What are the Standard Sizes and Dimensions for Mailer Boxes?

By: Posted On: Aug-17-2023 
Mailer Boxes

When customers pay a lot of dollars on buying luxury products, they expect to receive them in opulent packaging boxes. For this purpose, businesses pay a lot of hours to make spellbinding packaging to pack their fragile items. Add to this; packaging brands come with customer mailer boxes that have multiple characteristics that you know before booking your order. 

  • Easy to assemble 

  • Durable 

  • Easy to print 

  • Available in custom sizes

Major Feature of Mailer Boxes 

Every packaging box has its own qualities that make them special for your target audiences. Some are easy to unbox and have handles that provide ease to your customers. As mentioned above, mailer boxes can easily assemble so, your experts never feel any problems while packing your products. 

Plus, mailer packaging has outclassed interlocking system that strongly holds your items. Also, a double wall offers enough space for your mailer box lid flaps to interlock and save your product from external factors. And, you can pick any material for the construction of corrugated made mailer boxes that are famous due to having extra durability power. 

Why Custom Size Is Imperative for Product Packaging?

Every product has its own size and volume so choose packaging according to them. For this purpose, you need a logo for customized packaging solutions in which you have the choice to pick a box size as per your need. Moreover, the selection of appropriate sizes for your product keeps them safe from any problems and issues. 

Some Standard Sizes and Dimensions of Mailer Boxes 

Now it's time to know about some standard sizes of the best and cheapest custom mailer boxes as per your product. Furthermore, still you have the option to pick your mailer packaging box sizes according to product need.  


Any Weight (grams)


Exterior: Flap Open 

Exterior: Flap closed 



6” x 9” 

7” x 11.125”

7” x 9”



11” x 9”

12” x11.125”

11” x 9”



13” x 9”

14” x11.125”

13” x 9”



11” x 15”

12” x17.125”

11” x 15” 

# 6


13” x 18” 

14” x20.125”

13” x 18”

Above, mentioned sizes are just a few you can increase the sizes and measurements according to the weight and volume of your products. 

Where Do You Find Custom Mailer Boxes? 

If you are finding top-notch and yet affordable custom mailer boxes wholesale to wrap your products. “The Custom Boxes Limited” offers you the best quality packaging boxes with customized options. 

They use the latest printing options and mature devices that offer you perfect shipping boxes for your items. Plus, you can choose printed content for your mailer boxes that you want to display for your target consumers. 

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Order Mailer Boxes

 Choose a mailer packaging supplier who offers satisfactory packaging solutions for your products. In this regard, must check customer reviews and testimonials to find a packaging supplier. Afterward, you need to directly connect with the packaging designer to explain your requirement’s to your consumers.  

If you design a mailer packaging box and choose the size that perfectly fits your product, so must follow some steps to remove all errors. For this purpose, must ask your packaging provider to give you a sample and template before booking your wholesale order. It saves a lot of investment and helps them to bestow quality mailer packaging boxes. 


Wrapping Up Products 

The above write-up explains the standard sizes and dimensions of custom mailer boxes for customers. It tells why you need to choose the right size for your product packaging. Plus, you can find trustworthy packaging suppliers to buy mailer boxes that meet your packaging needs. 

  Also, keep in mind to check customer reviews and positive ratings, and carefully examine your mailer box sample before booking an order for bulk packaging boxes. So, make your mailer boxes perfect and alluring by using customized options that fit your mailer packaging budget. 

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