Top 5 Different Benefits of Custom Boxes for Your New Brand in 2023

By: theresa burns Posted On: Apr-28-2023 

Despite having a great product on the inside, you should never skimp on its packaging. Spending money on something like custom boxes might not seem important at first. But they can save you a large sum of money down the road. Further, your packages and packaging must serve more than one purpose. They should prevent damage during transport, be visually pleasing, and not waste your valuable resources. You can achieve all these purposes with customized packaging.

Benefits of Custom Boxes

Having custom boxes wholesale for your products is more than just having printed cardboard or other material. They are a reflection of your brand in the market. They give you a golden chance to show off your company's personality while informing customers about the excellent services you provide. So, without further ado, here are the top five advantages personalized boxes may give your business.

Custom Boxes Increase Your Brand Value

Every buyer deserves a wow moment after spending tens or hundreds of dollars on products. Today, most customers are savvy and appearance centered. Brands cannot impress such buyers with plain or brown packaging anymore. So, what should they do then? You can select to catch them off guard by giving your specialized boxes and packaging a new design. Put some life into your packaging using bright colors and patterns, and offer your customers what they've been waiting for. Exceptional experiences can bring good fortune in abundance. Allowing clients to make videos with their beautiful, personalized boxes might result in an influx of new business. Buyers will appreciate your products higher even if they haven't seen a good, rich-looking custom package that combines all of these.

Custom Boxes Provide a Good Experience for Your Customers

It’s 2023, and everyone seems under the spell of social media and its influencers. Brands are aware of this charm and use it as their marketing tactic. They customize the packaging attractively and elegantly to attract the user’s attention while browsing social media platforms. Moreover, customers often impulse buy based on what initially catches their sight. So businesses need to provide their targeted buyers with precisely what they're expecting to see. Having both high-quality goods and attractive packaging might help you win customer loyalty. You probably wouldn't feel like a proud Apple customer if you bought an iPhone without the Apple sleek designed iPhone packaging.

Custom packaging offers many options to thrill and mesmerizes your customers. Some of them are:

Inside And Outside Printing

One of the fantastic things about custom packaging boxes is that you can print them outside and inside. Printing inside the package gives the recipient a treat and excites them when they open the box.

Custom Stickers and Labels

Another benefit you get is the freedom of personalization. You can design the boxes inner and outer in any way you like to give a unique experience to your receivers. For instance, you can place freebies like custom stickers or labels inside the packaging box. This will give customers a better chance to remain loyal to your brand and buy from you again.

Custom Boxes Are the Perfect Way to Save Your Products Easily

Product safety is of prime concern for all brands and industries, whether the products are small or big, heavy or light. For this, packaging boxes made specifically for your products can serve best. These boxes are precise in size and style and offer a snug fit to items. You can also choose the box material up to your needs. For instance, cardboard material is widely popular for product packaging used in the retail market. This is an ideal choice for inexpensive and lightweight items. Cardboard packaging boxes can also be made up to 24 points thick to ensure the security of their contents. There are other ways to ensure product safety, such as:

Custom Inserts

Custom box inserts are an optional extra for safekeeping. If you’re packing multiple items of the same kind into the same box, inserts are used to keep them organized. They will ensure you remain safe throughout the delivery ride and on retail store shelves. Inserts or dividers for custom product boxes are available in corrugated or non-corrugated cardboard. The selection of insert material depends on the nature and mass of the item in question. Furthermore, these inserts improve the packaging box's overall robustness.

Lamination and Coating for Increasing Box Protection

You can increase the box safety with several coatings, metalized foiling, glossy lamination, matte lamination, soft-touch lamination, varnish, and more. These embellishments protect your goods from heat, moisture, fingerprints, scratches, and more. Custom packaging must have finish coatings to ensure the goods' safety and attractive appearance. Lousy weather, water, and dust can all damage your interests if they don't have these coatings.

Secure Your Product from Heavy Damage

The E-commerce business has been booming for the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. They can’t take the risk of sending products in low-quality packaging. Especially for delicate items, such as glassware, home décor, or even ceramics, custom packaging has been an enormous boon. What would be your reaction if the product you purchased arrived slightly damaged? I know, right? You can rest easy knowing that your goods will arrive to customers in pristine condition when you use custom boxes made of corrugated.

The three-layer construction of corrugated paper makes it one of the most resilient paper-based products available. The goods will be safe in transit because of their sturdiness. When an online customer receives what they purchased, they are overjoyed. They'll be pleased and continue to support your business as a result. Custom packaging for goods is something that any business owner can use and see positive results from.

Customizable In the Right Size and Style for Your Needs

Different retailers sell various products, from cosmetics, soaps, food, toys, and more. These products are available in different shapes and sizes. So, it’s up to the retailers to determine the optimal box size for their selling items. To sell all of your products, you may need a variety of sizes, which is possible with custom packaging. It might be tempting to keep only one standard size of retail packaging on hand. But these boxes must be more significant to hold your more oversized items. Does it make sense for lipstick to come in a package big enough to house a fish tank? A definite no to it.

Right Size Means Lower Shipping Cost

Moreover, you will have to spend more on shipping and additional packaging if the package is too big. Just picture the situation where every box you send costs a few extra dollars. Shipping a handful of packets may not seem like a big deal. But imagine if your company took off and you had to send hundreds, or even thousands, of packages each year. Do some quick math now. Over a year, even a slight increase in price per box can add up to thousands of dollars. 

If you use a too-big box, you'll need to buy more packing materials (such as paper, bubble wrap, pellets, etc.) to fill it up. To avoid such situations, brands customize their packaging to the product's size and shape. This way, they can save money from spending on heavy or more extensive shipping packages.


Investing in custom boxes can be costly, especially for startups and smaller enterprises, but they’re worth it. With their support, you may increase sales, promote your business, and attract new clients. Having so many creative options for personalized boxes to pick from must also be exciting for your customers. Many people compare it to the joy of opening a present. Adding customized packaging to the shopping process gives customers the warm, fuzzy feeling they get from unwrapping a gift from a friend.

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