimentation was done with the previous versions of printing. In this kind of printing coating films or printing plates are used for producing images which are then transferred to a rubber blanket using water and ink respectively. The time required for this process is certainly much more than the digital printing, therefore, the later is preferred for quantities under 1000. For larger quantities Off Set Printing is an ideal mode.

Computing the better tool of the two techniques it is a reality that when large quantities are printed, one is surely going to end up with the scraps (if the total quality is not consumed); however with the digital printing, this is not the case. Similarly a positive point of Offset Printing is that it permits you to print on a variety of materials like cloth, wood etc and also size variation is available which is not virtually possible with digital printing.

Depending on the requirements of different people both the printing processes are worth trying according to your need and adaptable.

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