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Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

There are many different types of packaging available nowadays. Businesses can find those perfect for what they are selling. It is important to focus on this part of one’s product if you want sales to increase. This is because the packaging is the first impression that one gets of a product. If the impression is not good then sales will not increase and people will not be drawn towards what is being sold. Printed pillow boxes are a popular choice.

What are pillow boxes?

Custom pillow box tend to be a special type of packaging. It is better for smaller and lighter-weight items. This includes gift cards, jewelry, etc. The boxes can pop into shape to resemble a small cardboard pillow. They have interlocking tabs that are present to keep contents safe.

Get the Best with Pillow Boxes

The shape makes them stand out when placed with the competition. The boxes are employed within the retail industry. They can also be utilized as party favors and wedding favors. It is possible to include finishing touches like stickers, ribbons, and the color as well as coating that you want. Pillow boxes wholesale enhance a business and give it a good reputation. The following discusses why you should consider printed pillow boxes:

Made of good-quality material

It is important to choose packaging that is made from the best material most perfect for what you are selling. The material choice influences whether the items inside will remain safe or not. There are many material options available that these boxes can be made from.

The best ones to select include Kraft pillow boxes, those made from cardboard or corrugated cardboard. These materials are all strong. They will keep your products the most secure as the box will not break.

Material of printed boxes

The materials are what pillow boxes can be made from. There are no dangerous chemicals present in them that can harm the product inside. They will not be dangerous for people’s health as well.

You should also choose these boxes as the materials are sustainable. They will not harm the environment. Many shoppers nowadays look for this type of packaging because they know what effects global warming and pollution are having on the environment.

Customers want these

Pillow boxes wholesale designed according to what customers want can attract these people towards the product. Before designing these some research occurs. The research finds out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. of customers.

The details gathered can create boxes perfect for consumer’s needs. For example, if the jewelry is being put in them that is for ladies, the boxes will be designed to look decent. Ladies are drawn towards this. The ones for kids will be bright and colorful. They will have images of popular cartoon characters.

Simple to carry

When choosing to package it is important to choose the option that is simple to hold. The packaging should be easy for customers to hold when needed. Retail stores also prefer these types of boxes Custom pillow boxes can come with a handle. These boxes can give one ease. They are convenient as well. The top handle allows the boxes to be simple to carry around.

The handle should be made of strong material so that it does not break. A ribbon strap can be used if appropriate.

Get the perfect size

It is possible to get printed pillow boxes of the size of your choice. Size is important when it comes to packaging. This is because the boxes need to be a perfect size. One which is too big results in the goods moving around much. This can harm them.

A box that is too small leads to the products getting congested inside. It can spoil them and reduce their life. Therefore these boxes should be considered as it is possible to get them in the size best fit for the product.

Window boxes

Some products need to be seen before customers think about buying them. If consumers cannot see the item they will probably open the box to have a look at it. This can damage the box and product. To counter the issue a business can consider pillow boxes with a window. This is regarded as transparent packaging.

The reason is that the window in front lets people see what is inside. It is possible to get the window in different die-cut shapes. This increases the beauty as well as elegance of packaging. People will be more confident buying what you are selling when they can get to see it by themselves.

For example, jewelry items need to be viewed before the purchase. A picture of the product on the box may be exaggerated. This type of packaging is not preferred by people. Therefore it is better to get custom printed box with window.

Able to be personalized

Pillow boxes are often plain and brown. However, it is possible to personalize them by including the brand name as well as logo. This gives them a professional look. The logo helps people recognize products from your brand.

Colors, fonts, patterns, as well as graphics, can customize packaging depending on who the product is for. They can be made uniquely according to the event. For example, wedding favors will have the theme of the wedding.


With the help of printed pillow boxes, you can allow your box to stand out in front of the competition. When customers recognize the boxes, sales will increase. This is when they are made according to the likes of the consumer base. It is important that the packaging be made from good quality material.

The product will be kept safe in this way. The business will also get a good impression that it wants to provide customers with excellent-quality stuff. Choose the right colors and designs allows the box to look unique.

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