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By: neil bruce Posted On: Apr-28-2023 
Tie Clips

You do not have to think a lot before purchasing a tie clip. Simple and minimalistic styles work best. Even you need not focus on a well-tailored suit. Buy a simple silver tie, which will go with most of your suiting. And if you already have it, it's time to upgrade your collection. Over time, men's interest has also changed. They prefer unique and more stylish tie clips than traditional ones. Therefore, fashion artists have brought many tie clips to the market. It facilitates men to purchase the one which matches their style and boosts their personality. Below are the top 5 Tie clips styles with images:

  1. Pinch Metallic Tie Bar:

    These elegantly designed pinch tie clips come in three colors, i.e., gold, silver, and black. It is a perfect match for any color tie. It's about 2.5 inches in length with a standardized width. This unique article is made in the USA. It is straightforward to put on. Wear it between the third and fourth buttons to have a classy and manly look. It comes in a brown colored tie box which serves as a perfect gift for your loved ones. It adds value to your wardrobe. Thus, it is perfect for all formal occasions and office use. You can learn more about this item on the internet. Besides that, you can buy it from different online marketplaces. Therefore, you should get price quotes from different sellers and compare them to choose the best seller. Thus, you will be able to find the most affordable seller.

  2. Kenneth Cole Silver Tie Clip:

    It is one of the unique and attractive tie clips by Kenneth Cole Productions. There is only a single choice of color. It is designed delicately with a silver base and blue top and is packed in an attractive tie box. The colored top appears as blue stones fit in between the silver tie clip. By using it, you can acquire an excellent and classic look. It is made from a high-quality material that does not destroy your tie even if used several times.

    Do you know how to buy it and things to consider before buying? Here we will see what you should know before buying it. Thus, you should take the time to try the best custom packaging design and size that suits your needs. When you have selected it, never forget to get quotes from many sellers. Thus, you can compare quotes and choose the most reliable seller providing this clip at a reasonable price.

  3. Men's Matte Black Tie Clip:

    It is also a product by Kenneth Cole Productions. It is one of the masterpieces that you can see in the market. Its coolest part is its black matte color, which you rarely see in tie clips. It looks fashionable and fits best for men in their late 20 and early thirty. But men of all age groups can use it. It comes in an identical color tie box to enhance its appeal. Thus, you will never feel unhappy or dissatisfied after purchasing this awesomely designed tie clip. Its sleek design at the tips appears beautiful. It highly complements black suiting. The best thing about this clip is its packaging. You can easily find it with unique and attractive cardboard packaging. Hence, its gift-worthy packaging has made it different from others.

  4. Brooks Brothers Golf Club Tie Bar:

    Brook Brothers are one of the well-known companies. Its products are famous for their uniqueness and glamour. This tie clip is only specific for the executive wing. It's a perfect way to show your love for golf. Brands have finely crafted club tie bars designed from iron. The color of the metal is a bright silver color with the shape of a golf club. Each tie bar is imported into a delicate tie box packaging to keep its color safe. You can wear it in any general or formal office setting. For this type of clip, you should contact different online sellers. They can let you know its price that you can compare after collecting prices from different sellers. Hence, it will help you choose the best seller.

  5. GQ Tie Bar Clip Clasp Patented Clips:

    It's a tie clip that fits every event, whether a meeting, work, or wedding. It is a simple and artistic design, without any sharp ends, and never damages the tie even if you hold it for a day. It is specific for men who dislike things with complicated designs. Most brands have handcrafted this clip, which makes it more appealing. It can be a perfect gift for someone on a particular day. Just enclose it in an enthralling tie box and present it. It comes in three eye-catching colors, i.e., gold, silver, and black.

Do you know where you can buy it? It is important to note that you can easily buy it from different online marketplaces or nearby markets. However, the most important thing is that in the case of online purchasing, you should see the reviews of customers for a particular seller. Make sure that the seller has a good reputation in the market.

Why are tie clips important?

The first impression is undoubtedly significant. People judge each other by their external outlook. Men are independent, reliable, and robust. Therefore, their appearance and dress should reflect the same. Brands must organize them carefully, from how flat their shirts should be to the clip of the ties. A tie clip is a part of men's jewelry dating back to the 19th century. The other name for it is tie bar.

They are beautifully enclosed in Tie Boxes to protect the material. It's a small bracket of any metal, gold, or rhodium which holds the shape of a tie and prevents it from swinging away. Before it, the men's tie was a folded construction. It varied in complexity from reasonably straight to downright in architect. But as tie clips increased, they became a part of one's style statement. Such a fashion accessory for men also holds excellent utility.

You can also find a video that can provide a top collection of tie clips for the last year. All the designs are attractive and well suites one's personality. I hope you liked our article. We have explained the details of different tie clips you can consider buying.

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