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Top ten best safe boxes for your product packaging

When we are talking about packaging, we need to be aware of its functions. If you are designing a box that will easily provide you a good packaging base, you will have to keep a few factors in mind. These factors will allow you to design a more useful and functional box for your needs. 

So let’s have a look at what a perfect shipping box has.

Special features of safe boxes

special feature to safe boxes

The true meaning of a safe box is that it provides a complete layer of security to the items. It makes sure that the product does not get damaged when it is being shipped or transposed or being displayed. The preservation of the product will allow you to make sure that you can give the customers a better product, which will raise your brand image and satisfy them. Wholesale custom shipping boxes are the perfect solution to solve this issue as effectively as possible.
Now that we have seen what the exact role of a safe box is, we can make more sense of their designs. 

Protect, and look good doing it

custom printed boxes

Perfect packaging has to be designed attractively and aesthetically. That is why manufacturers use cardboard as the perfect packaging material. It is one of the well-known materials due to its ability to protect and present at the same time. You’ll see how effective this material is, once we talk about the various designs of these boxes.

We have made a list of 10 of the best wholesale custom printed boxes that have the same purpose, but varying designs.

4 corner tray tuck:

four corner tray

This is one of the most popular designs that is demanded by manufacturers. You might have seen these tray tuck boxes being used for a variety of products. The most common usage is to package bakery products. And you can imagine what a difficult task it must be. The product has to be kept safe from any harmful elements in the air. That includes moisture and microbes. Both of these are the biggest threat to any food item. However, this design is made of cardboard that does not allow any sort of moisture to come in. The tray tuck design will help you to make sure that the freshness is preserved and no harmful elements get into the box. They are made of cardboard. So you can easily have them custom designed according to the needs of the product. In short, we can see that this design is very suitable for protecting perishables more functionally and attractively.

Bookend boxes:

bookend boxes

Another effective design is this one. The cardboard sheets are shaped to make a book-like box. The lid of the box opens like any book cover. That gives it a distinctly unique feel. Just the way you open a book to see the amazing contents, you can flip the cover of these boxes to be amazed by the product. It is a very functional design that can be made easily. And if you have seen a hardcover book, you can imagine the strength of these boxes. The walls are rigid and will not crumble under pressure. That is why you can easily use these boxes for the packaging of delicate items. The lid can be shut tight by using a strap, or even a magnetic catch. These boxes can also be custom designed in any way that you want, making them look even more unique.

Cube-shaped carrier:

cube shaped carrier back

This is a design that has been popular for many years. It is a perfect cube that has a distinct structure and a well-defined shape. These boxes are the complete definition of product protection. They are made in a way that the walls and the base support each other. That prevents them from getting crushed under pressure. These boxes have a cube shape, and yet custom designing can make them look highly attractive. In this way, we can see how these boxes play a role in attracting customers. The lid often has a strap or a handle that makes it easy to open the box and carry it anywhere. 

Double-wall frame:

double wall try box

As the name suggests, these boxes are made of a double wall style. That means that the walls are specially reinforced. Cardboard boxes on their own are pretty strong. But a box with double-thick walls? That means a very high level of protection. These boxes are used for packaging products that require complete insulation against any sort of physical shocks. Electronics are often packaged in these boxes as they can absorb any shock. Cardboard has a multilayered structure that provides complete insulation to the items inside. That is why these boxes are so popular amongst electronics manufactures. Once again, they can be easily custom designed in any way that you want to get the maximum visual impact.

Full overlap seal box:

full overlap seal end top boxes

These boxes have the specialty that they can be fully sealed against any sort of outside elements. The overlap seal prevents any air from getting in the box. That makes it a very suitable packaging for perishables like food. The seal prevents the contents from getting spilled out, making them suitable for transit and shipping. There are many bumps and jolts during this process. That is why you have to make sure that the boxes you have are fully sealed to prevent any losses. These boxes have helped many manufacturers to save a lot of money that they lost from damaged items during transportation. So they are a suitable design for you as well.

Double glue sidewall:

double wall glue side wall sleeve boxes

These boxes are a very suitable option for packaging many types of products. They have been used to make sure that delicate items like cosmetics, food, and jewelry. They have a sturdy design due to the double glue that adds extra protection to the box structure. They can be custom designed. But the real beauty of these boxes is their unique design and the way they are designed. They reflect minimalism, and that is why they are a very hot choice for manufacturers these days. They can be further stylized in any way using custom printing techniques. The single unit structure and the printing design will make them a very suitable form of packaging for many items. They have been especially popular as wholesale custom jewelry boxes.

Double-wall tuck front:

double wall tuck font boxes

This is a very innovative and creative design that can be used to make sure that the products are kept safe from any harm. They have two cherry locks that make them sealed and more suitable for packaging. These boxes are ideally used to wrap heavy items. That is due to the double lock design, as well as the structure. They are made in a way that the walls and the lid are cut from the same sheet. There are no weak joints, and that makes sure that they do not get torn or damaged from any side. That is why they can be used without fear, for wrapping up any machinery, tools, or auto spare parts, etc. 

Reinforced sides with hinge top:

Reinforced Sides With Hinged Top back

When we are talking of reinforced sides, we mean business. These boxes have a solid structure that has a distinct tall shape. That is why they can be spotted from a distance. You might have seen them being used for packaging cosmetics, electrical appliances, and other such retail products. They have a long and narrow structure that is strong and stable. The lid can be easily closed, sealing the contents and preventing them from getting harmed. The sides and the lid can be easily customized, making sure that the packaging is attractive and eye-catching.


Custom two piece boxes

This is perhaps one of the most simple and functional designs being used in the market today. They have been used for packaging everything, from the iPhone to chocolates. That is how versatile this form of packaging is. They have a base and a top that can be separated from the base. They have the exact same shape, though the lid is a bit larger. That helps it to fit perfectly on the tip of the base and provide a completely sealed form. They have many uses when it comes to different market products. If you want to check the usefulness of these boxes, make sure that you buy them from any box retailers online and get the most out of them.

Kraft Boxes:

Kraft Boxes

This is the form of packaging that has yet to be surpassed in terms of strength. They are made of tough cardboard sheets made of pine cones and other tough materials. So if you want a box that can easily handle the safety of your products and guarantee a complete layer of protection, they are your best bet. The reinforced material gives them the ability to be completely resistant to moisture and weight. The walls are perfectly rigid and will retain their structure regardless of any external factors. If you want your delicate and fragile items to have the best chance of being protected, you can use a Kraft box without any fear. They are popular all over the world due to this quality. What’s more, they can be designed and structured in any way that you wish. They can be die-cut in any shape and style. Then you can wrap the box with paper and print on it. That is a slight issue as you cannot directly print on them. But other than that, they are the best safe box in use today.
These are the top 10 designs that are popularly demanded by retailers these days. People want a product that is undamaged and looks good. And for that, you will need to use a good form of packaging. This list tells you about the most effective designs that are in use and how you can use them as well. If you want to get safe packaging, then you can refer to these designs when you are going to a box supplier, and get the best packaging for your use. Shipping boxes are the basic requirement for any manufacturer wishing to make their business more successful. Find more best solutions for your product packaging.

top 10 designs that are popularly demanded by retailers these days. People want a product that is undamaged and looks good.for that, you will need to use a good form of packaging.

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