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Whenever you hear the word 'toy', you particularly associate it with a kid, game, play, or fun. The term 'toy' creates a sense of joy and excitement. Therefore its packaging should be as appealing as the toy itself. The manufacturers use well-designed custom printed boxes for this purpose. The toy packaging has a great impact on kids' minds. It's the reason that designers create it exactly according to the interest and preferences of the target audience. In this $88 billion industry, it is the packaging that can create much difference between you and your competitor. It makes your toys more desirable and enables them to get off the shelves into the hands of the children.

Toy Packaging is much more than just a box!

Toy Packaging
The toy packaging is not only a means to package the kids' play rather it's much more than a box. Like every other industry, the toy packaging sector has to face certain challenges that revolve around three major factors; the material, functions, and message. It's the reason that packaging companies near me are highly concerned about designing an exceptional package that attracts the kids. The way you design toy boxes has a direct impact on a child's mind and thus determines the purchase decision. For example, if the box manufacturers near me enclose the toys in unattractive, dull, and cheap custom boxes, the kids' interest will never drag towards your product. As a result, he may start considering any other option. On the other hand, if the seller designs the toy packaging by using fascinating colors, eye-catchy fonts, and artistic patterns, he can attract the child in a moment and stimulate purchase behavior. 

Packaging Appeals the Children

Toy Packaging
Toys are meant for children so their packaging should be designed keeping the children in mind. Designing a package for children is more different than designing it for adults. As children have a low sense of maturity and cognition so they perceive the sensory inputs differently from adults. The custom printed packaging for toys should be made by using clean and pure colors that appeal to the senses of the children. The graphics and illustrations on the package should create a good impact on kids' minds and influence them to buy the product. 3-D graphics are also a rising trend. They are widely being used to make the toy packaging more unique and special. When it comes to kids, the overall feel of the package should be colorful and playful to attract the children.

Factors to Considered for designing Toy Packaging

Toy Packaging
If you are a part of the toy manufacturing business and want to design a product packaging or custom printed shipping box for kids' toys, you have to consider several things prior. You have to come up with something which grasps the attention of children and makes them love your creations. Perfectly designed custom boxes for toys can set you apart from the competition. Here are some of the things to be kept in mind while designing toy packaging:

• Select the Right Packaging Material:

Eco-Friendly Toy Boxes
The material you use to design your toy boxes is an important part of your brand image. Avoid the material that appears low quality or unsafe. Also, with the increase in eco-friendly concerns, the people are looking more towards sustainable materials and the same they want for their kids. Plastic, wood, and cardboard are the three most commonly used materials to design toy boxes. Plastic is durable and offers good protection but it is not good for our environment. Kids should also be discouraged to go for it. Wooden toy boxes give an elegant and classic look. They are eco-friendly and provide good protection, making a good option to consider. Then comes cardboard; it is the most versatile packaging material available so far. It is environmentally friendly, lightweight, easy to customize, and reusable. It protects the toys during the transition, storage, and display. Printing box with attractive patterns can have a great effect on children's mind. Therefore, always consider various aspects before finalizing the material for your toy packaging. 

• Consider the Child's Age:

Blister Packaging
Safety should be the topmost concern while designing toys and their packaging for the children under three years. Avoid using plastic bags or any other wrapping that may lead to suffocation risks. If you are marketing your toys to younger children, focus on making their custom printed packaging more attractive. Use bright and eye-catchy colors to grasp their attention at a sight. For elder kids, you may use also use light color schemes or eco-friendly Kraft boxes to create more awareness in the upcoming generation. 

• Make the Packaging Functional:

Products that are easy to unwrap and can behold easily by a child in their packaged state are preferred most by the kids. If the packaging can be further used to store the product, it will be a bonus. Design custom boxes in a way that the toy can be seen from the outside or keep interactive buttons accessible to increase the chances of a purchase.

• Make the Packaging a Part of the Play Experience:

Toy Boxes
In some cases, the toy packaging is designed in a way to be part of the play experience. For example, if you are selling dolls, think of providing a packaging that can turn into a dollhouse or a castle to amaze kids the most. 

• Create a Visual Appeal:

Toy Boxes
If you want to create a toy packaging that impacts the kids' minds, focus on its aesthetic appeal. Use colors, shapes, and printing patterns that stand out from others. Well-designed toy boxes not only look visually attractive but also provide a good platform for the businesses to market their brand. 

Wrapping Up 

Toy Boxes
If you have watched a child unwrapping a toy, you will notice that children are usually as excited about the packaging as they are about the toy. This is because the manufacturers have designed toy boxes so attractively that kids can't stay away. They use the best quality material, make it easy to unwrap for the kids, and make the packaging functional to use. All such features contribute a lot in impacting the kids' minds and leading to a repetitive purchase.  

Toy packaging creates a significant impact on a child's mind. The custom printed boxes designed by using attractive colors and eye-catchy patterns attract kids the most and may result in instant purchases.

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