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2019 is the year of interesting product packaging designs. Sustainable, transparent, and minimally designed product boxes are some of the designs to stand out. The manufacturers pay maximum attention to working on every little detail of custom boxes wholesale. Hence, you may take inspiration from these designs and create innovative box designs to set your products apart from others.

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Packaging design plays a significant role in determining a company's brand identity. The colors, graphics, and fonts collectively work to make your packaging successful. Your product box is the touchpoint between your brand and the customer. It means that it's worth investing in your packaging design. The manufacturers pay maximum attention to working on every little detail of product boxes wholesale. The packaging is designed attractively to grasp the customers' attention at sight. Your product box acts as promotional packaging for your brand. It should be designed by keeping various aspects in mind, like practicality and usefulness. Every year the trend changes concerning product packaging designs.

2019 is an exciting year in terms of sustainability, branding, and expanding retail packaging designs. However, the protection function can't be ignored in any case. Below are some of the top product packaging designs of 2019 and their success:

Minimalistic design for product packaging:

With the change in the trend of bright and brash packaging, the minimal design provides relief to the eyes. Sometimes, keeping things simple is the safest choice. Elegant things attract everyone. Designing custom product boxes in a minimalistic way not only grasps the attention of every passing customer but also makes your brand outshine the retail shelves. Thus, it creates a long-lasting impression and makes your packaging speak for itself. Minimally designed product boxes enable the customers to comprehend necessary details easily, whereas a complex packaging design is unable to do so. It builds your brand personality in a better way. Hence, it's the reason that most of the top brands like Apple use minimalistic product packaging design for their success. The following beauty product boxes are perfect examples of it.

Go for mono-color or bi-color printing

Don’t you know the importance of mono-color or bi-color printing? Keep in mind that this printing is the best way of reducing expenses. For instance, you can consider black and white designs so that they can set your products apart from others. You may choose mono-color, for which the ink is inexpensive. Moreover, don’t go for unattractive colors. By taking advantage of your creativity, you can make your products prominent in stores and reach your sales targets.

Choose stylish fonts

You can see that all kinds of boxes come with printed, typed details. These details are necessary for winning the trust of customers. Therefore, many brands have used their textual details to increase the visual appeal of their product boxes. They have utilized modern and stylish fonts for typing these details. Thus, in 2019, many brands have won the hearts of their customers by typing text with readable and attractive fonts.

Additional coatings and foiling

Different brands can have different tricks to give a luxurious touch to their product boxes. For example, they go for different types of coatings. Matte coating remains an excellent choice that can give an unreflective surface. Similarly, gloss coating was the best choice for many brands because it can give a shiny surface. Moreover, many brands have utilized silver, copper, or gold foiling to give a metallic outlook. Thus, these additional coatings and foiling helped a lot of brands in 2019 to become successful.

Sustainable Packaging:

2019 is the year of an increase in environmental concerns. With the impact of packaging waste, various brands and companies have switched toward green practices. According to the research, 66% of consumers worldwide are willing to pay more for eco-friendly brands. Furthermore, sustainable packaging reduces the impact on the environment. It diminishes the carbon footprints released by your company. Designing perfect-sized product packaging boxes not only reduce waste but also ensure maximum protection.

Moreover, most food packaging companies have inclined toward the trend. It is highly cost-effective. Sustainable packaging does not allow for any harmful substance which may penetrate the product to spoil its quality. Hence, this increases the demand for eco-friendly packaging design a step further.

Use of Soft Pastels:

Designing product boxes wholesale by using soft pastel colors is one of the latest product packaging designs of 2019. A package covered in pastel colors looks enchanting. Using soft blue and vermillion orange colors adds versatility to your package. However, choosing strong typography and attractive illustrations to make your custom product boxes stand out. Thus, sky-blue pastel hues add a calming tone to your design. It can win the hearts of hundreds of customers with serenity. With the help of modern typography, you can go for a recognizable logo design. Ultimately, this perfect balance of aesthetics and color scheme can make your brand outshine the retail shelves.

Transparent product packaging:

Everyone gets a thrill to see what is present inside the product box. Designing product packaging boxes with windows or custom cut-outs has been a staple for many years. The trend continued in 2019. Moreover, transparency facilitates the customers to view the contents even without opening the package. This involves them more in the product and stimulates purchase behavior. Several businesses have realized that the expense incurred to create a transparent product box is worth the while. Thus, die-cutting is an interesting way to fascinate customers and build their trust in your brand.

Vintage Packaging Design:

This old trend has become one of the biggest inspirations for today's packaging industry. Vintage designs have evolved over the years through the use of new materials, printing, and technology. It's a great way to inspire customers and link them to their heritage. Thus, the product boxes designed by using vintage printing maintain a perfect balance between the latest aesthetic trends. The design is commonly used for packaging alcoholic drinks, fashion items, specialty food, and other hand-made products. Hence, it makes your product box highly appealing to a large audience.

Be Playful with Packaging Graphics:

There are unlimited examples of serious packaging found in the marketplace. Being playful with the graphics or adding little humor to them is the best way to make your brand successful. Hence, try to be innovative with the graphics printed on the product boxes. This can give you dominance over other brands existing in the competition. Moreover, it draws the attention of customers more than a serious packaging approach. Thus, being playful with graphics in an unusual way provides an interesting experience to the customers, which is worth considering.

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